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Part 7 - Advanced Sexual Sublimation

2020.11.21 21:07 Fusion_Health Part 7 - Advanced Sexual Sublimation

Hey fellas! Took a nice little break from the interwebz, but now it’s time to get back to the good stuff.
As a quick aside, I wrote a whole post and put it up a couple days ago explaining why I focus so much on yoga and Eastern spiritual sciences, but the mods decided to not let it go through. In retrospect, that’s prob for the best - it was more theoretical and less practical. If anyone is curious as to why I choose to focus on these topics or are sick of hearing about yoga, the post can be found here.

Sexual Sublimation Recap

If you haven’t read them already, be sure to check out Part 2 - Cultivation and Sublimation Basics as well as Part 3 - Strengthening Your Aura and Personal Magnetism, as this post builds upon the ideas and practices in those posts.
As a quick recap - when we practice semen retention, we begin building up sexual energy. This energy is known as Jing within Traditional Chinese Medicine/Taoism and Ojas within Ayurveda/yoga. What you call it isn’t important. This sexual energy can then be sublimated into Qi/Prana, the bioelectrical energy within, around and emanating from the nervous system and body. Qi/Prana can be sublimated further still into Shen/Tejas, a refined spiritual energy that helps us progress on the spiritual path.
The majority of us are likely only interested in (at the moment at least) cultivating our sexual energy and sublimating it into Qi/Prana, the energy needed to become a human dynamo, to be unruffled by the chaos around us, to see our goals clearly and accomplish them swiftly. So that is where the focus lies, for now.
The quickest and most powerful way of doing so is via certain yogic practices (and special herbs) that have been perfected over millennia for this very purpose.
In the previous posts we’ve covered a basic yoga routine, which massages, tones and regulates our endocrine system, the system of glands that control our hormones. This helps to liberate some of our Jing, which is closely tied to hormones, so that we may begin to better sublimate it.
Certain breathing exercises strengthen and purify the nervous system, allowing it to absorb, store and handle higher Pranic loads. This increases the size and strength of our auras. Through certain meditations we are able to make this aura all the more attractive to others. Remember, once you begin the practice of semen retention, and especially when paired with yoga and pranayama, you begin to powerfully broadcast your internal state out into your aura, which can extend up to fifteen feet in some individuals. We want to make sure we’re broadcasting positive emotions, not fear, a sense of lacking, or a sense of desperate craving.
Go back and reread those previous posts for a refresher on this topic if need be.

A Quick Warning

This will be my last post on advanced sublimation, even though we’re really just getting started with these techniques, though an ebook is in the works. I shit you not when I say these practices are beyond powerful - feel free to google “kundalini syndrome” and “dark night of the soul” to understand where they can lead you if you are not prepared.
You really need to lay a solid basis for these techniques - practice must be regular, diet must be dialed in, and you need to be in a state of relative peace in your life. If not, best case scenario is these practices won't do much. Worst case scenario, they can really unhinge you. These are powerful psychosomatic and spiritual techniques that have the potential to fuck your shit up if you aren’t patient and careful. It took the better part of a year for me to reintegrate after practicing some of these techniques too quickly.
If you have a history of mental instability, refrain from all but the most basic of these practices.
Even if you are careful, and even if you are learning these techniques under a qualified and experienced teacher (which I am not), you could still have very uncomfortable results.
On the other hand, if done properly and with patience, chances are high that they will lead to a positive radical transformation of worldview, as well as states of extreme bliss. Treat these practices with respect, and don’t try to jump right in to the higher practices. Go back and reread Part 2, and make sure you’ve mastered those techniques and you’re comfortable with everything there. Then move on to Part 3.
Don’t rush these practices!

A Quick Word on Chakras

Sexual energy is able to be sublimated into Prana or Qi - a bioelectric energy that flows all throughout the body. Whether you’d like to believe this is just the electromagnetic energy flowing through the nerves, or believe that it also entails a spiritual energy that is largely undiscovered by modern science doesn’t really matter. We’re concerned with what is practical, not with diving deep into semantics.
In yogic language, this energy flows through channels, or nadis. The main and most important channel is called sushumna - it runs right up the spine, from the root chakra in the perineum all the way up and out the crown of the head. From this main channel branch out all of the thousands of smaller channels which direct prana to every cell in the body. It is through this central channel that we aim to circulate our sexual energy into, that it may feed the rest of the body and brain.
Along this channel are 7 chakras, which are centers, vortices or loci where the Prana gathers and collects. They act as transformers of sorts, and each chakra has corresponding mental aspects and “powers” associated with it. By fully awakening certain chakras, you are able to attain these powers, as well as to harmonize the mental aspects attributed to each chakra.
All of that is beyond the scope of this post - what we are concerned with is accumulating sexual energy, which happens in the first and second chakras, and sublimating it upward through the main central channel, sushumna, so that it is able to freely circulate all throughout the body/mind complex.
However, we do need a brief introduction to some important chakras, most of which will be utilized in these practices.
The first chakra, muladhara, translates to “root/basis”, and as such, it is the chakra associated with our most basic, subconscious desire to exist, to live. This chakra is important for us because it is the “trigger point” for moving energy up sushumna, the central channel. It is located in the perineum, right at the prostate.
The second, svadisthana, translates roughly as “one’s own abode”. Whereas the first chakra is more concerned with survival, the second is more concerned with the ego, with “you” as an individual, and your place in the world. It is also in control of sexual desires and urges. Clearly this is one chakra we really want to purify and awaken, so as to purify and gain control of our sexual desires. Its location is at the coccyx, the very base of the spine, and is in control of the genitals and testicles.
The third chakra, manipura, translates to “city of jewels”. How poetic, right? This chakra is important to us because it is the storehouse of all of the body’s prana. It is also the seat of one’s personal power and authority. Not surprisingly, it is the chakra tied to the solar plexus and the adrenals, both of which have major implications for our energy levels. It is located in the spine, behind the navel.
Anahata, which translates to “unstruck sound”, is the heart chakra. It’s related to feelings of love, compassion, and generosity, as well as feeling calm and at peace. The location is in the spine behind the heart, and is tied to the heart, lungs and thymus gland.
Vishuddhi is the throat chakra, located in the spinal column behind the pit of the throat. It is a center of purification, and relates to powers of speech and communication. It correlates to the thyroid and parathyroid glands.
Ajna means “command” and is what is commonly called the Third Eye. It is located at the top of the spinal cord, right where the pineal gland is in the brain. This chakra, when fully purified and opened, is the seat of psychic powers. It is also the "master chakra" (hence its name meaning command), and as such, when trying to awaken the chakras, you start here.
Ajna may be difficult to feel until you begin to really build up Prana and have sensitized yourself to it, so you can also use the spot on the forehead, slightly above and between the two eyebrows, as a center of focus. This is why some Hindus have a red dot right there - it’s a means to have a constant, slight stimulation to this spot.
The final chakra is sahasrara, which means “one thousand”. It is at the very crown of the head and corresponds to the pituitary gland.
If you think chakras are all a bunch of Eastern mumbo jumbo, that’s your prerogative. Realize that these chakras relate to very important endocrine glands, organs and huge bundles of nerves, so just think of it that way. Again, we’re not here to get into an esoteric debate, we’re only concerned with what works for retention and sublimation.


This is a very simple but powerful practice. Siddha means “accomplished/perfected one”, and asana simply means seat or posture. Therefore, this is the seated posture of an accomplished yogi, of an adept.
You simply sit in half-lotus position, but with the heel of one foot under the perineum, right under the prostate, with the other food on top of the opposite legs calf, knee or thigh. You will probably want to sit with your butt on a pillow or cushion and the knees on the floor - the tilting of the pelvis forward is much more comfortable. This causes the heel to press up on muladhara, the base chakra, where kundalini and sexual energy are stored.
This extremely simple practice helps push your sexual energy upward. Simply by sitting in this manner, you start to sublimate sexual energy upwards, liberating it into Prana that can be used all throughout the body and mind.
This is also the same spot you can press up on while having sex to prevent ejaculation. Is it awkward? Yes. Does it work? Also yes. More advanced practitioners are able to contract this spot without the hands, making for a much less awkward sexy time - to be covered in an upcoming post.
This should be your new position when doing breath work and meditating. I’d alternate which foot you have tucked under yourself each time you do pranayama/meditation. It may be a bit uncomfortable depending on your flexibility, but try your best to practice it until you can make it through 10-20 minutes of breathwork and meditation. If your knees just refuse to bend that far, you can wad up a couple socks or something similar to exert a pressure on the same spot.
Do not make this your new method of sitting 24/7, only use it when doing energy work. You want the bioelectric energy flowing normally in everyday life, plus it could potentially do some damage to the prostate. No bueno.

Vipareeta Karani Mudra

If you think way back to Part 2 - Cultivation and Sublimation Basics, you’ll remember me mentioning how important the shoulder stand is for higher sublimation techniques. Well, the time has come to explore the more advanced side of this practice.
As I’ve stated before, the asanas you see everyone doing are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to yoga - there are many, many other aspects that don’t get public attention, that are just as powerful if not more so. One such practice is that of mudras, which translates to “gesture” or “seal”. If you’ve ever seen someone meditating and they have their hands and fingers in odd configurations, that’s a mudra.
With asanas we begin to liberate this energy within, and with pranayama we begin to increase and control the distribution of prana within ourselves - mudras are a way of redirecting this prana to serve certain purposes. They are one of a few direct methods to powerfully control and redirect the movement of bioelectric energy within our human organism.
To understand the importance of this particular mudra, we have to dive a bit into a largely unknown chakra - bindu.
According to Kundalini Tantra,
“The word bindu means ‘drop’ or ‘point’. It is more widely termed bindu visarga, which literally means ‘falling of the drop’. Bindu is represented by the crescent moon and a white drop, which is the nectar dripping down to vishuddhi chakra..
The bindu is the cosmic seed from which all things manifest and grow. It is often related to male sperm because from the tiny bindu of a single spermatozoa, joined with the minute female ovum, a new life grows. In fact, bindu is explained in these terms in many of the texts of tantric kundalini yoga.”
Later in the book it is stated,
“There is a very close relationship between svadhisthana chakra and bindu. This is because bindu is the point where the primal sound of creation first manifests. It is the point of origin of individuality, and svadhisthana is the source of the impetus towards reproduction and sexual function… Sperm and menses are the material distillates of the drop of ambrosial nectar which emerges from bindu.”
Our goal, therefore, is to return this “ambrosial nectar” back to bindu, to conserve it. When we get to talking about Tantra in an upcoming post, you will see the more explicit connection between sexual energy, sperm, “ambrosial nectar”, and bindu chakra. Bindu chakra has a strong connection with vishuddhi, the throat chakra, and svadisthana, the chakra in charge of your sense of self and sexual desire. The ambrosial nectar is also burnt up in manipura chakra in order to go about our daily lives - just as Jing is slowly burnt up in daily living...
Vipareeta karani simply means “inverted one”. Through this practice, one learns how to reverse the flow of prana, and specifically the “ambrosia”, that drops down from bindu and is burnt up in manipura chakra. Again, this ambrosia will be discussed in more detail in a later post.
Vipareeta karani mudra
  1. Assume a shoulder stand, but leave the upper back in contact with the floor, with your hands supporting your lower back/butt. There should be less pressure on the neck, but keep your legs upright.
  2. Get your balance, and begin breathing with ujjayi pranayama by lightly contracting the glottis in the throat. It should sound like you’re lightly snoring.
  3. Close the eyes. On the next inhale, imagine that you’re sucking hot “ambrosia” from manipura chakra up to vishuddhi. During one long inhale, draw this ambrosia up to vishuddhi, where it begins to cool off.
  4. Pause here for a second or two, allowing the nectar to fully cool.
  5. As you exhale with ujjayi, shoot this nectar up into ajna chakra, and then back towards bindu, where, fully cooled, it collects.
  6. At the end of your exhalation, jump your awareness back to manipura and repeat the process of drawing hot nectar up the spine to the throat chakra, where it cools off, and then gets directed up to ajna and then bindu. Repeat 5 times, increasing by one round each week if your practice is consistent, up to 10 rounds total. More is not better.
Ajna chakra is located in the center of the head, between the two eyes, but back between the ears. With time you’ll become sensitized to its location. Bindu is a bit trickier - the back of the head, about two inches or so down from the crown of the head. You can google “sikha hair” to get an idea of where it is located, as some Hindus shave their head except for a tuft of hair at bindu, in an attempt to sensitize themselves to its location.

This practice should be done at the end of your asana practice, and should act as a sort of bridge into your pranayama and meditations. In fact, it is the beginning of a series of practices used to induce pratyahara, or withdrawal of the senses inward in preparation for meditation. It purifies and strengthens bindu, vishuddhi and manipura chakras, and is quite the powerful practice.

Vipareeta Karani

Bhastrika with Kumbhaka and Bandhas

Back in Part 3 - Strengthening Your Aura and Personal Magnetism, we learned about bhastrika pranayama, the bellows breath. Bhastrika is a powerful pranayama for increasing the total energy within the nervous system as well as within the aura. Reread that post if you need a refresher on how these practices increase the strength and size of the aura. Today we’ll learn how to store this energy after increasing it.
This practice is one of the most powerful things I do in my yoga routine. If done consistently I feel like I’m unstoppable, with endless energy and drive to get shit done, and with confidence to meet any challenge. Semen retention and bhastrika were made for one another.
Remember, manipura chakra is the storehouse of Prana and is the seat of your personal power - fully awakening this chakra will make you damn near unstoppable. Consistency and long-term practice is essential in all things yoga, and this is no different, so keep at it.
Kumbhaka simply means to hold the breath, whether you hold the breath with lungs full or with lungs empty. Bandhas translate as “lock” - whereas a mudra completes a circuit to redirect prana in various ways, bandhas create a lock that blocks off energy from certain areas, trapping Prana into certain chakras. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of kumbhaka and bandhas are innumerable and worthy of their own posts, but we are concerned with one thing today - storing up all the energy we create through the bellows breath. In Part 3 I recommended holding the breath for 5-10 seconds after each round, so technically it did include a slight breath retention.
Through bhastrika we are able to quickly raise our energy levels many times over, but the energy we generate is to be used immediately - it dissipates throughout the day. With kumbhaka, and especially with the addition of bandhas, we are able to generate Prana and store it for later use, to be drawn upon any time we need it.
Bhastrika with Kumbhaka and Bandhas
  1. Sit in siddhasana and practice bhastrika as before - 20-30 semi-fast inhalations and exhalations, coming from the belly, not the chest. After your 20-30 breaths, exhale completely, slowly inhale to about 85% capacity, and hold the breath inside for 5 seconds. Do 2-3 rounds as warm up, with 15-30 seconds in between rounds to return to baseline.
  2. You aren’t trying to do full inhalations and exhalations, but closer to maybe 60% right now. So you aren't trying to completely empty or fill the lungs with each breath, but just to use the belly and diaphragm as a pump, to quickly pump air (and Prana) in and out of the lungs.
  3. This next round, do bhastrika as normal. After your 20-30 breaths, exhale the lungs completely. Inhale up to 85-90% fullness, but bring your chin down to the pit in your throat, compressing your neck. Try to touch the chin to the top of the collarbone, or close to it. It should be done firmly, but there should be no signs of straining. Press down on the knees slightly, hunching the shoulders up and forward.
  4. Visualize all the prana that you’ve built up through the bellows breath now being stored in manipura chakra, in the spine behind the navel. Visualize the chakra itself, or just a glowing reddish/orange ball that grows brighter the longer you hold your breath.
  5. You will be able to hold your breath longer than usual. In the beginning it’s advisable to stop long before signs of discomfort or lightheadedness. More is not necessarily better here - anywhere in the range of 20-50 seconds, depending on your natural ability.
  6. As you begin to feel the faintest urge to breathe, release the throat lock first, returning the head to its normal, upright position. Give a slight inhale before beginning a slow, controlled exhale. Always return the head to its original position before the inhale!
  7. Rest 30-60 seconds before completing another round. Start with only three rounds total. If you’re diligent with the practice, after a month, you can move it up to 4 rounds, then 5 after another month. 5 is more than sufficient and should only be practiced if you’ve remained diligent in your routine. I rarely do more than 5 rounds.
Dropping the chin into the pit of the throat is called jalandhara bandha. Jala means “net” or “web”, while dhara means “holding”. It is called such because it acts to compress the bundle of nerves (“web” or “net” of nerves) in the neck.
Swami Satyananda Saraswati states,
"An alternative definition is that jal means 'water'. Jalandhara bandha is therefore the throat lock which holds the nectar or fluid flowing down to vishuddhi from Bindu, and prevents it from falling into the digestive fire (manipura). In this way, Prana is conserved."
By performing this energy lock, you effectively cut off prana from moving upwards into the head and beyond. By sitting in siddhasana, you reverse the downward flow of prana in the abdomen, making it meet the energy that is now flowing downward from jalandhara bandha. They meet at manipura, where it is then stored.
From Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha -
“The full form of jalandhara bandha compresses the carotid sinuses, which are located on the carotid arteries, the main arteries in the neck. These sinuses help to regulate the circulatory and respiratory systems. Normally, a decrease in oxygen and increase in carbon dioxide in the body leads to an increased heart rate and heavier breathing. This process is initiated by the carotid sinuses. By exerting pressure on these sinuses, this tendency is prevented, allowing for decreased heart rate and increased breath retention.”
How yogis figured this shit out thousands of years ago, I have no idea.
Another thing that occurs through this process is that the throat compression cuts off or dampens some of the electrical signals trying to reach the brain. As you hold the lock, these signals build up, and once the lock is released, these signals are able to explode up into the brain. This has the effect of “lighting up” the brain, increasing overall activity, while simultaneously the body is calmed via the breath retention and the throat lock.
This practice further purifies and awakens vishuddhi and manipura chakras. It rouses the sexual energy via siddhasana and the bellows breath “fans the flames”, igniting it into Prana, which is then stored up. Powerful stuff.

Nadi Shodhana w/ Kumbhaka

Nadi Shodhana is alternate nostril breathing, and in Part 3 our aim was to extend the exhale to twice the length of the inhale. Inhaling corresponds with the sympathetic nervous system, which is our fight-or-flight response, while exhaling corresponds with our parasympathetic nervous system, our rest-and-digest response. Therefore, by doubling our exhalation, we induce a profound sense of peace within, as we switch the body over into parasympathetic dominance.
Again, there is no rush in this practice, nor any of them. You should be doing whatever is comfortable. If an inhalation for a count of 4 and exhalation of 8 leaves you out of breath after a couple rounds, you need to drop it down to 4:7 or even 3:6, and slowly work your way up.
If you’re able to comfortably sustain a 1:2 ratio for alternate nostril breathing, it’s time to add kumbhaka here as well. Perform an internal breath retention for one or two seconds. So close off the right nostril, inhaling through the left for 3-6 seconds. Close the left nostril and retain the breath inside for a second or two. Then begin a slow, controlled exhale out of the right nostril for double the length of the inhale. Immediately begin inhaling through the right nostril, hold for a second or two, and let a slow, controlled exhale out of the left nostril.
If you can comfortably complete 10 rounds with a 2 second breath hold, bump that number up to 3. Once you’re able to do 1:1:2, stop and maintain it there. That would be an inhale of 4 seconds, hold of 4 seconds, and exhale of 8, before immediately repeating the cycle.
Something I haven’t discussed yet is how the two channels that criss cross the central channel and pierce each chakra, ida and pingala, not only correspond to the left and right hemispheres of the brain, but also to yin and yang within the body. This practice will help to balance both yin and yang energies within the body - the channel starting in the left nostril, ida, is yin, while the channel in the right nostril, pingala, is yang. Remember, this is one of the most powerful practices to open up the central channel for sexual energy and Prana to flow freely throughout the body. It also helps to purify and awaken all of the energy channels and chakras - it does it all.
More info on alternate nostril breathing can be found here for those curious - it’s a great read.

Sample Routine

Overall, this is a very short yoga sadhana, or practice. Depending on how invested you are in becoming a sexual energy sublimating badass, this shouldn’t take more than half an hour. However, feel free to explore more postures and breathing techniques - there sure is a lot to play around with.
Copied straight from Part 2 -
  1. After the physical postures, begin vipareeta karani mudra. 5 to 10 rounds.
  2. At this point, you can do either bhastrika, spinal breathing, alternate nostril breathing, or some combination. You can also split it up, and do one or two pranayamas in the morning, and one or two at night. Don’t do bhastrika too close to bedtime, it will probs keep you awake.
  3. After these practices, your mind should be thoroughly calm yet alert, so this is the perfect time to meditate, even if only for 5 minutes. Metta meditation is great if you wanna feel good and really saturate your aura with positivity, but really, whatever meditation you prefer is what you should be doing. I list some other kinds in Part 5.

Parting Words

Remember, these are extremely powerful practices. You may think you’re just hyperventilating and holding your breath, or visualizing some mumbo jumbo, but it goes far beyond that. Be consistent with your practice, or it won’t bear fruit. Be patient. Do not rush things!
It’s actually pretty irresponsible of me to be telling a bunch of internet strangers some of these techniques. It took me a year of grounding and readjusting after diving in too deep in the beginning, and frankly, I got off easy. It’s taken me the better part of a decade to really develop and hone this system for myself, but I feel the need to share it with you brothers. These techniques are too powerful and useful to not be sharing.
If you guys just can't get into yoga or the more esoteric side of semen retention, that's fine too. The practice of retaining alone is a powerful thing, especially combined with other forms of self-improvement. This internal alchemy stuff isn't for everyone, and that's cool.
I can’t stress consistency and patience enough. Take your time and build a solid foundation on which to work with, and remember the context with which these practices were originally intended - to bring about powerful, transformative experiences.

Further Reading

Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha by Swami Satyananda Saraswati
Prana and Pranayama by Swami Nirajanananda Saraswati
Be Here Now by Ram Das/Richard Alpert
It’s Here Now, Are You? by Bhagavan Das - can’t recommend this one enough, everyone with the slightest interest in yoga or anything esoteric should read this, or anyone into crazy autobiographies. It reads like the autobiography of a spiritual rockstar, and is a great follow up to Be Here Now
45 years of the Yoga Magazine (the same publication that makes all of the books I pull this material from) can be found here for free. It's indexed by year and you can easily search specific terms like "Brahmacharya" or "Tantra".
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If you've been reading along here for a while, you know why 1968 was an important year with regards to current affairs.
Tomorrow is Halloween, and tonight is Mischief Night:
There is an obvious lunar connectivity to Halloween, since it represents the dark and witchy night-time. The lunar light in opposition to the solar light of day.
The following paragraphs might be viewed as advanced or theoretical aspects of gematria encoding - it will be confusing for people brand new to this study:
Why do I use an 'A' in the above spells? I do not view this as a 'cheat', as many skeptics of gematria might argue. Doing so has a formal name in numerology: it is the Rule of Colel, or the off-by-one rule, which argues that sequential numbers might be viewed as paired (ie. quantum-entangled, like animals on Noah's ark, two-by-two - after all, esoterically, odd numbers are viewed as male, and even numbers as female). Furthermore, some spells that have much implicit 'weight', when viewed through multiple ciphers (ie. as a spectrum of different 'frequencies') have numeric values that appear to be slightly unbalanced, almost as if they have been designed to be slightly obscured - to intentionally not have numbers that would be too 'on-the-nose', and thus require what we might call an orthodox spell augmentation [*] (applying "A", or "An" or "The", or other) in order to 'find the true values'.
Particularly in the example above, "Halloween Moon" without the "A" sums to 468 in primes, which is two short of 470, which is a magnified avatar of very-obviously-loaded number 47. Adding 'A', which has a value of 2 in primes (a special case) brings it up to clean 470, and simultaneously makes the trigonal value sum to 1,161 (which we might write as 1,161) - the primes value of the alphabet itself, and reflective of 'a unity of the golden ratio', as you see above ( the first three digits of the golden ratio being 1.61). I often find that the numeric spectrum of weighty spells, initially obscure, suddenly all click into place like an enigma machine aligning, when a certain augmentation is applied.
The use of 'A', as documented elsewhere, can be seen as prefixing the spell with a cartouche of the Aleph (ie. the Ox, the Elf-Lord), or as a sigil of a great pyramid with all-seeing eye, or as a symbol of the geometer's and navigator's measuring compass (used to draw circles and arcs) - in essence, adding 'A' allows one to 'take the measure' of a spell.
Part of my study here is trying to figure out the 'rules' for these orthodox spell augmentation, if that is what they are.
A clever spellcaster, fascinated with the three great pyramids of Gizeh, and certain key numbers, might construct a stage-name for himself (or decide upon names for his or her children), that requires the addition of "AAA" in order to reflect the actual numeric tribute.
This means he or she would have to construct names containing a certain configuration of letters that leave the final numeric totals 3 short of the true desired numbers in the alphabetic, reduction, trigonal and squares ciphers, but 6 short in primes.
See my Spellbinder tutorial for more on these notions of spell construction:
Continuing on...
  • "Moon" = 57 alphabetic
  • "Government" = 1,057 jewish-latin-agrippa
ie. Islam and Judaism have been described as having more of a lunar focus than Christianity, with it's solar iconography, and any theocratic system that takes astrological phenomena into account for timekeeping or mythical reasons, is obviously concerned with the movement of the various heavenly bodies, with eclipses (involving sun and moon together) being perhaps particularly 'weighty' events.
The Metonic cycle of the moon, aka. Enneadecaeteris, meaning "nineteen", is a 19 year cycle tracking the phases of the moon recurring on the same day of the year (arguably this being the 'chaos' cycle upon which major world shifts are scheduled to occur - the Covid-19 pandemic happening one Metonic cycle after 9/11, 2001, which was 19 years ago.
  • "Coronavirus Conspiracy" = 911 primes
  • ... ( "A Quantum Entanglement" = 2001 trigonal )
Metonic Cycle @ Metonic @ ME-Tonic
  • "Tonic" = 911 squares ( of the "Knight" = 911 squares ) [ is the Holy Grail ]
The Metonic cycle is key to constructing combined lunar-solar calendars, which we might view as more 'complete' than, for example, the primarily solar Gregorian calendar.
We note that ....
  • "Chaos" = 19 in reduction
... and that in classical esoterica, it is the female that is associated with 'chaos' and changeability (echoed by her avatar, the phasing moon), while the male is the fixed solar 'order'.
The word 'chaos' is these days interpreteted mostly as 'disorder' and 'destruction' and 'strife', but its ancient connotation was more properly 'the abyss' or 'the void', with, I think, the implication of the female genitalia and the 'womb from which all things came'. See:
In Norse mythology, Ginnungagap ("gaping abyss", "yawning void") is the primordial void, mentioned in the Gylfaginning, the Eddaic text recording Norse cosmogony.
Chaos (Ancient Greek: χάος, romanized: kháos) refers to the void state preceding the creation of the universe or cosmos in the Greek creation myths, or to the initial "gap" created by the original separation of heaven and earth
We also have the twin towers of Joachin and Boaz
The Boaz and Jachin pillars at the entrance of the temple represent the active and passive elements of the world of Atziluth
ie. solar strength, and lunar mercy
The Halloween moon will be a Blue Moon (amongst other designations):
  • "The Blue Moon" = 130 alphabetic
  • .... ( "Blue" = 13 in reduction )
The number 13 is associated with the moon, with regards to lunar calendars, and in general pop-culture with regards to unluckiness, and witchery. From what I remember of Frazer's The Golden Bough (and if I remember correctly), it discusses how the 'ominous' nature of 13 might have originated with the fertility rituals involving the sacrifice of the sacred king in the old matriarchal religious systems in the thirteenth month (and which Ridley Scott arguably echoed in the introduction to the film Prometheus, in a scene that simultaneously evokes the creation of Man by the sacrifice of Kingu, in sumerian-babylonian myth).
Frazer attempted to define the shared elements of religious belief and scientific thought, discussing fertility rites, human sacrifice, the dying god, the scapegoat, and many other symbols and practices whose influences had extended into 20th-century culture. His thesis is that old religions were fertility cults that revolved around the worship and periodic sacrifice of a sacred king.
His work has less traction these days, but is still very interesting as a syncretic study of mythology.
So, the Moon and 13:
The moon is associated with the feminine, and tides, and thus with 'water' (which we might take literally, but we also might view as a veiling symbol for a number of other 'liquid' conceptualizations). We note that:
  • "Aqua" = 13 reduced ( ie. water )
The 13th letter of the alphabet is 'M', the first letter of the word 'Moon'. The letter 'M' is 'W' upside-down, the first letter of 'Water'.
  • "Moon" = 57 alphabetic ( which reduces to 12, so "A Moon" reduces to 13 )
  • "Fifty-seven" = 131 alphabetic ( ie. merged/mirrored/spinning 13 and 31)
A number of gematria researchers, including myself, have been following the number 1331, which combines these, as a number that appears to have major significance, and in particular with regards to eclipses (which involve the moon and sun interacting in the sky).
  • "Fifty-seven" = 50 reduced ( "Circle" = 50 alphabetic )
  • ... ( ie. the moon and sun are 'circles', and travel in circular paths, viewed from Earth )
  • .
  • "Fifty-seven" = 1,361 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( ie. 361 is one degree beyond the 360 of one full circle)
  • ... .. ( ie. 361 has a similar connotation to 366, being the number of the leap year )
  • ... .. .. ( ie. both of these 'cycle-and-a-bit' numbers, to me, signifying the Ouroboros )
  • "Fifty-seven" = 1200 trigonal
... which is a number I always view as expressing the flashing 12:00 on the alarm clock (ie. Cinderella and her slipper...the liminal times of noon and midnight)
  • "Flashing Twelve" = 1,911 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "Mathematic Circle" = 1,911 squares
  • ... ( "The Toppling Tower" = 1,911 trigonal )
  • ... .. ( "The Coronavirus Terror" = 1,911 english-extended )
  • ... .. .. ( "The Second Wave" = 1,911 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. .. .. ( "Coronavirus Conspiracy" = 911 primes )
At this time approaching Halloween, the day after a spate of 'knife attacks' in France and elsewhere (with many headlines informing us about a 'Nice attack', which I am sure the editors are laughing at), we have this article with a relevant and mocking image:
TikTok Witches Are Hexing the Election This Halloween
Some are casting spells to “raise a mighty blue wave,” while other conjurers are employing pro-Trump countermagics.
Counter-magics, ey? Or is that magic counters?
  • "Countermagics" = "Magic Counters" = 618 jewish-latin-agrippa
ie. golden ratio.... do you ...
  • "Know Counter Magics" = 1,618 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "Symbolic" = 1,618 squares ) [ to counter magic is to abjure it ]
This number 1,618, is symbolic of the golden ratio, accurate to three decimal places: 1.618...
The inverse of the golden ratio is 0.618...
... and both of these aspects are expressed in the spell:
  • "Geography" = 1,618 squares 618 jewish-latin-agrippa
ie. there is the territory, and the map... and the map is itself a landscape of symbols. Language is a mind-map, and it reflects the conceptual scenery of thought and action.
From the article:
On Halloween, the moon will be full, and blue. Thousands of witches and other magic practitioners will gather—on social media and in person—to cast spells under its glow.
  • "TikTok Witches" = 1394 jewish-latin-agrippa
The number 1394 is the number of Apple Corporation's FireWire communications standard, and is a colel (ie. off-by-one) of 1,393, which is perhaps one of the major key numbers in the English gematria schema, in my opinion.
  • "Accurate" = "Regular" = "Count" = 393 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "Accountancy" = "Survive" = 393 primes )
  • .. .. ( "The Root" = "Tradition" = 393 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... ( "The Symbol" = 393 primes )
... and not forgetting...
  • "Sorcerer" = "President" = 393 jewish-latin-agrippa ( = "Stagecraft" )
  • ... ( "Practitioner of Magic" = 103 reduced 619 primes )
The ancient term of the Metonic cycle of the Moon is ....
  • "Enneadecaeteris" = 393 jewish-latin-agrippa ( meaning 'nineteen' )
We see in other cyphers that:
  • "Enneadecaeteris" = 919 trigonal [ put on your spectacles ]
  • ... ( "Great Pattern" = 919 english-extended ) [ old tired eyes ]
  • ... .. ( "Pattern" = 616 english-extended ) [ young and bright eyes, in awe ]
  • ... .. .. [ "The Law" = 616 trigonal ]
  • ... .. .. [ "Number" = 616 trigonal ]
  • ... .. . [ "Perfect Number" = 616 jewish-latin-agrippa ]
...and, not surprisingly...
  • "Ritual Sacrifice" = 616 jewish-latin-agrippa ( = "JFK" )
Now this ritual sacrifice can of course be presumed to refer to the human or animal sacrifice in the light of the witchy moon, as per the old pagan ways - or we might flip it on it's head, via the maxim of 'as-above-so-below', and ask ourselves what was, and is, the regular ritual sacrifice of the moon?
  • "The Great Symbol" = 555 primes
  • ... "You Will Obey" = 555 primes
  • ... .. "A Menstruation" = 555 primes
ie. Moon @ Menses @ Mons @ Month ( all derived from the same 'MN(s)' root )
  • "Counting" = "One Month" = "The Month" = "The Proof" = 322 primes
  • ... ( "Bloodlines" = 322 primes )
  • ... ( "Nile's Blood" = 322 primes ) [ Egypt and the Nile in every line, see here ]
ie. the frequency of the feminine clock is monthly (ie. the 'blood moon').
  • "Full Month" = 474 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • .. ( "The Frequency" = 474 primes ) ( = "Let there be Light" )
  • ... .. [ "Numerology" = 474 primes ] [ = "The Illuminati" ]
  • ... .. .. [ "Blood of Venus" = 474 primes ]
The number 474 is a reflection of 747, the Jumbo Jet number of Time itself.
And this is why the article headline seen above:
TikTok Witches Are Hexing the Election This Halloween
TikTok --> tick tock --> time and frequencies.
Noting (T)ik(T)ok --> T.T --> 20.20 --> 2020
  • "Entirely Obvious" = 2020 english-extended (ie. 20/20 vision )
In terms of the 'blood moon' - this is, in my opinion, the meaning (and metaphorical worldwide prank and 'joke') of the Coronavirus outbreak ritual. It's all a metaphor for the monthly shedding of Venus.
  • "The Blood Moon" = 1918 squares ( "Blue" = 227 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • "The Blue Moon" = 1918 squares ( "The Sick" = 227 primes )
( ie. the Spanish Flu of 1918, which we are continually reminded about in the press surrounding Covid-19).
Venus is raging:,_supported_by_Iris,_complaining_to_Mars),_by_Sir_George_Hayter,_1820_-_Ante_Library,_Chatsworth_House_-_Derbyshire,_England_-_DSC03419.jpg
  • "The Blood of a Venus" = 1331 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "The Writings" = 1331 in the trigonal cipher )
  • ... .. ( "A Knowledge" = 1331 squares )
  • ... .. ( "1 Knowledge" = 1331 squares )
  • ... .. [ "The Swan Song" = 1331 jewish-latin-agrippa ]
  • ... .. .. [ ]
  • "The Blood of a Venus" = 1331 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "Extra Virgin" = 1331 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... ( "Open Waters" = 1331 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. [ "Global Health Crisis" = 1331 trigonal ]
  • ... .. [ "Catastrophies" = 1331 trigonal ]
  • ... .. [ "The Invisible Threat" = 1331 english-extended ]
  • ... .. . [ ... "COVID-19 death" = 1331 squares ]
'Death' @ necrosis @ sloughing @ shedding skin of the 'serpent'='the woman'=317 primes
ie. a death that is survived.
  • "TikTok Problem" = 1331 trigonal
Why We Have a 'TikTok Problem'
Also from press headlines:
  • "Mysterious Post-COVID Syndrome" = 1331 primes
I began this post with the number 1968, and mentioned it's importance. The term 'coronavirus' was first coined by scientists in the year 1968 - the same year 911 was made emergency dialing code, and the same year the Twin Towers in New York began their construction. These buildings were scheduled to fall in the year 2001, and thus, in 1968, the film 2001: A Space Odyssey was released to the public.
The word 'Corona' means 'Crown', and crowns are worn by rulers, and thus the 'virus' rules over all. You obey it.
'Crowning' is the second stage of childbirth. Menstruation is the shedding of those organic materials that would have taken part in forming and sustaining a child if one was conceived in that monthly cycle. The monthly period is it's own 'birth', an upwelling of a geological spring, or lava eruption. It is an outbreak.
As I documented very early this year, we were told that 2020 would be a 'year of Venus', due to the particular orbital configurations at play. The entire Covid-19 narrative is a revelation of the Witch-coven of Venus.
Venus @ Virus
Venus @ Vines @ Wines @ Blood (ie. Eucharist symbolism)
  • "Coronavirus Conspiracy" = 911 primes
  • ... ( "The Coven" = 911 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. [ "The Riddle of the Sphinx" = 911 jewish-latin-agrippa ]
  • ... .. .. [ "To Decrypt it" = 911 jewish-latin-agrippa ]
  • ... .. .. .. [ "Solve It" = 911 trigonal ]
Accurate to three decimal places, the golden ratio is 1.618
  • "Coven Revealed" = 1,618 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... ( "The Goddess Venus" = 1,618 trigonal )
In terms of 'Moon' = 57...
... we note also that:
  • "Nice" = 57 jewish-latin-agrippa ( "Venus" = 1,507 squares )
I note that this post was made, like most of my posts, intentionally at a specific time (which the press seems also to do, but they don't admit it). I posted at 13:57 UTC, in order to echo the number 57, and 1,357 in particular.
The number 357 can be read 3.57 (ie. triple-phase moon goddess).
  • "Number" = 357 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • "Wife" = 357 trigonal ( ie. the Moon-bride to the Sun-groom)
  • "Goddess Venus" = 1,357 trigonal
The goddess Venus (aka. Aphrodite, Inanna, Ishtar) has her own designated celestial body, the planet Venus (aka. Lucifer, in Latin), but as goddess of Love and War can also claim rightly the domain of the feminine Moon and it's menstrual Vine (ie. VN consonantal root).
The number 357 might bring to your mind the .357 magnum gun caliber.
The word 'magnum' echoes, in my mind, a 'magnificent number'.
I also argue the word 'gun' in English is actually the greek word 'gune' in disguise (ie. with a silent 'e'), a word meaning 'woman', 'maiden' or 'bride', and hence the phrase 'son of gun'. The woman shoots new people into the word, after being impregnated by the analogous male projectile weapon.
The woman is physically ready to conceive after her monthly periods begin.
  • "Lunar Blood" = "Matrix Code" = 357 primes ( = "The Quiz" )
The word 'matrix' is Latin, and means 'pregnant female'
In terms of "Moon" = 57 basic alphabetic ( and in celebration of reaching 507 readers here), I have generated dictionary listings for all the major ciphers matching this number:
(note: If these links are broken, view this page using the 'old' reddit theme)
My main page for number 57 has not been updated in any major sense in a while, and could use some cleanup, formatting, and additions:
Since I discovered long ago that "Moon" = 57, I will admit I've not done much work looking for other major semantic associations for this number, and have viewed all other occurrences of this number in spells through the lens of this lunar association, since I and others suspect that the major astronomical bodies are core components of the symbolic gematria framwork, and thus represent 'grounding concepts' that other relevant spells would, in a sense, be made to auger towards.
  • "Sun" = 54 = "Health"
  • "Moon" = 57 = "Veiled"
  • "Star" = 58 = "Night"
Thus we can quantum-entangle Moon and Sun in a symbolic eclipse, by giving the Alpha Sun wings to catch his lunar bride:
  • "A1A: Sun" = "Moon" = 57 alphabetic
Performing the above augmentation upon 'Sun' gives it the value 333 (*) in the jewish-latin-agrippa cipher, and 1001 in squares (the number 1001 being key 'milllennium' number 1000 + 1, and which, like 100, is a 'scaling factor', which can be used to generate spells that recursively reflect the same basic number. For example 911 + 1000 = 1,911, a number which maintains the core power of 911)
I've been experimenting recently with 'A1A' (which, in most ciphers is equivalent to the three great pyramids, or three-eyed raven, of 'AAA'). I have appropriated this symbol as my personal alphanumeric sigil - symbolic of the bardic language of the birds, which is a dragon and a phoenix.
  • "The A1A Symbol" = 2020 squares
  • ... "Know Witch" = 2020 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... .. ( "The Alphabet Codes" = 2020 squares )
  • ... .. ( "Grand Celebration" = 2020 squares )
  • ... .. ... ( "Rulership" = 2020 squares )
  • ... .. ... ( "Coronavirus Religion" = 2020 trigonal )
It's why you...
  • "Wear the mask" = 2020 squares
... this Halloween.
  • "A Number of the Alphabet Song" = 911 jewish-latin-agrippa
A recent post focused on the spelling of 'Halloween':
Wiki index:
Introductory material:
Numeric index:
Therion - 'Ship of Lune'
Therion - Ginnungagap
Nightwish ~ HUMAN :: NATURE,_by_Luis_Ricardo_Falero.jpg (𐌏)
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2020.10.26 16:52 mister_stubbs What would you do if you had Multiple Sclerosis?

I have Multiple Sclerosis. I'm taking this week off of work to start alternate day fasting along with Metformin due to recent research that shows they may have a large impact on remyelination. I was between medications when the coronavirus pandemic hit and I can't start new auto-immune medication because I work at a COVID-19 center so I'm treating this as an opportunity to reboot and focus on "lifestyle optimization". I'm reaching out to multiple subreddits to see if I'm missing anything.
I take all supplements halfway through a meal in order to avoid indigestion, even if it may be contrary to what the labels may say.
I'm 50, male, 5'5" and 220lbs. I work at night and have trouble sleeping just like most M.S. patients, Hopefully the fasting and metformin will help with my BMI.
I own a single speed mountain bike but I fear going too far on trails because I have an intolerance to heat that limits me to short bursts of exercise and I sometimes have abrupt, catastrophic changes in my strength/fatigue levels that I can't wrap my mind around. I think I basically hit the wall a lot faster than a healthy person.
I'm thinking about taking Yoga classes through Youtube but I really hate the instructors who use that fake breathy "Yoga Instructor Voice"™. I like the "Yoga for BJJ" and "Method Yoga" channels as well as DDP Yoga. Can't get through a whole class yet.
I have a mild cognitive deficit and Superior Semi-Circular Canal Dihescence Syndrome, too. Difficulty recognizing faces, I sometimes even have face blindness. Difficulty finding words. I was using Cognifit but that's expensive and didn't do it much because it's so fucking buggy and unpleasant to use. There was a formal research study that showed that M.S. patients benefitted from playing the "Portal" video game so I will do that. Also learning Guitar and playing Rocksmith. Thinking about learning French because I want to travel to or relocate to northern New England or Quebec.
Any and all information will be appreciated. (Except Dr. Terry Wahls' Protocol because she was not legally disabled when she was in her wheelchair, she may have recovered due to prior treatment, and doesn't mention how prohibitively expensive her electro-stim treatment was. I've seen commentary saying that she's been changing the focus of her study as results roll in so that makes me think she's not getting the results that she wants.)
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2020.10.25 16:05 InfiniteDoors Star Trek: For the Shows Are Hollow and I Want to Cry

Star Trek joke! I'm back. This is more of a part 1.5 than 2, because this isn't big picture stuff, mostly specifics and nitpicks. I just need to vent my frustration some more.


The characters

The story

I don't really recall too much about S1's story beyond T'Kuvma started the war and Burnham basically sealed the deal by killing him. Then Mirror Universe detour, then we gotta bomb Qo'noS because the Federation is one foot in the grave. S2 though, despite being more confusing, I remember a little better. Let's see how close I get: 7 red signals appear simultaneously throughout the galaxy so after the Enterprise is mysteriously crippled Captain Pike commandeers the Discovery to use its spore drive to reach the signals where they discover Jett Reno and Terralysium and a temporal anomaly coincidentally above Saru's homeworld and a planet related to the Red Angel project and the time crystal on Boreth and that one queen alien from that Short Trek and then I guess at some point the writers realized that they focused too much on the Control plot because they only had 4 or 5 red signals planned so they decided to Bill and Ted this fucking plot and have Burnham be the source of the 7 red signals so in the middle of this giant CGI clusterfuck she has to go back in time and place the previous 5 red signals so that the plot can make sense but then after Control is defeated they still have to strand themselves in the future... why?
Airiam was corrupted but is now dead. Leland/Control is now dead. So, what's the danger? Is it like, as long as the Infosphere data exists in the past, future Control or whatever will always have a chance to steal it, so then Burnham and Discovery travel to the future to "skip" over future Control? But then what's stopping future Control from waiting for Discovery to reappear in the timeline? We know almost nothing about future Control, all we DO know is that Pike sent the probe into the anomaly, it returned all upgraded, it corrupted Airiam, and she tried to help present Control. If Control is dead, then there shouldn't be a future Control, so no need to get stuck in the future. If there still is a future Control, or even a copy of Control left in the present, then "skipping over" it doesn't 100% keep the data safe. It'd be better to send Discovery to the fucking Big Bang, or the heat death of the universe, or right next to the Romulan sun when it goes supernova, or some other more foolproof method of total destruction. Idk, it's confusing. Or maybe I'm just stupid. Probably both.
There's also just some little stuff to mention.


The characters

The story

The plot is somewhat disjointed and the connections are tenuous at best. Let's go through it all. So we have the Zhat Vash, a Romulan group thousands of years old and dedicated to wiping out synths to prevent the Synthpocalypse. Because of the Romulan supernova, the destruction of the Romulan Star Empire and countless other systems is imminent, so the Federation dedicates Utopia Planitia to churn out enough rescue ships by using synths. If the plan works, then everyone in the Quadrant will see how valuable synths are and will no doubt mass produce millions for their own use. To prevent this, the Zhat Vash manufactures a synth uprising to destroy the shipyards and set Mars on fire, ensuring that synths are banned... as well as doom the majority of their own people. The supernova is only in play because of the reboot movie, and really has nothing to do with the rest of the plot. It easily could have been a plague, or new enemy, or anything else not even related to the Romulan people to prompt a huge synth workforce. But of course, ZV's big opportunity has to come at the cost of their brothers and sisters. Tangentially related to this problem is Data. Data was in Starfleet for 38 fucking years, showing everyone how useful he is, and ZV never took him out or discredited him. Maybe they tried and failed, but if they had gotten rid of him, there wouldn't have been a synth workforce in the first place and thus no need to bone themselves. Good job guys! Back to Picard's plot series of events, the supernova and lack of ships resulted in a small Romulan diaspora, with refugees scattered here and there. With such big consequences, one would think it wold tie in to the plot more closely. But no, all it really gave us was two Romulan ex-spy housekeepers who could let Picard know about ZV, Elnor the samurai and a never-ending source of guilt for Picard. It was also an ill-conceived attempt at addressing the real world refugee crisis, something Patrick Stewart wanted to tackle. Nice tackle. About half of the show takes place on a derelict Borg cube called the Artifact, where Soji and Narek play hide and seek with their genitals. It is also the site of the Borg Reclamation Project, which I'll talk about more later. Now this is probably the most pointless part of the plot. The Borg Cube has absolutely NOTHING to do with anything. Maddox sent Soji there to learn about the Mars attack conspiracy, and she learned dick (haha gross). It also could have been any other location and still have as much relevance. The only reason for having a Borg cube in the show is for that sweet sweet nostalgia bait: Locutus, Hugh, Seven becomes a Queen, and all the trailer shots. Then it anticlimactically crashes with still no bearing on the plot. Lastly, the Soong/Maddox synths. They were so unconnected to everything, that Maddox had to specifically create Soji and Dahj to investigate the Mars attack. That lead to ZV discovering them, Oh showing Jurati the Admonition, Jurati and co. finding Soji, they all go to the synth planet and Sutra sees the Admonition from Jurati, leading to the very thing that ZV was trying to prevent. Whoops. While my summary makes it sound like a lot is happening, it's quite the opposite. After the first episode, things move so fucking sloooooowwwwwwwwwww. It's not a slow burn, it's the show dragging its fucking feet. And it's all so trite, there's nothing clever at all. In fact, this isn't even a thoughtful character study of Picard, it's a typical YA sci-fi story about a special girl and her importance to the galaxy that also happens to have Picard.
More complaints here!

Lower Decks

All of it.

I said it before and I'll say it again. References are not jokes, and that's more than half of what Lower Decks is. Half the time it feels like they're just hitting the random button on Memory Alpha. I don't give a fuck how deep a cut Xon is, tell real jokes. While you're at it, write better characters too. Mariner is insufferable, Boimler is annoying, Tendi is like Tilly cranked to 11, Rutherford is basically male Tendi but gets a boner for engineering, and the bridge crew are terrible parodies of good Trek characters. When we do get good Trek characters, they're flanderzied to hell. Q, Riker, and Troi probably won't be the last to cameo on this garbage cartoon, I bet Shatner will want to use this as an opportunity to bring back Kirk. One more thing. This is from the latest episode of Discovery:
Regulation 256.15: Starfleet officers shall show professional behavior at all times.
Well, I've just about bitched myself empty. This post is almost twice as long as the last, and I've slowly written it out over the past week. If I still have anything else to say at this point, it will probably be just from Discovery S3 as it airs. I just have one final thought to share: Art from adversity. TOS had shit sets and shit effects, so they had to make the writing strong to counter that. Same goes for TNG to ENT, CGI was expensive so they used it as needed. Big dumb action is a crutch for poor writers, and more action-oriented shows like DS9 did not have poor writers. The writers of DSC and PIC range from poor to barely acceptable, and what a coincidence, they are both filled with big dumb action.
I hope these shows don't live long and prosper. Star Trek joke!
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  1. 21185 points, 25 submissions: mubukugrappa
    1. Post-COVID syndrome severely damages children’s hearts; ‘immense inflammation’ causing cardiac blood vessel dilation (1791 points, 160 comments)
    2. Young Kids Could Spread COVID-19 As Much As Older Children and Adults (1359 points, 155 comments)
    3. Loss of smell a ‘highly specific’ indicator of Covid-19, finds UCLH and UCL research (1331 points, 60 comments)
    4. Nasal vaccine against COVID-19 prevents infection in mice (1301 points, 95 comments)
    5. Stillbirth rate rises dramatically during pandemic (1229 points, 91 comments)
    6. Pandemic practice: Horror fans and morbidly curious individuals are more psychologically resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic (1228 points, 63 comments)
    7. Boston superspreading event seeded thousands of COVID-19 cases (1203 points, 53 comments)
    8. COVID-19 Study Links Strict Social Distancing to Much Lower Chance of Infection (1188 points, 84 comments)
    9. Gaps in early surveillance of coronavirus led to record-breaking US trajectory (1182 points, 63 comments)
    10. Antibody Test Developed for COVID-19 That is Sensitive, Specific and Scalable (986 points, 25 comments)
  2. 20120 points, 26 submissions: KuduIO
    1. World's 1st inactivated COVID-19 vaccine produces antibodies (3385 points, 240 comments)
    2. Airborne SARS-CoV-2 is Rapidly Inactivated by Simulated Sunlight (1629 points, 95 comments)
    3. World first coronavirus treatment approved for NHS use by government (1419 points, 170 comments)
    4. Weekly COVID-19 testing with household quarantine and contact tracing is feasible and would probably end the epidemic (1189 points, 110 comments)
    5. Warning signs: more Canadians thinking about suicide during pandemic (1169 points, 9 comments)
    6. Immune T Cells May Offer Lasting Protection Against COVID-19 (1117 points, 84 comments)
    7. Pandemic Practice: Horror Fans and Morbidly Curious Individuals Are More Psychologically Resilient During the COVID-19 Pandemic (1037 points, 41 comments)
    8. NIH halts clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine (927 points, 145 comments)
    9. Large SARS-CoV-2 Outbreak Caused by Asymptomatic Traveler, China (883 points, 74 comments)
    10. Excess Patient Visits for Cough and Pulmonary Disease at a Large US Health System in the Months Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Time-Series Analysis (817 points, 59 comments)
  3. 19564 points, 21 submissions: InInteraction
    1. Men's blood contains greater concentrations of enzyme that helps COVID-19 infect cells (2031 points, 89 comments)
    2. In Cell Studies, Seaweed Extract Outperforms Remdesivir in Blocking COVID-19 Virus (1742 points, 96 comments)
    3. Placentas from COVID-19-positive pregnant women show injury (1690 points, 127 comments)
    4. Study Adds to Evidence That Odor-Sensing Cells in the Nose Are the Key Entry Point for SARS CoV-2 (1631 points, 176 comments)
    5. Early Spread of COVID-19 Appears Far Greater Than Initially Reported (1472 points, 198 comments)
    6. A single-dose intranasal ChAd vaccine protects upper and lower respiratory tracts against SARS-CoV-2 (1437 points, 101 comments)
    7. Increase in delirium, rare brain inflammation and stroke linked to COVID-19 (1426 points, 134 comments)
    8. Researchers show children are silent spreaders of virus that causes COVID-19 (1356 points, 114 comments)
    9. Two anti-inflammatory drugs found that inhibit the replication of the COVID-19 virus (1282 points, 49 comments)
    10. UNC Researchers Create New Type of Accurate COVID-19 Antibody Test (980 points, 25 comments)
  4. 18353 points, 1 submission: crispy88
    1. Stanford researchers confirm N95 masks can be sterilized and reused with virtually no loss of filtration efficiency by leaving in oven for 30 mins at 70C / 158F (18353 points, 1121 comments)
  5. 17898 points, 30 submissions: smaskens
    1. From ‘brain fog’ to heart damage, COVID-19’s lingering problems alarm scientists (2344 points, 213 comments)
    2. Face Masks Considerably Reduce COVID-19 Cases in Germany: A Synthetic Control Method Approach (2131 points, 72 comments)
    3. Melatonin is significantly associated with survival of intubated COVID-19 patients (1323 points, 166 comments)
    4. The link between vitamin D deficiency and Covid-19 in a large population (1073 points, 126 comments)
    5. Children are unlikely to be the main drivers of the COVID‐19 pandemic – a systematic review (1030 points, 165 comments)
    6. A cohort study to evaluate the effect of combination Vitamin D, Magnesium and Vitamin B12 (DMB) on progression to severe outcome in older COVID-19 patients. (914 points, 153 comments)
    7. Not just antibodies: B cells and T cells mediate immunity to COVID-19 (767 points, 32 comments)
    8. ICON (Ivermectin in COvid Nineteen) study: Use of Ivermectin is Associated with Lower Mortality in Hospitalized Patients with COVID19 (707 points, 160 comments)
    9. Less severe course of COVID-19 is associated with elevated levels of antibodies against seasonal human coronaviruses OC43 and HKU1 (HCoV OC43, HCoV HKU1) (695 points, 80 comments)
    10. SARS-CoV-2-specific T cell immunity in cases of COVID-19 and SARS, and uninfected controls (666 points, 103 comments)
  6. 16334 points, 33 submissions: GallantIce
    1. Study in Primates Finds Acquired Immunity Prevents COVID-19 Reinfections (1719 points, 331 comments)
    2. Why do some COVID-19 patients infect many others, whereas most don’t spread the virus at all? (1298 points, 230 comments)
    3. “Herd Immunity” is Not an Answer to a Pandemic (1014 points, 375 comments)
    4. Statins reduce COVID-19 severity, likely by removing cholesterol that virus uses to infect (888 points, 61 comments)
    5. The explosion of new coronavirus tests that could help to end the pandemic (708 points, 46 comments)
    6. Dexamethasone for Coronavirus Infection (685 points, 107 comments)
    7. Coronavirus vaccines leap through safety trials — but which will work is anybody’s guess (675 points, 207 comments)
    8. A call for diagnostic tests to report viral load (658 points, 28 comments)
    9. Cerebral Micro-Structural Changes in COVID-19 Patients – An MRI-based 3-month Follow-up Study30228-5/fulltext#.Xyig6jaBrFk.twitter) (650 points, 90 comments)
    10. Dana-Farber to test blood cancer drug in COVID-19 patients (604 points, 82 comments)
  7. 14484 points, 27 submissions: BaconFace2736
    1. Vitamin D deficiency as a predictor of poor prognosis in patients with acute respiratory failure due to COVID-19 (1780 points, 163 comments)
    2. Melatonin Inhibits COVID-19-induced Cytokine Storm by Reversing Aerobic Glycolysis in Immune Cells: A Mechanistic Analysis (1514 points, 106 comments)
    3. Mild COVID-19 cases can produce strong T cell response (1061 points, 56 comments)
    4. The coronavirus is most deadly if you are older and male — new data reveal the risks (998 points, 76 comments)
    5. No evidence of secondary transmission of COVID-19 from children attending school in Ireland, 2020 (908 points, 149 comments)
    6. Thymosin alpha 1 (Tα1) reduces the mortality of severe COVID-19 by restoration of lymphocytopenia and reversion of exhausted T cells (761 points, 100 comments)
    7. The Link Between Vitamin D and Covid-19: Distinguishing Facts From Fiction (746 points, 77 comments)
    8. Sunlight ultraviolet radiation dose is negatively correlated with the percent positive of SARS-CoV-2 and four other common human coronaviruses in the U.S. (647 points, 82 comments)
    9. What the immune response to COVID-19 says about the prospects for a vaccine. (641 points, 163 comments)
    10. Nitric oxide dosed in short bursts at high concentrations may protect against Covid 19 (640 points, 93 comments)
  8. 12813 points, 24 submissions: nrps400
    1. Saliva is more sensitive for SARS-CoV-2 detection in COVID-19 patients than nasopharyngeal swabs (1909 points, 217 comments)
    2. No evidence of clinical efficacy of hydroxychloroquine in patients hospitalized for COVID-19 infection with oxygen requirement: results of a study using routinely collected data to emulate a target trial (1557 points, 275 comments)
    3. Efficacy of hydroxychloroquine in patients with COVID-19: results of a randomized clinical trial (1308 points, 659 comments)
    4. US COVID-19 deaths poorly predicted by IHME model (1148 points, 421 comments)
    5. Safety of hydroxychloroquine, alone and in combination with azithromycin, in light of rapid wide-spread use for COVID-19: a multinational, network cohort and self-controlled case series study (812 points, 164 comments)
    6. Self-reported symptoms of covid-19 including symptoms most predictive of SARS-CoV-2 infection, are heritable (783 points, 188 comments)
    7. UK has enough intensive care units for coronavirus, expert predicts [Neil Ferguson] (525 points, 376 comments)
    8. COVID-19 outbreak at a large homeless shelter in Boston: Implications for universal testing (471 points, 149 comments)
    9. SARS-CoV-2 titers in wastewater are higher than expected from clinically confirmed cases [in Massachusetts] (436 points, 151 comments)
    10. Transmission Potential of SARS-CoV-2 in Viral Shedding Observed at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (422 points, 227 comments)
  9. 12350 points, 22 submissions: mkmyers45
    1. Covid-19: Two thirds of people contacted through tracing did not fully cooperate, pilot scheme finds (2048 points, 61 comments)
    2. WHO discontinues hydroxychloroquine and lopinaviritonavir treatment arms for COVID-19 (1476 points, 99 comments)
    3. Decreased in-hospital mortality in patients with COVID-19 pneumonia (1087 points, 178 comments)
    4. New Serology from Geneva, Switzerland shows 5.5% of the canton's population may have developed antibodies based on data taken between April 6 to 10 and April 14 to 17. (897 points, 522 comments)
    5. Evidence for Limited Early Spread of COVID-19 Within the United States, January–February 2020 (795 points, 78 comments)
    6. COVID-19 in Children in the United States: Intensive Care Admissions, Estimated Total Infected, and Projected Numbers of Severe Pediatric Cases in 2020 (762 points, 89 comments)
    7. Death threats after a trial on chloroquine for COVID-1930383-2/fulltext#.XtCzFgjDxfs.twitter) (757 points, 84 comments)
    8. An adult with Kawasaki-like multisystem inflammatory syndrome associated with COVID-1931526-9/fulltext) (740 points, 19 comments)
    9. Evidence of exposure to SARS-CoV-2 in cats and dogs from households in Italy (511 points, 60 comments)
    10. Antibody Responses to SARS-CoV-2 at 8 Weeks Postinfection in Asymptomatic Patients (418 points, 64 comments)
  10. 10772 points, 19 submissions: _holograph1c_
    1. Vitamin D Insufficiency is Prevalent in Severe COVID-19 (2368 points, 529 comments)
    2. Air recirculation role in the infection with COVID-19, lessons learned from Diamond Princess cruise ship (1108 points, 134 comments)
    3. An inflammatory cytokine signature helps predict COVID-19 severity and death (955 points, 62 comments)
    4. Vitamin D deficiency as risk factor for severe COVID-19: a convergence of two pandemics (881 points, 209 comments)
    5. COVID-19 Confirmed Case Incidence Age Shift to Young Persons Age 0-19 and 20-39 Years Over Time: Washington State March - April 2020 (749 points, 102 comments)
    6. Face Masks Considerably Reduce Covid-19 Cases in Germany (722 points, 89 comments)
    7. Treatment with ACE-inhibitors is associated with less severe disease with SARS-Covid-19 infection in a multi-site UK acute Hospital Trust (603 points, 82 comments)
    8. Level of IL-6 predicts respiratory failure in hospitalized symptomatic COVID-19 patients (591 points, 185 comments)
    9. Favipiravir strikes the SARS-CoV-2 at its Achilles heel, the RNA polymerase (393 points, 118 comments)
    10. Spike mutation pipeline reveals the emergence of a more transmissible form of SARS-CoV-2 (372 points, 122 comments)
  11. 10008 points, 24 submissions: icloudbug
    1. COVID-19 is, in the end, an endothelial disease (924 points, 102 comments)
    2. The President’s Coronavirus Treatment (713 points, 60 comments)
    3. Low zinc levels at clinical admission associates with poor outcomes in COVID-19 (688 points, 90 comments)
    4. Long COVID: let patients help define long-lasting COVID symptoms (663 points, 120 comments)
    5. Symptoms and Outcomes of Sailors in Isolation After a COVID-19 Outbreak on a US Aircraft Carrier (596 points, 74 comments)
    6. Tocilizumab is associated with reduction of the risk of ICU admission and mortality in patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection (524 points, 35 comments)
    7. SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein hijacks VEGF-A/Neuropilin-1 receptor signaling to induce analgesia (509 points, 52 comments)
    8. SARS-CoV-2 infects the brain choroid plexus and disrupts the blood-CSF-barrier in human brain organoids30495-1) (509 points, 28 comments)
    9. Aerosol and surface contamination of SARS-CoV-2 observed in quarantine and isolation care (503 points, 44 comments)
    10. A previously uncharacterized gene in SARS-CoV-2 illuminates the functional dynamics and evolutionary origins of the COVID-19 pandemic (487 points, 51 comments)
  12. 9390 points, 1 submission: matakos18
    1. Number of people with coronavirus infections may be dozens of times higher than the number of confirmed cases (9390 points, 1478 comments)
  13. 8915 points, 1 submission: simonsky
    1. At least 11% of tested blood donors in Stockholm had Covid19 antibody as of last week. (8915 points, 1201 comments)
  14. 8754 points, 3 submissions: Johari82
    1. Ending coronavirus lockdowns will be a dangerous process of trial and error (6931 points, 1528 comments)
    2. Beware of the second wave of COVID-1930845-X/fulltext) (1299 points, 896 comments)
    3. High-profile coronavirus retractions raise concerns about data oversight (524 points, 60 comments)
  15. 8623 points, 3 submissions: mankikned1
    1. Study Finds Nearly Everyone Who Recovers From COVID-19 Makes Coronavirus Antibodies (4416 points, 633 comments)
    2. New Zealand eliminates COVID-1931097-7/fulltext) (3621 points, 399 comments)
    3. COVID-19 vaccines for all?31354-4/fulltext) (586 points, 427 comments)
  16. 6762 points, 12 submissions: PFC1224
    1. University of Oxford resumes vaccine trial (1606 points, 127 comments)
    3. ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine prevents SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia in rhesus macaques (924 points, 91 comments)
    4. Correction: the places of contamination are family contexts and not nightclubs (529 points, 145 comments)
    5. Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency approves trial of Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine (495 points, 43 comments)
    6. An mRNA Vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 — Preliminary Report (476 points, 89 comments)
    7. Association between treatment with colchicine and improved survival in a single-centre cohort of adult hospitalised patients with COVID-19 pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome (462 points, 33 comments)
    8. INOVIO Announces Positive Interim Phase 1 Data For INO-4800 Vaccine for COVID-19 (459 points, 49 comments)
    9. SARS-CoV-2-reactive T cells in healthy donors and patients with COVID-19 (242 points, 39 comments)
    10. EMA starts first rolling review of a COVID-19 vaccine in the EU (241 points, 20 comments)
  17. 6737 points, 1 submission: afieldonearth
    1. NYC Health: Only 1.8% of deaths in New York City were without an underlying condition (6737 points, 1150 comments)
  18. 6732 points, 7 submissions: gshotwell891
    1. Vitamin D Sufficiency Reduced Risk for Morbidity and Mortality in COVID-19 Patients (1947 points, 143 comments)
    2. Avoidance of vitamin D deficiency to slow the COVID-19 pandemic (1051 points, 189 comments)
    3. Editorial: low population mortality from COVID‐19 in countries south of latitude 35 degrees North supports vitamin D as a factor determining severity (923 points, 216 comments)
    4. Patterns of Covid-19 Mortality and Vitamin D: An Indonesian Study (855 points, 318 comments)
    5. Evidence Supports a Causal Model for Vitamin D in COVID-19 Outcomes (760 points, 238 comments)
    6. Vitamin D and survival in COVID-19 patients: A quasi-experimental study (697 points, 123 comments)
    7. Association of vitamin D with the modulation of the disease severity in COVID-19 (499 points, 39 comments)
  19. 6608 points, 3 submissions: coke_queen
    1. In a paper from 2007, researches warned re-emergence of SARS-CoV like viruses: "the culture of eating exotic mammals in southern China, is a time bomb. The possibility of the re-emergence of SARS should not be ignored." (6013 points, 486 comments)
    2. New coronavirus stable for hours on surfaces (410 points, 157 comments)
    3. COVID-19 less severe in children than adults: study (185 points, 44 comments)
  20. 6308 points, 1 submission: xvs
    1. Not wearing masks to protect against coronavirus is a ‘big mistake,’ top Chinese scientist says (6308 points, 907 comments)
  21. 6222 points, 7 submissions: greyuniwave
    1. Vitamin D levels appear to play role in COVID-19 mortality rates: Patients with severe deficiency are twice as likely to experience major complications (2458 points, 279 comments)
    2. Vitamin D determines severity in COVID-19 so government advice needs to change, experts urge (1900 points, 369 comments)
    3. The implications of vitamin D deficiency on COVID-19 for at-risk populations (587 points, 60 comments)
    4. Early Nutritional Interventions with Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin D for Raising Anti-Viral Resistance Against Progressive COVID-19 (415 points, 36 comments)
    5. Vitamin D supplementation to prevent acute respiratory tract infections: systematic review and meta-analysis of individual participant data (369 points, 72 comments)
    6. Vitamin D Level of Mild and Severe Elderly Cases of COVID-19: A Preliminary Report by El James Glicio (302 points, 143 comments)
    7. A Basic Review of the Preliminary Evidence That COVID-19 Risk and Severity Is Increased in Vitamin D Deficiency (191 points, 51 comments)

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  1. Stanford researchers confirm N95 masks can be sterilized and reused with virtually no loss of filtration efficiency by leaving in oven for 30 mins at 70C / 158F by crispy88 (18353 points, 1121 comments)
  2. Number of people with coronavirus infections may be dozens of times higher than the number of confirmed cases by matakos18 (9390 points, 1478 comments)
  3. At least 11% of tested blood donors in Stockholm had Covid19 antibody as of last week. by simonsky (8915 points, 1201 comments)
  4. Ending coronavirus lockdowns will be a dangerous process of trial and error by Johari82 (6931 points, 1528 comments)
  5. NYC Health: Only 1.8% of deaths in New York City were without an underlying condition by afieldonearth (6737 points, 1150 comments)
  6. Not wearing masks to protect against coronavirus is a ‘big mistake,’ top Chinese scientist says by xvs (6308 points, 907 comments)
  7. In a paper from 2007, researches warned re-emergence of SARS-CoV like viruses: "the culture of eating exotic mammals in southern China, is a time bomb. The possibility of the re-emergence of SARS should not be ignored." by coke_queen (6013 points, 486 comments)
  8. Antibody tests suggest that coronavirus infections vastly exceed official counts by valleyofdawn (5717 points, 977 comments)
  9. Correcting under-reported COVID-19 case numbers: "In the case of China, it is estimated that more than 700.000 cases of COVID-19 actually occurred instead of the confirmed 80,932 cases as of 3/13/2020." by deleted (5673 points, 875 comments)
  10. Amid Ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, Governor Cuomo Announces Results of Completed Antibody Testing Study of 15,000 People Show 12.3 Percent of Population Has Covid-19 Antibodies by cegras (5189 points, 1165 comments)

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  2. 1042 points: syntheticassault's comment in Two anti-inflammatory drugs found that inhibit the replication of the COVID-19 virus
  3. 993 points: jessbot36's comment in Ending coronavirus lockdowns will be a dangerous process of trial and error
  4. 915 points: ravedog's comment in Stanford researchers confirm N95 masks can be sterilized and reused with virtually no loss of filtration efficiency by leaving in oven for 30 mins at 70C / 158F
  5. 902 points: ronaldwreagan's comment in The Coronavirus Epidemic Curve is Already Flattening in New York City
  6. 835 points: DuvalHeart's comment in Beware of the second wave of COVID-19
  7. 802 points: DuvalHeart's comment in COVID-19 Confirmed Case Incidence Age Shift to Young Persons Age 0-19 and 20-39 Years Over Time: Washington State March - April 2020
  8. 800 points: raddaya's comment in NYC Health: Only 1.8% of deaths in New York City were without an underlying condition
  9. 782 points: Kallistrate's comment in COVID-19 is, in the end, an endothelial disease
  10. 781 points: PlayFree_Bird's comment in Ending coronavirus lockdowns will be a dangerous process of trial and error
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2020.10.19 22:35 d4money1 What’s with the toxic try hard haters on here?

People post In this community as friends United under the same grow culture and lately I been seeing a lot of haters commenting on peoples grows and hating on their grows. What’s with that? Its gotta stop. Idk what’s with this alpha male “I can grow better than you” small penis syndrome some of yall have but it’s not cool.
We literally come here to share our experiences and educate each other. Not to tear each other down. Its not a pissing contest. Unless you actually own a million dollar lab I’m not tryna hear most shit anyways. Everybody has what works for them.
submitted by d4money1 to cannabiscultivation [link] [comments]

2020.10.17 17:03 ginz4uuu Ling/Large Flaccid- MUST READ

Hi guys
We talk a lot about hard flaccid, no one talks much about the long flaccid.. Plz see the info below I copied from a Doc at pegym also the link below
Long, Larger, Overextended Flaccid – Updates and Advice
 Hi PEGym  I don't have Long Flaccid. I just decided to study this disease. And try to help you find a cure. 
Warning: This text is about Long Flaccid! This text is NOT about Hard Flaccid! Hard Flaccid sufferers, this text is NOT for you!
Long, Larger, Overextended Flaccid
Most likely cause: Stretch-Induced Pudendal Nerve Neuropathy (Neurapraxia)
Introduction: 1 - Parasympathetic Nervous System - triggers Erection
2 - Sympathetic Nervous System - triggers Ejaculation. And also inhibits Erection. That is why, when we are stressed and anxious ( + Sympathetic, - Parasympathetic), we have Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation.
3 - The Pudendal Nerve has 3 types of nerve fibers: - Sensitive (Afferent) - transport skin sensations from the penis to the brain - Motor (Efferent) - transport the motor stimulus (from the brain) to the IC muscles, BC muscle and External Sphincter muscle of Urethra. - Sympathetic - trigger Ejaculation
4 - The Pudendal Nerve does NOT carry the Parasympathetic stimulus (erection) to the penis. The Parasympathetic stimulus is carried by a network of small nervous filaments (from the Sacral Plexus/Pelvic Splanchnic Nerves), which surround the Pudendal Arteries. Which irrigate the Corpora Cavernosa, allowing Erection.
5 - The Hard Flaccid (contracture of the penile smooth muscle inside the Corpora Cavernosa) is caused by the contraction/pathological contracture/protective contracture of the IC muscle.
6 - If the Long Flaccid has the opposite appearance (long and soft), then it is impossible that it is caused by a tense pelvic floor (tension in the IC muscle). It is just the opposite. There is an excessive relaxation of the IC muscle and, consequently, a hyper-relaxation of the penile smooth muscle, consequently, originating the Long Flaccid - an elongated, loose, soft, larger, spongy, dis-attached, hanging, rubbery jellied, floppy penis.
Symptoms and Explanations: 1 - Muscular weakness (Paresis). Inability to perform Kegels. Very weak kegels. (Examples: “I can't flex/clench the penis, or move it up and down easily like before by kegel move, I can't make it "Jump" anymore, flaccid or erect, it doesn't react or react weakly when I flex BC muscle. I also cannot pump blood into my penis like i used to, no matter how hard I try. Only my PC muscle moves during kegel. I can't contract my BC at all, it seems dead. It is more difficult to stop urinating. I seem to be only able to clench and move the PC muscles around the anus but the ones you use to hold an erection I can't. When I ejaculate, I feel my anus contract instead of my BC/penis muscle. I have a total lack of BC muscle control AND INSTEAD I have this CONSTANT sense of anal muscle control/feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, over-exaggerated.”)
2 - Erectile Dysfunction (Ex:“I can't keep my erection while standing up. I can’t maintain the erection without continuous manual stimulation.”) - Erectile Dysfunction in Hard Flaccid is caused by the inability to relax the penile smooth muscle, and due to the contracture of the IC and BC muscle. Erectile dysfunction in Long Flaccid is due to dysfunctional innervation (lack of innervation) of the IC and BC muscles.
3 - Nocturnal Priapism (Ex:“Congested nocturnal erections, with strange shape and uninterrupted, that last for hours.”) - Let's talk a little about the sleep cycle. Especially the famous REM Sleep. During REM sleep there is a change in the brain systems that are activated - there is a greater cerebral Parasympathetic stimulation (which causes nocturnal erections) and less Sympathetic stimulation. After the end of REM sleep, the brain returns to dominant Sympathetic stimulation. However, as the Pudendal Nerve is damaged and the Sympathetic nervous stimulus to the penis is decreased, the erection does NOT disappear. Therefore, the nocturnal erection is maintained. - "Why is the shape of the erection strange?" Because the IC and BC muscles are not working properly (decreased Motor nerve stimulation). The penis is not stabilized by the accessory muscles of the erection. Its shape becomes strange.
4 - Morning Priapism (Ex:“I have a higher number of morning erections after the injury.”) - Because as sleep progresses, REM sleep periods become more frequent. Therefore, there is a greater hyperactivation of the Parasympathetic Nervous System near the time of waking up.
5 - Decreased skin sensitivity/pleasure in the penis. Hypoesthesia. Numbness (Ex:"Low sensitivity/numbness. I lost the feeling of pleasure of the outer skin of the shaft. It's like having 50x condoms on. Penis feels almost like rubber, even less sensitive than the skin on the arm. I can't feel the oral sex. I can’t feel if I have erection or not. I have difficulty getting and maintaining erections. I've lost sensitivity. It's supposed to hurt to bend your erect dick, but during my worst long flaccid I could move my erect dick around easily with no pain. I don't feel when I have erection that my penis is erected.”)
6 - Long/LargeOverextended Flaccid (Ex:“The penis becomes 3-4 times larger when Flaccid. Thicker and longer. The penis become elongated, bigger, loose, soft, larger, squishy, ​​spongy, dis-attached, hanging. It's easy to push it down while erect (no resistance), easy to bend it down. Penis feels disconnected from the body, too heavy while erect hanging. Like nothing supporting it. Erection angle pointing downwards while erect. The penis become rubbery jellied, floppy like water balloon all the time. Not hard flaccid at all. The normal of my flaccid state was shrinked all the time (Grower), now it's not.”)
7 - Delayed ejaculation. Difficulty in ejaculation/orgasm (Ex: “Achieving an orgasm is possible, but difficult and requires abnormally heavy stimulation.”) - Symptom explained not only by decreased skin sensitivity, but also by the hypofunction of Sympathetic fibers (ejaculation) through the Pudendal Nerve. If Sympathetic nerve stimulation is decreased, it will take longer to ejaculate.
8 - Erection does not go down after ejaculation (Ex:“My erections take much longer to subside and go back to the flaccid state. My penis stays semi erect for a long time before going back flaccid. One of my issues is no refractory period. It doesn't go down after ejaculation like it used to always go down afterwards. Eventually, it does, but it's like I can ejaculate over and over again without losing erection. Penis would not go down after ejaculation: I did go through a period where after having an erection and ejaculating, my penis would get EXTREMELY hard that it was painful. It took hours for it to go down.”)
9 - Urinary problems. Urinary retention. Weak urine stream (Ex:“My urine stream is weak. I can't push urine out like before. Peeing also became very weird. My pee stream is weak and sometimes shoots in different directions. I can't empty the bladder and can't squeeze or push all urine out.”)
10 - Absent Bladder Sensation (Ex:“Now I can hold it even 3-4 hours without urgent feeling. I cannot feel my bladder getting full like I used to and when emptying my bladder I can't control the stream. When I try to stop it, I feel that the muscles are very weak and when I push, the urine stream doesn’t get stronger which is definitely not normal to me.”) - Because the Sensitive (Afferent) stimulus (between the bladder and the brain), is also decreased. What nerve carries this Sensitive message? The Pudendal Nerve.
11 - Weak ejaculation (Ex: “Ejaculation does not shoot. Ejaculation dribble.”) - This symptom is explained by the decrease in the Motor (Efferent) stimulus for the BC muscle, NOT allowing greater jet propulsion. (Less Kegel contraction capacity)
12 - Loss of the Bulbocavernosus Reflex - If there is NO Sensitive stimulus (Afferent) or Motor stimulus (Efferent), there will be NO Bulbocavernosus Reflex.
13 - Most prominent penis veins - Due to circulatory dysfunction, caused by muscle and nervous dysfunction.
14 - Low Libido - Lack of daily contractions and pleasurable sensations on the pelvic floor and penis. - Anxiety/stress due to the disease (Long Flaccid).
15 - The penis does not shrink with stress, nor with cold - Anxiety, stress and cold (Sympathetic nerve stimulation) shrink everyone's penis. Why doesn't Long Flaccid get back to normal with stress, anxiety or cold? Because the Sympathetic nervous stimulus is NOT reaching the penis.
16 - Pain in the pelvic floor - It's a rare symptom. - Most likely these patients have some degree of Pudendal Neuralgia/Pudendal Nerve Entrapment/Alcock Canal Syndrome.
17 - Tingling, vibration, tremors, itching, sensation of electric shock or needles on the pelvic floor and at the base of the penis - Typical symptoms of nerve dysfunction.
18 - Sudden onset of the disease ("overnight") and with little or no improvement over months or years - Typical temporal evolution of nerve injuries. - The nerves take months/years to heal.
Causes of Long Flaccid: - Aggressive masturbation - nerve stretching (ho1985, tomcruz, Pc1985) - Prone Masturbation - nerve stretching (johnproctor, faloo) - Extreme penile stretches - nerve stretching - Erect/Extreme Jelqing - nerve stretching (Closed035, Sprat??, bunnybug??) - Penis pumps with high pressure - nerve stretching (rxaxa, MRG91) - After taking the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin (WorkToResolve and closed278) - Fluoroquinolone-induced Pudendal Neuropathy - Overtraining Reverse Kegels, in and out of sex (Jay1983) - Hi Jay!  Are you sure you don't remember any traumatic event that could cause nerve stretching?... I think Reverse Kegels are not intense enough to cause Neurapraxia... - After taking the drug Finasteride (nasa01) - Finasteride-induced Pudendal Neuropathy (Post-Finasteride Syndrome) - After taking Saw Palmetto and Astaxanthin (lasthope1)
Diagnostic Tests: - Electromyography (Which I would like all of you to do, and report the result, so that we can confirm the diagnosis)
Treatment of Long Flaccid: - Extraordinary healthy eating - lots of proteins, fruits and vegetables. - Important supplements: B Complex vitamins, Alpha Lipioc Acid (ALA), Benfothiamine and Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC) - Other supplements: Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, L-Arginine, Fish Oils, BioPQQ, Vitamins C, D and E, Zinc, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Curcumin, N-acetylcysteine (NAC) - Have a healthy body weight (BMI between 19 and 25) - Sleep 8 hours a day. - Do not smoke! Do not drink alcohol! - both cause nerve damage - KEGELS - Jay1983 was the pioneer of this approach. And I think it makes a lot of sense. Thanks Jay!  How do we heal nerve injuries (spine, arms, legs, etc)? How do we sometimes get paraplegics patients (or patients who have had a stroke) to walk again? We offer nerve stimulation. Through physical therapy that tries to move the muscles innervated by that nerve. In this case, being the pelvic floor, what we want is Kegels. Kegels is the contraction of the muscles innervated by the Pudendal Nerve. The best way to rehabilitate a nerve that has been injured is to stimulate it, trying to move the muscles that the nerve innervates. With physical therapy to the legs, in the case of a paraplegic. With physical therapy to the pelvic floor (Kegels and Reverse Kegels) in the case of a Long Flaccid. - Reverse Kegels (to balance the effect of Kegels). You can even do them at the same time: K, RK, K, RK, K, RK, K, RK ... - Soft massages, all over the pelvic floor: muscles, scrotum, penis, everything. To stimulate each sensitive and motor nervous branch of the pudendal nerve. - Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) - Pulsed radiofrequency - Thermal therapy, with hot-cold variation. (For example: alternate a hot rice sock with an ice pack). To stimulate the skin sensation. - Masturbation. 1 day ON, 1 day OFF. 15 min of Edging, with Ejaculation at the end. - To stimulate all types of sensations of the Pudendal Nerve. VERY, VERY LIGHT! It’s not supposed to worsen the injury, by stretching the nerve further! And you are not supposed to masturbate 10 times a day! Remember that it was extreme masturbation that caused the injury in many of you! And NO PORN! Pornography desensitizes your penis even more. - Always place a pillow under your buttocks when sitting. A hard surface impairs healing. - Drugs: there are no drugs to accelerate nerve healing... (There is a drug that is having some positive results in recent studies in patients with spinal cord injury. But these are still very preliminary conclusions.) - Sports/Physical activity/Physical therapy/Exercise. Which one? It doesn't matter... Jogging, swimming, calisthenics, yoga... Anything you like. Just move. You have nerves to heal. You have to be the healthiest person (physically and mentally) you have ever imagined.
Warning: If you experience increased pain, intense sensation of electric shock, "needles", or increased numbness, in any of the exercises, it is because you are doing the exercise too intense, which can impair healing. If this happens, you have to decrease the intensity.
Warning 2: If you have an acute (recent) injury, do NOT masturbate. It is just to REST completely. Acute (recent) injuries, which have this type of symptoms, is to give the penis absolute rest for at least 1 month.
Conclusion: - Hard Flaccid is a muscle injury that contracts the pelvic floor. The pathological contracture compresses nerves/arteries and contracts the penile smooth muscle. - Long Flaccid is a nerve injury, which relaxes the entire pelvic floor. And causes the dysfunction of everything that is innervated by the Pudendal Nerve.
Check out this link guys . It’s a doctors prospective of what it may be . Basically nerve damage .
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2020.10.09 12:48 howother10 6 home remedies to treat polycystic ovary syndrome

Today we are talking about one of the diseases that only affects women and that is currently being studied to find a solution based on medicine and preventive treatments, in many studies carried out around the world. But we want to propose solutions based on natural foods. Today we talk about home remedies for PCOS.
1. Cinnamon
Columbia University has conducted research that has proven that cinnamon can increase the regularity of the cycle in women who have polycystic ovarian syndrome and that it also considerably improves the condition.
2. Linen
Flax seed is considered positive for the treatment of polycystic ovary due to the fact that it reduces the levels of androgens in the blood. This means that the ailment decreases and that a remarkable effectiveness is obtained from a natural product.
To take advantage of flax in the treatment, you just have to mix two tablespoons of fresh seeds with water and drink them once a day until you get the results you are looking for.
3. Mint tea
Peppermint tea has been mentioned in the journal Phytotherapy Research as one of the most effective remedies for fighting a polycystic ovary . Its value lies in the components that help keep male hormones under control and make the ailment subside.
To take advantage of this natural remedy you just have to make green tea and add mint leaves. You can drink it daily, since it will also be positive to get relaxed.
4. Cider vinegar
It is one of the best allies to maintain blood pressure levels , and also to combat this gynecological disease, since it is able to stop your body from producing too much insulin.
To take advantage of it, you have to mix it with water in a solution of two tablespoons per glass and drink it just before meals on a daily basis.
5. Saw Palmetto
It is known because, in addition to regulating our hormonal system in general and reducing the presence of androgens, it is a natural blocker of the protein called alpha-reductase, which is involved in all this process of the polycystic ovary .
The recommended dose to fight the disease is 320 milligrams daily.
6. Fenugreek
It is one of the cereals that have the most positive effects on our body. It regulates blood pressure and sugar, and is also capable of keeping our hormonal system in order. This last reason is what makes it advisable in the treatment of polycystic ovaries.
To achieve the effect of this cereal, leave two tablespoons of alhova in water for about 6 or 8 hours. Then mix them with a little honey and have it in the morning, every day, before eating anything.
The health of the ovaries is something that must be taken care of and checked often. In fact, the best remedy is prevention to avoid major ills, and incorporating all these foods into your regular diet should be something quite simple, since many of them are in common use. Have you tried using one to prevent polycystic ovary syndrome ?
Read More: Natural Remedies For PCOS
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2020.10.08 23:57 FuckinWimp87 The Walking Dead Warriors (come out to playyyyy)

OK I'm probably gonna waffle like a crazy person here but please just stay with me. This is a highly speculative theory that I will preface by saying I'm just tying some loose ideas together and don't actually think any of this is that likely.
1) Negan was based off the Black Flag vocalist Henry Rollins. Rollins is often associated with being a no-nonsense guy who beat a head or two back in the days of said band (I witnessed him coming close to beating the shit out of a guy who spat at him here in the UK in the 80's... scary dude).
Considering Negan was literally based on Rollins visually and conceptually (?), the fact that Rollins has acted similar parts (Sons of Anarchy) and that Rollins had actually showed up to audition as Negan - it seems almost insane that they never just cast him as Negan: but this isn't my point.
2) Henry Rollins made a NatGeo documentary in 2011 about 'The Warrior Gene'. Advert here:
Long story short it's about whether why guys that enjoy pumping iron and smashing skulls may be 'hardwired into our DNA' (spoiler: it isn't) - which, was once sort of implied by the research around the following:
So: like I said, I'm just clutching at straws but let's consider the flawed theory of 'Alpha' and 'Beta' males (yes, it was horseshit) and considering the same loose theory of 'the warrior gene' from the link above... the 'warrior gene' is often shortened to MAO-A. Brunner Syndrome is a mutation that causes a low IQ violent and impulsive ... thug? Anyway...
As we are set to find out at the conclusion of World Beyond, the end of TWD series leading into the Rick Grimes movies it is revealed that the CRM are attempting to find a cure and Rick, as well as other poor souls are at the mercy of some gruesome and twisted experiments. Rick needs rescuing!! Rick survives the films, it has been revealed. Nice.
So yeah - MAO-A alpha... the warrior gene. Give me an A or B says helicopter CRM man. Alpha, leader, etc. There has to be a genetic link perhaps to provide viable candidates? Leadership, warriors.
Could the original virus been an attempt at creating super soldiers who had altered genetics to enhance them, but instead of this actually mutated and created Walkers instead?
What do you guys think?
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2020.10.04 09:19 SapphireClawe Smarty Cure Research Program- Sapphire's log, day 1

Day 1
This is the day that I and 5 handpicked fluffy handlers begin to try different tactics to cure what's known as "Smarty Syndrome". We're going to get male smarties, preferably from the same litter. This clears variables such as gender and biology. We will be repeating the experiment with female smarties so that we know what happens between the two genders.
Smarties demand sketti, toys, attention, and special friends. Specifically on demand.
Now to introduce the handlers (names changed to protect their privacy) and their methods. The only rules beyond staying with the method until proven useless are don't kill the fluffy, and don't damage the fluffy so that they're unadoptable. And if the fluffy is ever in danger due to the methods or their own actions, they must get immediate treatment.
Rose- Abuse expert, knows what makes a fluffy tick, and how best to make them squeal. Her role is to torment the smarty she's going to care for regardless of behaviour, and break him. If the smarty begs for mercy and starts behaving to try to avoid the torment, this will be considered a proven method.
Jasper- "Correctional treatment" expert. Her role is similar to Rose's, but only to be applied with misbehaviour. Basically negative reinforcement of what NOT to do. If the fluffy starts to behave and leave the smarty behind, this will be considered a proven method.
Turquoise- Expert at ignoring pleas for attention. His role is to just provide for his fluffy's needs. Except for attention. If the fluffy behaves in order to get attention, this will be considered a proven method. If the fluffy misbehaves more, this might reveal a potential cause of Smarty Syndrome.
Opal- Unconditional lover. Her role is to essentially spoil her fluffy, regardless of behaviour. Essentially love the smarty out of the fluffy. If the fluffy starts behaving because his "needs" are being met, this may prove her thesis of "Smarty Syndrome is essentially the alpha male mindset in a fluffy".
Garnet- His role is to praise good behaviours but punish the bad (using nonviolent tactics to punish, such as a sorry box) to see if the fluffy can learn to behave through a mix of positive and negative reinforcement. If the fluffy behaves, this will be considered a proven method.
Saph- My role is to praise the fluffy for good behaviour, but ignore any bad behaviour (no punishment or reward), regardless of what happens.
We go see if there's a litter of smarties, and we take our pick when we see six male smarty foals bullying a brown foal. And it turns out that all seven are brothers. A brown fluffy is no problem for me. I adopt the brown fluffy, as well as the green smarty (who henceforth will be named Peridot). I need to think of a good name for the brown foal...
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2020.10.02 19:57 youarekiritos79 I'm ready to go MGTOW, but you need to give me an advice first.

I am 17, and I am ready to give up the game after 5 years of constant suffering in relationships. I'm going to be 18 pretty soon, so I'm already starting to work on a career to go through my own path and Leave my soulless house I've been growing through with my aunts ever since I was 13.
My mother died due to terminal cancer(smoke killed her), and my dad abused me and cheated on mom for an urkraine woman(comprehensive tough, my mom constantly cheated on him with low life beta males from his job).
As you may immagine yes, I am a beta male being raised from a single mother household and yes, I am edgy and indeed I struggle having relationships with women as I don't want to have them at all, since I am mentally weak and am traumatized by my past(I want to be protected) and, since I know most women are parasites and that wish will never be granted, I have officially decided to go MGTOW and focus on improving myself and working on my passion only so I can gain money and live an healthy life, not by any chance am I doing it in the hope a woman will eventually start chasing me, beacuse even if she will, I will instantly tell her to go fuck herself as soon as she even dares to put her hands on my dick(no I won't litterally tell her to go fuck herself if I don't have any reason to, but that's the concept of it really).
The only friends I have are some beta males who also think of life like I do, some of them planning on being musicians, some orthodontists, some game developers etc, my "enemies(which they've decided to be)" being the alpha males who think I'm a loser whose better off killing himself(which I really am not offended by).
There is one thing, however, that's stopping me from going MGTOW, and that is old memories, old images coming back into my life: a girl into my classroom has lost her mother when she was 8, and our "relationship(not romantic relationship, comunicative relationship)" has been going hell mode since we first met in high school.
I just don't seem to understand her, she first says she's lesbian, then she says she wants me to act like a man(she didn't directly say that but she implied it) and when I've answered to her that I've given up relationships beacuse everyone bullied me and thought I was a loser, she held my hands and told me life must not have been easy for me and that she was gonna take care of me, then she's kinda been my cheerleader throughout the entire year cheering me up when things were going bad but not only did she never ask me out, as soon as school was over she immediately ghosted me and started talking on my back to other people saying I was repetitive and a loser. Then, in 10th grade she ended up with a guy who is almost never there for her(saw that in real life, even though her Instagram stories say otherwise), became an alcoholic, a drug addict and got herself a bad reputation around teachers, which she tries to negate to herself but she isn't good at hiding her agenda, since in 11th grade she litterally beat up one of our classmates over the fact she wasn't able of convincing the English teacher on getting us on a trip justifying herself later saying she was the one who got her hands on her, and once she was taking some kind of coke into school's bathroom or something, she got caught and started crying in front of the teacher. Then, she once lied to one of our Greek teachers for not having studied saying she went at her aunt's funeral, but then one of the dudes who "acts" like a bully but I actually think he acts that way beacuse of some personal struggles has told me that she lied about her aunt being dead and than I shouldn't trust her but only the few mates I already have. I don't know if I should trust him either though, he mocked me saying that he lied about wanting to finally put our differences aside and go out with me(he said he wanted to be my friend) and that he will never want to be my friend cause I am an embarrassment to talk to his and the other classmates parents, and he and some of his other friends also often teased me about wanting to go out with this girl I liked, though I don't really know if they really did or were just mocking me. In any way she perform, These are all things I've never judged her over, whereas she first started crying to her friends saying she was guilty for hurting me, then she constantly started about me being a uneducated irresponsible male nobody wanted and said that if I kept going that Way I would've been left alone(which isn't entirely true as I do Infact still have friends, very few but I have them), then I tried to close contacts with her and we both said we would've stopped taking to each other.
Of course this wasn't the case, and I went through another hard moment when my grandpa died in 10th: I went on my pills which caused schizophrenic hallucinations, and when some of those bullies I talked about started making fun of me and thinking they could beat me up while under effect, I became aggressive and started protecting myself from them, I got so angry I told some of them to go kill themselves, and as soon as I did that, she immediately started saying I had no excuse for acting that way, all of that after she was found out doing what I told you she was doing, kinda like she was trying to bring me down on her level. After that I've stopped taking pills and everything came back to normal, but she kept offending me in front of other people.
Here's where the strange part comes in, as I already said up until that point, I was capable of respecting the fact that she didnt love me and I was able of keeping my "beta male traits" at bay, but the thing that makes me doubt whether I should move on from the relationship and go MGTOW or not is the fact that every time she did something bad to me, she would either touch me on my shoulders or my hands, smile, give a short version of my first name as a nickname and make funny jokes to make me laugh or ask me how I was doing. The last day of school in the 10th grade, she probably thought she was never going to see me again(thought I was gonna take suicide) and she cried so loud the entire classroom could hear her, but I do admit I've been a complete asshole in that case and didn't have litterally any emotional reaction, I didn't even go there asking her what was going on, I litterally couldn't feel anything, not from my heart or from my brain.
In anyway she perform, the last time we ever had experiences togheter was in 11th grade.
The year opened up good at first when she touched my shoulders in a school project where even her boyfriend was there to see her, then she told him something about me I couldn't perfectly hear. The only thing I've heard him say was a very high pitched "no" followed by a whole monologue he started to make which sounded manipulative to me, and then they started kissing each other.
That same guy, I've met him at a party of my friend and he kinda sounded like he wanted to get physical with me, he said he would've asked her if she wanted to get back with me (he was obviously making fun of me). I didn't even bother him beacuse again, it's not my job to say with who she should end up with or stay with, she's the one being passive-aggressive on everything and his boyfriend is not convincing me either. In either way, he went out of my friend's home who had a party and from the I've never seen him again up until the day of the project(and she didn't even call him, a friend of her called him for her).
In anyway, after the school project she started talking down to me even with teachers saying I went completely crazy after my mom's death and she says that talking to me Is like talking to a wall, then she started saying to me I have tourette's syndrome, that she couldn't stand talking to me and once even said I suck at school and I should be ashamed beacuse of it(which is hypocritical, since she's hanging out with someone who didn't pass this year's exams), but then she just kept staring me down sometimes and smiling at me, once I noticed she was looking at me and I smiled too, so she got up from her and gave me a really masculine "yo" and stared at me smiling without giving any continuation to the dialogue, and that is when I started to suspect something was wrong.
Again, I don't bother talking to her beacuse I've already did when the 10th grade started and she already told me "she already has the solution" to her life and that "she already is ready to move on and start a new journey of happiness" so I was like "ok do as you wish", but then she always comes back at me with the shaming language etc.
The only indication I've had of something possibly happening to her is when a best friend of mine(the same guy who made the party) who goes in the same classroom as his boyfriend told me that "I shouldn't get girls who look identical to me beacuse they worry when they know they're about to lose the person they love", and she mentioned me(although that was before she had a boyfriend) that I "am not the problem", and a friend of mine also told me he often asks her "how am I" and that she says "I'm a nice guy", other than that I really don't know what could possibly have happened.
I want to understand if I shall go MGTOW and leave the relationship as it is or if she actually wants something from me that I may actually use at my advantage, and I also want to know if I'm still in time to get her back.
Can someone help me to understand what you think has happened, why she acts the way she does and if I should get her back or just let the relationship go? I'm in 12th grade know, so I guess you can say it is a bit late now.
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2020.09.11 23:26 REVERSEZOOM2 I've never felt manly enough

Hey guys, apologize for the long post in advance. I'm a 20-year-old dude that has struggled with feeling like a man for most of my life. I was bullied since a young age, never had many friends (especially no male friends), and was always made fun of for being very skinny and into more "girly" things (theater, music, etc). There was a good chance I was sexually abused as a child as well. In school. I was oddly "flirted" with by tons of "big" dudes because of my small frame. I absolutely HATED THIS. I HATED feeling so weak and small. To make matters worse, because of this I have never been able to make deep enough connections with dudes and all of my friendships have been with women. My father isn't an ideal male role model so I didn't even have a positive male role model to look up to. Well fast forward to adult life, I decided to take up lifting and bulked up quite a bit and have noticeable muscle mass and have changed my personality to a more traditional "male personality", but have kept most of my "girly" interests, friendships, and ideals (I'm highly empathetic, don't care for cars or sports, etc) . Most people nowadays see me as a highly respectable "alpha male" (for lack of a better term). However, I haven't been able to shake the feeling that I just don't feel like a man in the traditional sense. I'm not loud, arrogant, or even very macho, Basically, I feel imposter syndrome when it comes to being a man.
Usually, I can just shake the feeling and it doesn't bother me long after, but whenever my self-esteem is on the floor the thoughts come back. I just feel weak and fragile, all things I associate with women, and feelings that are unacceptable for men to feel. I made the mistake of joining a gender studies class in college, and because of my OCD, it did not go well. All of these intrusive thoughts of "what if I'm really just not meant to be a guy?" filled my head because of my past and the vague terminology surrounding trans ideas. It also doesn't help that everywhere is filled with "female propaganda" for lack of a better term, like there are no male role models in society anymore and they've all been replaced with women, setting the societal standard as "female", leaving males completely behind. I find these feelings absurd cause most of the time I love being a guy and have absolutely love my body I hate it because no matter how many girls I'm able to win over I just CAN'T shake the imposter feeling, like I'm not worthy of being a man. No matter how hard I try I can't be as macho or as tough as society says I should be.
Anyways rant over, thank you guys for reading, I just wanted to know if you guys had any experience with feelings like this. However, I realize I will need to go to a therapist to get this sorted out. Any advice is welcome.
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2020.09.07 03:54 Readerstein [Sweet Nola] - Chapter 12

Chapter 1
Nola sat at the dining table in the kitchen with her laptop in front. She scrolled through her college emails. She found out that her college results were going to be released next week. She was excited to see how high her results were going to be. She closed her email and switched back to a life simulation game she was playing. It was a sequel to an old computer game she had played in her youth. It brought back feelings of nostalgia.
She furiously clicked her mouse again, annoyed, ordering her avatar to go to work. Her character, which was created in her likeness, kept shaking her head. With a life of its own, her in-game self apparently had the audacity to refuse. It looked up above at the heavens and shook her fist.
"Ah! My character doesn't listen to me," she lamented to Allie.
"You have to do the recreation things," Allie said. He was sitting at the side of the table with colouring pencils spread in front of him. He was finishing off colouring a picture he did in the library's art club. "You can't force her to do things she doesn't want to do."
"I don't understand." She looked to him with pleading eyes.
Allie let out a moan. “Show me, son.” It was his new catchphrase. He had picked up some funny phrases over his time with Eleanor.
Nola shuffled over with her laptop.
"Your fun points are so low it's hitting double negative digits. Oh boy, you can die from unhappiness in the game." It was true, characters could enter into a spiralling depression that would eventually lead to a premature death.
"How high of a level are you in the occupation?"
"Whoa!" Allie's little eyebrows raised highly. "It takes twenty-four in-game years to grind to that level. Did you just skip out on building the social links?" The avatar's drooping expression said yes. All it cost was her happiness points. Allie didn't know if he had the gaming skills to reverse this. Lauren, the gaming god, might but she has moved out.
"Oh no, Allie. Look, her health bar is dropping by the second. She can't die now. I spent so much time manipulating and stepping on the other characters to max out my career points to become the CEO. The best part of the game is just about to start with all the cash I saved."
Allie got a idea. "What about your save files."
"I only use one save file," Nola said, "Just like real life, you only get one chance."
The avatar clutched its chest, the beginnings of the heart attack animation. Nola and Allie screamed hysterically. Then the doorbell rang.
"Silvie's here!" Allie face was exhilarated with excitement. "I'll get it!"
Nola opened the door with Allie piggyback riding.
"Allie!" Their second sister stood with open arms. The sunlight lit her long auburn hair. Below her eyes sat heavy eye bags due to jet lag. Nola and Allie had natural heavy eye bags unlike her.
Silvie hugged Allie through Nola.
Nola showed her the rooms with Allie on her back as they moved across the house.
"You can leave your luggage here. This is your room now. Our roommate just moved out. She's getting married soon. You have to tell me about the engagement with your boyfriend by the way."
Silvie threw down her luggage and threw her face onto the bed. She turned her head to Nola and smiled a sly smile. "Of course." Then she flipped over to face the ceiling, exhausted from her journey from France.
"Bigger than my old room at home. I hate to say it but I think this bungalow is better than our house. What do you think Allie? You like it?" Silvie asked.
"It's okay. I miss my stuff and my piano," he said while still piggybacking off Nola as she stood at the door of the bedroom.
"Ah yeah, he prefers it to the new digital one I got him. The location's really nice. We'll show you around outside later if you have the energy."
They went back to the sitting room where finally Nola dropped him off at the couch.
"I think it's time for some refreshments. Tea or coffee?"
"Orange juice."
"I'll have Tea."
Nola went into the kitchen. She took out some biscuits from the cupboard and then poured some orange juice into a glass. She could hear Allie's energetic chatter from the kitchen about the performance with Eleanor the night at the City Hall Theatre.
Nola came back into the room with the tray of refreshments. Allie laid exhausted on Silvie's lap. She gently stroked his silky, flaxen hair.
Nola looked at her with wide inquisitive eyes. “I’m dying to hear about your engagement. You sent me a picture of your boyfriend proposing to you in your Vienna holiday in front of a palace. How romantic!" she said dreamingly. "Tell me more."
"Alright, this is something I had to say in person." She took a deep breath with a hand holding her chest, "We sat there on the bench, I was sitting all clueless and disappointed. So the night before, he took me to the fanciest, most expensive restaurant in the city. We did everything a perfect date consists, we went through everything.
"We went to a café in a fancy area of Old Town. He told me he had to pre-book seats for the café. He had everything preplanned, literally planned it a year ago as you'll see with the restaurant he booked. Then we saw a romantic movie, it was in German and we couldn't understand a single thing. We went on this walk across this beautiful canal. I have more pictures I didn't send you. Here."
"Wow, it's beautiful," Nola said looking at her phone.
"Here's when we went to this open air museum. There were squirrels all over the little woods. Tim tried to catch one. It was hilarious. He's kind of like you."
Nola chuckled and she swiped Silvie's phone to see them standing beside a peacock. Silive's boyfriend was very tall and handsome. He had a neatly trimmed bread, always gelled up his hair and had a hyperactive look to him. He had a groovy demeanour and was the opposite to her sister whose resting facial expression was a cold, stern look. Opposite attracts, she thought.
"We went to Prater Park and timed it perfectly to see the sunset on the Ferris wheel. I was expecting it then but no. Instead, he told me that he booked a table at Amador. A three star Michelin restaurant. There's a waiting list for a year to get a table there. I was ecstatic about it and the food was fantastic. On level with my restaurant if I say so myself. So he snapped his fingers and called over a string quartet while we ate." Silvie laughed. "So at this moment, I'm fully expecting him to propose."
"Wait, how long have you guys been dating?"
"Three years. I was thinking it was about time as well. So the violinist was playing that violin piece, what was it? You know that really romantic one. Allie?"
Allie was half dozing on her lap, "Meditation from Thais by Massenet." Then he hummed the tune.
"Yes, that one! Then he got on his knees and everybody in the restaurant looked at him. Then he started shaking and I thought no, that absolute klutz. He ruffled through his pants' pockets then his shirt and jacket. He lost the engagement ring. The embarrassment! I covered my face in shame. I think the whole restaurant felt it. We all consecutively froze."
Nola cringed, they all cringed.
"We left the restaurant quietly. I don't even remember the rest." She sighed.
"What happened afterwards?"
She fanned out her fingers. On the ring finger sat a beautiful sapphire ring. "He proposed again the next day in front of Schönbrunn Palace." Nola and Silvie squealed like little girls and flailed their arms. Allie rolled his eyes.
"Bleh-" Allie stuck out his tongue. "Marriage."
"I asked Tim where he found it and he said the restaurant called him when a waiter picked it up. I really doubt it. I saw him sneaking off in the morning. I bet he bought a new one."
Nola laughed. "What a klutz!"
"Look Allie, Is it pretty?"
"Too small. Give me a diamond this big." His hand formed a shape of a large bowl.
"It's not the size of the crystal that matters," she patted her handbag. "But the size of the wallet."
Nola slapped her on the shoulder, her sister had a cynical humour.
"It's the size of the heart, I meant," she corrected herself.
"When's the date?"
"Marriage date? Oh it's next year. By the time you graduated. You better have a boyfriend by that time. I wouldn't want my sister sitting all alone drinking on the happiest day of my life."
"Nola has me." Allie said in a tired, hazy voice.
"Exactly, Allie would be there beside me." She smiled looking at Allie.
The next day, they went around the neighbourhood and did the grocery shopping together. They came back from the supermarket with heavy bags of groceries. Nola did most of the heavy lifting while Silvie wheeled Allie in front. Silvie rolled up her sleeves. The ingredients they procured lay spread out on the countertop. Today she would show them what it means to be the head chef of a three star Michelin restaurant in the heart of Paris.
Nola sat looking at her phone on the kitchen stool. She scrolled though her contacts. She saw the updates from her friends and classmates. Her beta orbiters have flown back to their home countries, sharing happy pictures of themselves, some with girlfriends. The HDips who were graduating were asking for jobs on the group chat. Some were bragging about securing jobs and telling others of job vacancies around their area.
"Look," Nola echoed her sister while rolling her eyes. Whenever her sister said look, it automatically invalidated whatever she was going to say. It was going so well.
"I found a doctor."
“In Belarus? Some mountain is it I guess? Where your mystic witch doctor resides,” Nola's eyes rolled back down having found a prepared retort. “Last time we went on that family holiday in Kazakhstan, we got off the bus and then you took us to an underpass where a homeless old Asian hag selling her shitty Chinese medicine, which was baskets of leaves and insect moults,” Nola said, eyes wide, nostrils flaring. “This witch, hag doctor was selling us, I don't know, eucalyptus leaves and cicada skins? That you need to boil it three hours and get Allie to chug a pint of it and he can walk again?!” She and her mother were the same. “Or that other time where that doctor felt his pulse and concluded that his iecur, whatever that is, was upside down and he prescribed some kind of goddamn concoction of celery and fennel stalks in a blender and forced him to drink a damn pint every morning. Remember how he ended in hospital with white boils all over his body. I haven't forgotten any of it.”
"This o-"
“He ended up in the hospital on an IV drip for over a fucking week! He still gets those boils showing up on his skin sometimes!” Nola had trouble containing her emotions. She gazed at her sister in anger. Her sister's back was turned preparing some dish. That's why he stays with me and not you, she thought.
"Anyway, didn't you say you wanted to invite your San Franciscan friend over?" Silvie changed the subject.
They were so frivolous, Nola thought, without any care or thought or responsibility. She could hear Allie's soothing piano playing in the other room and it calmed her down a little.
"I heard a lot about this mysterious person. You've got me interested with all the things you told me. Is it another Eleanor-like person?"
She sat staring blankly at her phone with another anxiety now. She decided to call him. He picked it up within a few seconds.
She gave him the details and he said he'll come over right away.
"Is your San Franciscan friend a boy or a girl?" Silvie looked at her with great interest over the kitchen counter. Nola was smiling now.
"You'll see," Nola said unable to hold a grin.
Within ten minutes, the doorbell rang.
"That was fast! Does he live close?"
"Not really."
"What does he do for a living?"
"He cycles."
"I'll go get the door. Go get dressed. I'm running a fancy diner here, not McDonald's."
"How dare you. Eating McDonald's hamburgers saved his bank account in the US."
Silvie ignored her, not even going for a retort and went to open the front door. She was expecting her friend to be some sort of a hobo. The door swung open and there stood a handsome, upstanding gentleman, Ben the former stalker of Nola. He had one hand ruffling his golden brown hair.
Wow, he's good looking. "Hello!" Silvie's eyes glittered, scanning him top to bottom and bottom to top. She extended her hand out to him. "I'm Silvie."
"Hi, Ben. Nice to meet you." the ruffled good looking youth replied. Nola had texted him to beware of her sister whatever that meant. He had predicted that she would shake his hand so he had his cycling gloves in the large pockets of his khaki cargo pants already. He had anticipated well to not appear awkward. He looked at her hand only to realise his plans were foiled. She was wearing oven mittens yet she expected him to shake it.
He let out a sigh and shook her oven mittened hands. Silvie was mature looking compared to her sister. Her eyes carried a stern and hard expression. They were small while Nola's eyes were large. They looked like they would be the opposite of each other, he thought. He wondered what she was like as he grasped her oven mittened hands.
Ben was thinking this must be some kind of character test. Perhaps with this, she's determined I'm submissive and meek or that I'm an airhead. Ben was thinking of the ongoing psychological warfare while Silvie was simply taken aback by his handsome, youthful looks. She eyed him, finally finding out what her sister's type was.
“I heard so much about the trip but she wouldn't tell me much of her mysterious travel partner.”
So she didn't tell her anything. Maybe she was embarrassed of him.
Silvie leaned uncomfortably close, her chin above his shoulder. "Did you guys bang?"
In a silence that felt like an eternity, Ben thought back to the already answered question that had forcefully persisted in his mind since the trip. He had deduced that it was unlikely that anything happened at the motel after he blacked out drunk following the strip club incident. For one thing, Nola wasn't drunk since she was able to bring him to a motel. If they were both drunk with animal instinct taking over, it would have been a different story. But one of them was not.
"I'm joking," she finally said and patted him on the backside. He was sure that he had fallen victim to her character valuation. She stood back at a distance. "Come in, come in."
Silvie led the way to the kitchen. He had been here a few times but today the kitchen was different. It was very different, like a high class restaurant. The curtains were closed and the room was lit with candles. The dining table itself was covered with a thick, satin, white table cloth. In the middle was a large wrought iron candle holder decorated with floral scented candles.
"Take a seat. Make yourself at home. Nola would be here in a second."
"I'll help out with setting the ehm... table."
"Oh no no, I can't have the guest doing the serving. Take a seat." She walked around the kitchen counter and twisted a knob on the oven. She was also a guest but Ben didn't say it. "Nola tells me you're quite the gourmet."
Ben and Silvie were exchanging deep culinary knowledge on food when Nola entered the room pushing Allie in front. Suddenly the air was silent. She had caught the male gaze. His gaze.
She stopped and bent slightly to fix Allie's collar. She wore a black, low cut dress patterned with large diamond patterns that gleamed from the candle light. In her cold shoulder dress, he could see her powerful shoulders bulged out with the fridge-like body of hers. She brushed back her unnaturally smooth blonde hair as she got up. She was beautiful in a strong menacing way
"Hi," Ben couldn't help but smile.
“Hi Ben,” Allie replied energetically. Noticing he was wearing a t-shirt, he said, “You need to wear a shirt to eat here.” Allie didn’t look much different. He wore slacks and a white dress shirt with a bow tie, the same clothes he wore to his concert at the City Hall Theatre.
“Hmm… I’ll forgive you this time if Nola forgives you.”
“Sorry, my mistake actually,” Nola looked up to him with the usual intensity in her eyes. “I forgot to tell you.” She laughed. She was her usual self but with make-up.
She lifted Allie out of his wheelchair and placed him at the seat at the top of the table. Nola took the seat opposite to Ben.
“My sister works as a head chef in Paris so we have to dress fancy to meet her standards. The restaurant itself is called-” Nola spoke up, “-La Aubergine.”
"It's L'Arpège, my god Nonna."
"Nonna is what they sometimes call me. Old Russian pronunciation. Parents were such dunces when they got here and wrote Nola instead," she explained.
"That's a big change," Ben said. He had accurately assumed that was the case before.
"You'll get used to anything. Especially when you're young." She leaned close to Ben, "Allie and I visited her in Paris once. Can you believe they wouldn't let a child under fifteen in the restaurant? French are such snobs," she whispered the last part so her sister didn't overhear at the kitchen counter. "She's the head chef of the restaurant now after the old guy got carpal tunnel syndrome from his gaming addiction. She's the best chef ever." she said the last part loudly so her sister would hear. "Ah, Allie. Tell Ben about Disneyland."
They chatted cheerfully over the appetizers of bread and olives about their Parisian holiday. It reminded Ben that he still needed to give Nola the holiday photos.
"-And they shot flames out of the castle with the fireworks, you could feel the heat from way over there. The fireworks were so loud. Eleanor covered my ears. She said she didn't me to damage them."
"The first dish has arrived."
"It smells so go-" Before Nola finished her sentence she looked down at the placed in front of her.
"This dish is called La Crème de chou de Bruxelles. You'll be surprised to know that all of the dishes from the three star Michelin restaurants are very simple. The secret is fresh ingredients." She looped around the dining table back to the kitchen to prepare the next set of dishes.
The dish was served in a plate that resembled an artistic dog bowl. A dollop of white creamy cream coloured cream dotted around the plate and in the centre of the plate, was a single Brussels sprout.
Ben, Allie and Nola traded confused glances with each other. They looked back at the plate. It was an aged looking Brussels sprout, meticulously placed in the most eye pleasing angle as possible. There was even a leaf growing out the top of the stud.
"Must be one of my sister's experimental dishes and we're her lab mice."
"I mean it looks... artistic to say the least. Subversive in fact."
"True, true," Allie added.
They forked the Brussels sprout, swirled it around the sauce and put it in their mouths.
"Wow! This is the best Brussels sprout I've ever eaten in my life!" Allie exclaimed.
"Incredible! The Brussels sprout's partially hallowed out. There's a broth injected into the centre. It's like heroin juice spurting out when you bite into it."
"It's good," Nola said with slight hesitation. The heavy drinking has not been kind to her taste buds. The full potential escaped her tongue.
The dishes piled on. Each one topping the next with the last meal containing illegal substance, black caviar. The meal finally finished four hours later with Allie dozing off halfway through eating.
Silvie left the kitchen with shaking legs after doing the work of a seven course meal without her line of chefs. Before she left the room, she gave Ben a pat on the back and they exchanged a glance of mutual understanding, as fellow gourmets. The producer and the consumer; the omega and alpha, and then wobbled to the sitting room to collapse face first into the couch.
They sat alone by themselves with a sleeping child beside them.
“Let me make you something too.” Nola got up and walked over to the kitchen table, hips swaying. She whipped out a bottle of white rum, pre-squeeze lime juice and a small bottle of simple syrup and poured them into a cocktail shaker. She shook it in a tango dance trying to draw a laugh from Ben and he did. She poured it into a martini glass and placed it gingerly in front of him.
"It's a daiquiri, it's really nice. Try it."
Ben tipped the drink to his lips.
"How is it?"
"It's great." Calms the nerves, is what he wanted to say. He had no more doubts with Nola, he was in love with her.
He looked at Allie, dozing on his chair. He was going to ask her out. If anything interrupted him, then so be it.
They sat staring at each other, locked in a mesmerised glance. The candles flickering.
In the end, Ben couldn't bring himself to ask the question he wanted to ask the most. He had never been in a relationship, never started a relationship with anybody, not even a friendship before he had met her.
"Looks like Allie's tired," she said, her eyes flicked over to the sleeping child.
"Yeah, I'm going to leave. It's late." He looked away as well, eyes dejected. "I'll come another day to give you the photos and videos."
"Come tomorrow. We'lI show it to Silvie and Allie together."
Nola led him to the door. He stepped outside and stood in the cold. A full moon stood above him, he turned around. Nola observed him, waiting; waiting for something, anything.
"I think you're beautiful by the way. Will you go out with me?" he said nonchalantly. He had pondered it enough over the weeks and was done with it, with getting nowhere. The scene called for it, he convinced himself.
After a long pause with another eternity passing under the moonlight.
"I can't," she said, "I'm in love with Allie."
"Huh?!" Emptiness washed over Ben. He was not expecting incestuous love if that was what she meant.
"But maybe next year," she paused mischievously, "I might bring you to the wedding."
To any readers that lingered to the very end, thx for sticking around and I hope you enjoyed my little novel. I've finished fixing some typos, grammar and badly phrased sentences that I hope didn't annoy you too much when you were reading it. If you like my writing, you can get the definitive edition, a physical copy (It's beautiful btw) on Amazon at and also on the amazing Amazon stores of you country.
They say that everybody has one novel in them. I can say for myself that I had a manga as well. This is my 2nd work, the first being a manga called 'Imitation World of Synth' and then this novel. I am an author without much imagination and so my stories must draw a lot from my experiences. I will say that nothing in this book is made up but just a twisted account of reality and the people I've met.
Having finished it now, there was a morbid thought that I have ran out of inspiration. In a recent rereading of a certain novel (I leave it to the well-read reader to figure out its origin), there was a quote that spoke my mind. A thought that I had for the longest time since I wrote my first story.
"There must be thousands, and perhaps millions of people like me. People accustomed to death, who feel that the only part of their lives that really mattered is over."
And so there it is with all my worthwhile experiences written. Maybe I can keep pumping out the same types of stories over and over again like a washed-out genre writer. I feel like my strengths lay in the crude humour that you have read throughout the story. The next one, I suppose, will have to be of imagination more purer.
My main project now is to adapt, at least the 1st chapter, of Sweet Nola into manga form. I may possibly be the first writer to adapt their own work into a manga. Updates, unfortunately, will be infrequent but I hope that I'll definitely release a couple of pages every week. My excuse being that drawing is infinity more laborious and slower than writing.
I don't exactly have an approach on the 'vision' of the manga form of Sweet Nola. Novels and manga are different mediums and so my rough idea, if it can even be called that, is not a direct translation from blocks of text into manga strips, but to focus on conveying the visual aspects that manga readers appreciate more. In a way, it also rewards the reader more as a second reading where I don't do a direct translation with all its exposition and be minimalistic in drawing scenes. The manga will probably be rough and dirty so I can output it rapidly.
If you are interested in being a proof reader or editor or collaborator on the manga ver., shoot me a pm and I'll respond as fast as I see your message. If you hated my story, then now is the chance to refine it in a collaborative effort.
The first few pages of Sweet Nola manga can be found at:
Follow me on Twitter for updates as I'll twit whenever I get something uploaded:
It's easy to write swiftly but for a manga, it took me 2 days to draw 6 pages that only covered the first two pages of the story. We'll see how it goes...
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2020.08.21 11:57 maximillionx62 Littermate syndrome

I need help with my 2 dogs. They’re a little over a year now. Male and female chihuahua mixes and are very loveable. They tolerate other dogs well and other humans but show signs of littermate syndrome. The girl is alpha and male it’s beta, they constantly “hump” and play fight. When the girl gets overwhelmed and backs away from another dog the male will jump in and defend her. I love my dogs and they’re otherwise well behaved minus problems with potty training and being hyper. Any advice on how to help alleviate this?
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2020.08.01 06:54 leannamaisl Male Heads Bodies - A Female Perspective (more like infuriating frustrating rage)

Hi hi everyone,
Just posting this here because I just had a traumatic experience.
I decided to help a male friend with his shape.
I usually do a pretty good job and get a lot of compliments with my shapes for various female bodies. I have even helped men adjust things by giving them little pointers here and there. So I like to think that I think I know a little bit about what I am doing.
Needless to say things were not going well.
So, being the know it all that I am I decided to get the demos he had for shape and head and do it myself. (not naming names of the various makers and designers to save the shame)
First off, men, I am soooooooo sorry.
I know some of the female mesh heads are not the best for customization or sizing, but OMG how bad are the men's heads? Almost all the ones I tried are so disproportionate at anything with bodies that are a bit larger than the median size. Getting out of the realm of a body of like size 70 makes almost any head look like they have shrunken head syndrome.
And the bodies are even worse. Shapes and adjustments seem to be tossed out at anything that even begins to move the sliders, let alone test their limits.
The time trying to adjust things just devolved into a never ending battle against shrunken heads, shouldebicep tumors, armpit gaps, and chicken legs.
But the good news for men is, alpha clothes to save the day... hooray.
Lets just erase the bodies and add clothing to hide the problem, while making our stiff and oddly size shapes over the top of them. Because why would you ever want clothing that properly moves or works "with" a body that it is worn on top off.
Why even bother having a body if you are just gonna alpha it away.
The friend I was helping actually said, "they make mesh clothing for women without alphas?"
I know designers complain about rigging for multiple female bodies but honestly, how much more credit do I give them now can not be understated.
Do men's head and body creators even work together on things? This seems like they go all 'cave man' and hide their work instead of collaborate.
I am not a creator. I just work with what others do and make some pretty pictures that I get lucky to catch in moments along the way.
Men, and women; we should hope for more for male heads and bodies.
Please if there are some amazing bodies or heads that I am missing for men, that will actually continue to be supported, work with BOM and have decent mesh clothing please let me know. They can take my lindens, and recommendations to others I sadly, cause I am a glutton for punishment, will help in the future.
Rant over, and thanks for reading if you survived to the end. I unleash the Reddit and SL comments on me and pray for the best.
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2020.07.30 03:41 OkamaGoddessFan943 Deep Sea Fluffy Guide/Article

Deep sea fluffies are an aquatic subspecies of fluffy ponies, related to sea fluffies, their shallow water counterparts. They're known for their unusual physiology and behavior, showing that they're not just simply designed to love and play, but survive as well. According to Hasbio, the biotech division of Hasbro, which created fluffy ponies, deep sea fluffies are the result of "unplanned, wayward and erroneous mutations".
Physiology and anatomy
Deep sea fluffies are similar to their shallow water relatives, having gills and flippers, except they have better adaptation for survival. They have no lungs, swim bladders or any gas-filled spaces in their bodies, otherwise they'd be crushed by the extreme pressure of the deep sea. They come in various types, resembling various fish and other creatures from their habitat, a major example being anglerfish-type deep sea fluffies.
Due to the phenomenon known as deep-sea gigantism - which may be caused by colder temperature, food scarcity and reduced predation pressure - deep sea fluffies are much larger than other subspecies, being around the size of a large dog, such as a German Shepherd or a Tibetan Mastiff (excluding deep sea microfluffs: floaters, scavengers and sea-floor fluffies). Because the deep sea is also very dark, with little to no sunlight penetration, these creatures' fluff often comes in dull colors. There are exceptions to that, of course, such as deepsea lizardfish-type foals, who are born with pink fluff, though their fur fades into grey as they mature. To survive with the deep sea's harsh conditions, deep sea fluffies are physically strong, having good muscle strength and skeletal density. Due to food scarcity in great depths, they evolved powerful jaws with sharp teeth, having a deadly bite force of 2,500 pounds per square inch, similar to that of an American alligator. They also have extremely sensitive eyes adapted to the dark, giving them more reason to move upwards at night only.
Deep sea fluffies are predatory, opportunistic carnivores, eating any animal that's smaller than them. They tend to eat fish, eels, crustaceans, shallow sea fluffies and mollusks. While land fluffies love pasta and shallow sea fluffies adore seaweed, deep sea fluffies have a penchant for shark meat. However, they hunt smaller sharks and other similar animals, as they're prey to bigger ones. Any meat from cartilaginous fish will do. To hunt and find food, they often go to shallower waters at night. Deep sea fluffies, while predators, are also prey, usually to animals who are bigger than them, such as octopi, Japanese spider crabs, sharks, orcas, giant squids and sperm whales (though their main predators are the last two). Surprisingly, at times, deep sea fluffies will try - and sometimes be successful at it - to hunt bigger animals. Meanwhile, they also like to eat animal carcasses (or what's left of them).
Deep sea fluffies present rather unique behavior amidst the other breeds, races and subspecies. As a product of the environment they live in, they're more intelligent and have a rather mature vision of the world, thus being the only fluffies who are aware the world isn't all "love and huggies", even when they sometimes wish for it and still have childish minds. They also don't trust humans very easily, often seeing them as either prey or predators. Either way, feeling threatened or not, they become aggressive and attack. According to CNET, deep sea fluffy attacks result in over 3,000 deaths per year.
It is hard for a human to gain a deep sea fluffy's trust, and rare for them to call people anything other than "hoomins". The other terms also have slightly different meanings:"Nice mistah/wady" - A rescuer, whether from a sanctuary or not, who has helped them before."Nyu mummah/daddeh" - A caregiver from a sanctuary who spends a lot of time with them."Munstah mummah/daddeh" - Someone who tried to keep them as a pet or in an aquarium with no means to help them or to release them back in the wild.
Because of their larger size and different behavior, Hasbio declared it is impossible to keep deep sea fluffies as pets. They'll become aggressive and depressed while being kept in tanks or pools (if not in a sanctuary), reaching the "wan die" loop. The only way to heal them psychologically is to release them at either a sanctuary or back in the wild.
As a result of living in such a dangerous environment, deep sea fluffies are desensitized to the dark side of nature and they're not scared as easily as their other relatives. And as they're usually solitary hunters because, even when life is abundant in the deep sea, it's very sparse compared to shallower waters, smarty syndrome is less common in them (with some exceptions. Anglerfish-type stallions are almost always smarties).
As they don't have much contact with humans but do have some contact with their culture, deep sea fluffies tend to name their young themselves. The names are usually something related to water. Some common examples are Athena, Poseidon, Neptune, Moana, Aqua, Kai and Mariana.
Sex and reproduction
Deep sea fluffies are always male or female. However, even when that's the case, some of them, like the deepsea lizardfish-type, are hermaphrodites, even when the rest of the body is "male" or "female". Anglerfish-types have a really unique way to reproduce, like the fish they're based in: Males are almost always lustful smarties, despite being much smaller than their mates. As they attempt to reproduce with a female, they bite and hump the mare's skin. A while later, they "melt" and disintegrate, fusing with the mare's body, becoming nothing more than sperm storage. Female anglerfish-types can have up to six mates or more.
It's rare for deep sea fluffies to mate more than once in their lives. Being oviparous, mares, along with their mates, will find a safe place to lay eggs, either around corals or caves. The average number of eggs they lay is around five to seven. The mare will guard the eggs, while the stallion will look for food to feed his mate. The embryonic development of the eggs' fetuses often last three weeks to one month.
Newborn deep sea fluffies ("chiwpy babbehs"), like other fluffies, are born with their eyes closed and communicate by chirping instead of talking. However, the chirping is similar to that of a baby crocodile or a baby alligator, rather than that of a hamster or a bird. Even when they're fragile, they can slightly swim, and as deep sea fluffies aren't mammals, they already have the instinct to kill and eat. Instead of drinking milk, they eat small fish, crustaceans and zooplankton, because they are born with a set of small, sharp teeth. At this stage of life, the stallion leaves the mare, while the latter cares for her babies. Only around 50% of deep sea fluffy foals make it to adulthood.
Five weeks after birth, and the foals are on their second stage of life. They're very energetic, know how to swim much better than before, and are beginning to speak. That's the life stage where their mothers teach their young how to survive in the deep sea. Becoming instinctually prepared, the babies are then abandoned to survive on their own, getting their independence. Some may fall as food to predators, while some may be lucky and have the opportunity to live a long life. Deep sea fluffy foals then spend their childhood and adolescence moving their way up in the food chain.
A year after birth, and the deep sea fluffies are fully grown and sexually mature. The average life expectancy for a specimen is around fifteen years, though the oldest deep sea fluffy known, Bluey/Bluie, a female viperfish-type, is currently 21 years old.
Like other fluffies, deep sea fluffies speak with a childish lisp, causing them to pronounce letters such as R and L as W instead. They also have a similar vocabulary, though there are differences.
Awmost mummah/Soon mummah - A mare who has laid eggs and is waiting for them to hatch.
Anehmaws - Animals. Used to address marine creatures.
Babbeh - Foal.
Bad Babbeh - Usually a deformed, crippled or mentally impaired foal who may die prematurely or grow vulnerable, but this term can also apply to badly-behaved orclingy ones.
Bad Huggies/Bad Speciaw Huggies – Rape/Non-consensual sex.
Bad Upsies - Any forced and quick ascension from the deep sea (such as being fished), resulting in tissue damage and barotrauma.
Bestest Babbeh - A foal who seems to be more instinctually prepared from other ones in a family (such as they knowing how to hunt and fight before their siblings).
Big Cwackies - A foal hatching from an egg.
Big Tentacwe Munstah - Giant/Colossal squids and octopi.
Big Whawesie - Whale. Often used to address the sperm whale.
Big Owwies/Huwties/Ouchies, Wowstest Owwies/Huwties/Ouchies, Biggest Owwies/Huwties/Ouchies - Severe injury.
Bad Wight/Wite/Bwight/Bwite - Anything that's too bright for a deep sea fluffy, as they have sensitive eyes adapted to the dark.
Bitsies - Biting/To bite.
Boo Boo Juice – Blood.
Bwite Time - Day time.
Bwudda - Brother.
Catch an' Num - Hunt.
Cawty Meaty/Meatie - Meat from cartilaginous fish (sharks, rays, chimaeras, sawfish, etc), a deep sea fluffy's favorite food (they prefer shark meat, though).
Chiwpy Babbeh - A newborn foal that chirps like a baby crocodile or alligator.
Cowaws - Corals.
Cowd Wawa/Cowdie Wawa - Cold water, either from great depths or around the Earth's poles.
Cwabby - Any crustacean.
Daddeh - Daddy. Almost always refers to the sire. In very rare cases, it can also refer to a male human caregiverescuer (in a sanctuary or not).
Dawk Time - Night time.
Dawk Time Sky Baww - The moon.
Dawkies - Darkness.
Deepsies - The deep sea.
Deepsie Wawa - Deep water.
Deepsie Wawa Fwuffy - The way deep sea fluffies address their own kind.
Dummeh - Dumb/weak.
Dummeh Babbeh - Another term for Bad Babbeh.
Dummeh Hoomin - A person being addressed by a deep sea fluffy whenever it feels threatened or wants to eat.
Eggie - Egg.
Eggie Babbehs - Fetal foals, still developing in eggs.
"Enf!" – The grunting sound a stallion makes repeatedly when he is having sex.
Famiwy - Family.
Finsies - Fins.
Fishies - Fish.
Fowebah Sweepies - Death.
Fwend - Friend or ally.
Fwuffy - Can be any fluffy pony, but not itself.
Good Babbeh - Healthy, well-behaved and self-sufficient foal.
Good Feews - Sexual pleasure.
Gwassies - Algae/Seaweed.
Gwass Sowwy Boxie - A tank. No matter how big a tank can be, a deep sea fluffy will always show signs of psychological distress.
Heawt Huwties - Sadness or emotional pain.
Hewp - Help.
Hoomin - Human.
Hot - Whenever a deep sea fluffy feels hot. Used mostly for complaining about how warm the shallow sea is while hunting.
Huggies - Hugs.
Huwties - Hurt, any kind of pain.
Mawe - Mare.
Mawy Twenchie - Marianas Trench.
Meanie - Mainly for addressing people who capture them for anything that isn't rescuing. Rarely used.
Mistah - Mister. A polite way for deep sea fluffies to address male caregivers in a sanctuary or rescuers. Also rarely used.
Mummah - Mommy. In very rare cases, it can also refer to a female human caregiverescuer (in a sanctuary or not).
Munstah - Monster, any big and dangerous creature.
Bwack Whawesie Munstah - Orca.
Cwabby Munstah - A big crustacean, such as a giant isopod or a Japanese spider crab.
Fwat Munstah - Ray.
Guwpy Munstah - Eel. Can also be used to address black swallowers or any creatures with an expandable stomach.
Jewwy Munstah/Bouncy Munstah/Sea Jewwy Munstah - Jellyfish or siphonophore.
Shawkie Munstah - A big shark.
Smiwey Munstah - Jellenheimer.
Stingy/Shockie Munstah - Stingray, jellyfish or siphonophores.
Tentacwe Munstah - A big squid/octopus.
Wowmie Munstah - Tube worm.
Whawesie Munstah - A big whale.
Munstah Daddeh/Munstah Mummah - Someone who tries to keep a deep sea fluffy as a pet/for entertainment.
No-nos/Speshuw Pwace - Genitals.
Nu - No.
Num/Nummies - Food.
Nyu - New.
Octi - Octopus.
Otay - Okay.
Owwies/Ouchies - Any injury or pain.
Pee-Pees - Urine, sometimes also penis.
Poopie Pwace - Anus.
Poopies - Feces.
Pwetty Wight/Wite/Bwight/Bwite - Bioluminescence.
Saddies - Sadness.
Safe Pwace - Used by mothers to address the place they laid eggs in. It can also be used to address a sanctuary.
Sea Cookehs - Sand dollars.
Sea Gwassies - Algae/Seaweed.
Sea Jewwy - Jellyfish. It can also refer to siphonophores.
Sea Stawsies - Starfish.
See-Thingies/See-Pwaces/Peepews/Eyesies - Eyes.
Shawkie - Shark.
Shawwow Wawa - Shallow water.
Shawwow Wawa Fwuffy - A shallow sea fluffy. Can also be used to address freshwater aquatic fluffies.
Shawp Owwies/Ouchies/Huwties - Pain from sharp objects.
Sissy/Sissie/Sistah - Sister.
Siwwy - Silly.
Sky Baww - Sun.
Sky Fwuffies/Puffies - Clouds.
Sky Wawa - Rain.
Smawty - Rarely used, and for deep sea fluffies, it's more like an arrogant, egocentric fluffy, rather than an alpha male/female.
Sowwy Box - A tank or pool.
Sowwy Bitsies - Biting the target as a form of punishment, revenge or intimidation.
Speshuw Fwend - Mate.
Speshuw Huggies - Sex.
Spongey/Spongie - Sponge.
Sweep/Sweepies - Sleep.
Teef/Teefies - Teeth.
Twenchies - Trench.
Upsies - The habit of deep sea fluffies going to shallower waters at night to hunt.
Wady - Lady. A polite way for deep sea fluffies to address female caregivers in a sanctuary or rescuers. Rarely used.
Wastest Babbeh - Last surviving foal of a litter.
Wawa - Water.
Wawmsies - A deep sea fluffy feeling warm, though they feel like that at a temperature near 0°C/32°F.
Wittwe/Widdwe/Widdow - Little.
Wub/Wuv - Love.
Yus/Yes - Yes.
Distribution and Habitat
Deep sea fluffies can be found all over the world's oceans (except the Arctic and Antarctic ones) at the aphotic zone. The oceanic layer where they live the most is the bathypelagic (midnight) zone, though some of them can be found at the abyssopelagic zone, and there are even species that live in trenches (The Mariana Snailfish-type is the deepest-living sea fluffy known, living at the bottom of the Marianas Trench). The vast majority of deep sea fluffies prefer waters in which the temperature is between 4 and 2°C (39,2 and 35,6°F).
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Like in the Eminem' s song, let me share my story with you. Somehow this is a group therapy. I feel so sorry for my mom. I saw someone s post saying that people who were abused by narcissistic people, regardless of the relationship kind, cannot feel pity or sorry for them. But the root of the problem is not my romantic partners, I see them as my symptoms that resulted from upbringing. So, I feel sometimes sorry for them. I must admit that I am angry at them. The most important thing, which I did not deserve what they did, but Obviously I could not protect myself emotionally.
I realised that I repeated every pattern, always putting her feelings first, in my romantic relationships. Actually it affected every relationship I had, even with myself. There were times that I called her everyday, that I sensed even the smallest low mood she felt. Once that happened, I put emergency button and tried everthing to cheer her up. She is a rescuer and sacrifice herself in every situation then become victim of whatever happens. I see she has been struggling, even now tears coming, but I cannot prevent what her decisions brought to her. When I try to introspect, I see I became her from the day I sensed feelings around me. I feel inferior everytime, as if I am a lion but acting like a mouse. I have a career and am one of the most successful ones in the familiy. However I feel unconfident about everything, it results in having difficulty in making decisions. I became a person who has passed his potential because nobody was there for me. Imposter syndrome...There was no witness. So if there is no witness, not being acknowledged or I could not feel it, would I be considered survivor?
I see I am in need of external validation. But the inner and external critics, with the great contributions of my father, does prolonge my struggles. Recently I started to call my mom less and I recognise everytime she calls she kinda makes me feel guilty and ashamed of myself. There is no reason for those feelings around us. I really enjoy living alone but for the last 6 months I feel so tired that I need a nap during the day whenever I spoke with people. This is just getting more present. The number of people I contact made me tired is decreasing. I just do not want to speak. Unfortunately naps make me angry, kinda moddy when I wake up. Maybe it is related with being forced to sleep when I was little. There is no positive point of view in people around me.
I feel I am such a warrior of positivity and unfortunately everybody expects me to make them feel less unhappy. I feel guilty if I do not make them feel ok. There is some kind of unwritten rule I am binded, but nobody is responsible, only me. I always contribute to everything I do, relationships, my job... I feel so lonely and tired after reading pete walker s book. I have not lived but I am adult. I always chose people who are not emotionally available, then I repeat the patterns I have gone through. This is the only thing I succeded so far emotionally. The irony! I pick every vampire to rescue them. But I cannot. This feeling that I could be white knight fantasy is so pathetic.
This is a loaded topic however my point is on how my personality has been expressed.there is no need to be alpha male in this sad world. I think being alpha only teachs some strategies to be more assertive, this is my understanding from the pete s book. If I have fawn or flight strategies, coaching with anything forcing to create healthy boundaries is beneficial. But I was my family' s emotion dumpster. One made feel less of a child and rejected, and the other used me for emotion regulation. There is no point in this pathological system.
Even primates teach their offsprings life skills until they reach a certain age. I learnt everything on my own. I lived in a foreign country for a period. I was always alone and nobody asked how I did or how I was. I did not feel that they worry for me really.
I am in great denial of everyhing I missed because otherwise I have to grieve. Everytime I am about to travel I feel nostalgic. These are some symptoms I have experienced and I wanted to share with strangers, in my second language. This is the sole opportunity I have right now. I feel I am blind because The only aspect of people I see is positive ones. This is blindness , the fact that ignoring that people could be bad, abusive. I really need to ignore that, otherwise I feel unsafe. Never felt safe, never felt I do have somewhere my own. Like where is home? I look at the sea for a long time and just emptiness invading every part of me. Not being able to love is kinda blindness that I find similar to Saramgo' s definition in his novel. It is dangerously contagious.
I do have a huge heart but I was the one who made promises myself that I would not be somebody like my father. Unfortunately I am. I inherited his critic as my external voice that I break people' s heart in a second in an unrelated topic. I am my mother' s voice as my inner voice, religiously blaming or shaming myself. I am so sorry for everything. I do not blame anyone. But this is not life, which is full of misery.
I betray myself everytime my critics take the wheel. But it is so hard to prevent it. As if this is the destiny I am obliged to conform. There are other people neglected my existance and I felt I was not there in that house near them. I am nobody until somebody needs someone. I betray myself everytime I am involved with people' s stupid views. I am more than enoug but I feel that nobody supports me. They just throw stones on my way. I feel lonely so much that I create my own reality in which I believe everybody without questioning their motivations. This is the first thing I do in every relationship. I believe people would love or validate me if I do not question them, mainly their motivations. I am just a person full of wishfull thinking. I am "the giving tree". Still do not blame anyone.
I am full of love and I want to keep it. I object living in your distorted world, which is full of labels, negative stereotypes and shame. I wanna be able to protect my love and do not want to feel lost, remorseful or angry. I do my best for everything regardless of situation. Yeah this is how much I lack boundaries. This is just so sad and I feel taken advantage of. Feeling unappreciated fills my days. But I "keep on keeping on". I started my writing with somebody else's feelings and their world. There is no me before anyone. This is so tiring but I still try to please people. This is how naive I am. Whenever I cook I told my family unconsciously to prove that Iam independent or I can cook, but then I realised that this is another way of getting validation. I stopped but there are so many things I cannot discriminate from seeking validation. It is not worth having external validation. It only makes your critics more powerfull and supports their unwarranted claims about how much usefullness is needed to be accepted as a human being. Never felt accepted unconditionally. People implement their agenda on me without hesitation as if they know at first sight how sucker I am. This is hell. Being a chimpanzee is much more different. Probably it is the best. When you are a chimpanzee, you either get nourished and nurtured or you get killed without experiencing human stupidity, abuse at least shorter than ours. Maybe they are living in the heaven. I appreciate everything I have, I feel and opportunities I have. But nobody should judge the other. There should not be any comparison. Everybody deserves a judgement on his own conditions.
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What is $LPCN? * Lipocine is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on metabolic and endocrine disorders. * They improve compliance, absorption, and more with their proprietary drug delivery technologies
What is their main pipeline? * Their main pipeline/asset is: * TLANDO
What are their other pipelines? * Other than the main pipeline, TLANDO, they have 4 other pipelines in the works * LPCN1144 * TLANDO XR (LCPN1111) * LPCN1148 * LPCN1107
What is TLANDO? * It is an oral testosterone replacement therapy product containing Testosterone Undecanoate that is designed to help restore normal testosterone levels in males for conditions associated with a deficiency or absence of endogenous testosterone. * It is meant to treat Hypogonadism * TLANDO is designed to overcome many of the issues related to TRT products on the U.S. market. * TLANDO is being studied for both Primary and Secondary hypogonadism and is targeting the established chronic US TRT market.
What is Hypogonadism? * Hypogonadism typically refers to a permanent deficiency of sex hormones rather than a temporary deficiency that may be related to acute/chronic illnesses or other medical, personal, or environmental factors. * Primary hypogonadism describes disease states that intrinsically affect the gonads. Examples of these include the genetic disorders, Turner syndrome and Kleinfelter syndrome * Secondary hypogonadism refers to disease states that affect gonadal-related structures such as the hypothalamus and pituitary gland that directly impact the development of gonads and as such the release of testosterone and other sexual hormones * Hypogonadism affects upto 20million men * Close to 6million are diagnosed & only 2 million are being treated
TLANDO Market Opportunity * Since 2015, the TRT TRx yearly market has been growing exponentially with 2019 having the highest annual TRT TRx at 7.73million * TLANDO has the potential to be a TRT Market leader as it has a $2B+ opportunity in an established and growing market with favorable market dynamics.
What is LPCN-1144? * LPCN 1144, an oral prodrug of bioidentical testosterone * is being developed as a treatment for pre-cirrhotic non-alcoholic steatohepatitis ("NASH") and is currently being studied in a Phase 2 paired biopsy NASH confirmed clinical study * Liver imaging results from the Phase 2 clinical study are expected mid-2020 with biopsy results expected in the fourth quarter of 2020/ first quarter of 2021.
What is TLANDO XR? * It is a next-generation, novel ester prodrug of testosterone which uses the patent protected Lip'ral technology to enhance solubility and improve systemic absorption. * The Phase 2b clinical trial was a randomized, open label, two-period, multi-dose PK study. Results suggested that the primary objectives were met, including identifying the dose expected to be tested in the planned Phase 3 study. * the target Phase 3 dose met primary and secondary end points. TLANDO XR was well tolerated with no drug-related severe or serious adverse events reported in the Phase 2b study
LPCN-1148 * It is an oral prodrug of a Bioidentical testosterone being developed for the treatment of NASH Cirrhosis. * NASH Cirrhosis is an end-stage non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) for which there is no FDA approved drug treatment. * approximately 1.3M NASH patients had cirrhosis (fibrosis grade 4). NASH cirrhosis patients typically experience increased morbidity and symptoms of hypogonadism such as alteration of hair distribution, anemia, sexual dysfunction, testicular atrophy, muscle wasting, fatigue, osteoporosis, and gynecomastia. * Their team is currently formulating plans to conduct a proof-of-concept study in male cirrhotic NASH subjects through consultations with the FDA and key opinion leaders to evaluate the therapeutic potential of LPCN 1148 for the treatment in cirrhotic NASH subjects
LPCN-1107 * LPCN 1107 is an oral product candidate of 17-alpha-hydroxyprogesterone caproate (HPC) under development for the indication of prevention of recurrent preterm birth. * has the potential to become the first oral HPC product for the prevention of preterm birth in women with a prior history of at least one preterm birth * Potential benefits of their oral product candidate relative to current injectable products include the elimination of pain and site reactions associated with weekly injections, elimination of weekly doctor visits or visits from the nurse, and elimination of interference/disruption of personal, family or professional activities associated with weekly visits.
Lipocine Technology * Their proprietary Technology is Lip'ral: * Lip'ral is a patented technology based on lipidic compositions which form an optimal dispersed phase in the gastrointestinal environment for improved absorption of the insoluble drug * Lip'ral presents insoluble drugs efficiently to the intestinal absorption site, thus bringing the absorption process under formulation control and making the product robust to physiological variables such as dilution, pH and food effects * Link
Recent Q1 Financials/Business Highlights * Lipocine reported a net loss of $5.8 million, or ($0.14) per diluted share, for the quarter ended March 31, 2020 * Research and development expenses were $2.5 million for the quarter ended March 31, 2020, compared with $1.9 million for the quarter ended March 31, 2019 * As of March 31, 2020, Lipocine had $15.6 million of unrestricted cash, cash equivalents and marketable investment securities compared to $14.1 million at December 31, 2019 * The Company had $5.0 million of restricted cash, which is required to be maintained as cash collateral under the SVB Loan and Security Agreement until TLANDO is approved by the FDA. * The Company believes that its existing capital resources will be sufficient to meet its projected operating requirements through at least February 15, 2021 * The FDA acknowledged receipt of resubmission and established August 28, 2020 as the target PDUFA goal date for TLANDO * Received FDA clearance on Investigational New Drug ("IND") application for Phase 2 clinical study with LPCN 1148 * Raised $6.0 million in gross proceeds in a registered direct offering of common stock and warrants in February 2020. * PR Newswire
Risks/Negatives of the business * As shown on their recent 10-K/10-Q SEC Filings: * "We depend primarily on the success of our lead product candidate, TLANDO, for which we recently received a Complete Response Letter from the FDA and which may not receive regulatory approval or be successfully commercialized." * "If T-replacement therapies are found, or are perceived, to create health risks, our ability to sell TLANDO and TLANDO XR (LPCN 1111) could be materially adversely affected and our business could be harmed" * "We face substantial competition in the TRT market, which may result in others discovering, developing or commercializing products before or more successfully than we do" * "The entrance of generic T-gels into the market would likely create downward pricing pressure on all T-replacement therapies and therefore have a negative effect on our business and financial results." * "All of our clinical candidates will be subject to extensive regulation which can be costly and time consuming, cause delays or prevent approval of the products for commercialization" * "The successful commercialization of our product candidates and ability to generate significant revenue will depend on achieving market acceptance." * "Our future success depends on our ability to retain our chief executive officer and other key executives and to attract, retain and motivate qualified personnel" * 10-Q * 10-K
Events to positively impact Q1-Q4 of 2020 * On Feb 11th 2020, $LPCN Announced that it continues to vigorously defend its patent rights and maintains its allegations for patent infringement of four U.S. patents – U.S. patent nos. 9,034,858; 9,205,057; 9,480,690; and 9,757,390 – by Clarus's JATENZO product, which has yet to launch. * On Feb 24th 2020, $LPCN Announced the results of its Post Action meeting with the FDA regarding its New Drug Application for TLANDO. * Based on the Post Action meeting and written feedback, the FDA indicated Lipocine's approach to addressing the single remaining deficiency through the reanalysis of existing data in accordance with FDA feedback appears to be a reasonable path forward. The FDA requested that the information generated by the reanalysis be submitted as part of an NDA resubmission with a six-month Prescription Drug User Fee Act * On Feb 27th 2020, $LPCN Announced the closing of a registered direct offering of 10,084,034 Class A Units, each consisting of one share of its common stock and one half of a common warrant to purchase one share of its common stock, at a price of $0.595 per Class A Unit, for total gross proceeds to the Company of approximately $6 million * On March 4th 2020, $LPCN Announced that the FDA has assigned a Prescription Drug User Fee Act ("PDUFA") goal date of August 28, 2020. * On April 9th 2020, $LPCN Announced that the Patent Trial and Appeal Board ("PTAB") of the United States Patent and Trademark Office has entered adverse judgment against Clarus. * As stated by $LPCN's CEO: "We are extremely pleased with the Federal Circuits's affirmation of the judgement of the PTAB canceling all the claims of the Clarus '428 Patent. This decision further validates the strength of Lipocine's patent portfolio" * On April 17th 2020, $LPCN Announced that the FDA denied the Citizen Petition filed by Clarus Therapeutics Inc. ("Clarus") on October 2, 2019. * Specifically, the FDA declined to issue product-specific guidance on oral T-ester drug products and denied without comment Clarus' request regarding how the FDA should review and make approval decisions on any pending or future oral T-ester products. * On May 5th 2020, $LPCN Announced that the FDA has accepted the Company's Investigational New Drug application ("IND") to initiate a Phase 2 proof-of-concept study to evaluate the therapeutic potential of LPCN 1148. * On May 13th 2020, $LPCN Announced positive results of a pre-clinical study of LPCN 1144.
Very important upcoming dates * TLANDO: PDUFA date is set to be on August 28 2020 * LPCN-1144: LiFT Primary Endpoint Results is set to be on Q4 of 2020 * 2nd Quarter financials/Business Highlights are on August 5th 2020
Very important documents I suggest you read over as well as everything I have written * Corporate Presentation * 10-Q * 10-K * LCPN-1148 Presentation * LPCN-1144
Target Price/Forecasts * CNN money has set the TP at $3 with an analyst status set at "buy" * Yahoo Finance sets the TP at $3.67 * NASDAQ sets the TP at $3 * TipRanks sets the TP at $3 * The Wall Street Journal sets the TP at $3
Final Thoughts/Comments * As always, please extend my DD by reading more into all the documents I have attached here, especially the SEC Filings & the corporate Presentation * Now that I have that out of the way, I feel very confident that this company will definitely run up leading into the PDUFA date set on August 28 * Everything LPCN is doing, they're doing it right. Especially since announcing they are on the regulatory path for the TLANDO PDUFA. * If approved, like $LPCN have mentioned earlier, they have the potential to be market leaders in that sector as it will enter a $2Billion+ market. * Not only do they have TLANDO to look forward too, they have four other pipelines doing just as well in clinical trials, especially LCPN-1144 as it has data readouts in Q4 of 2020
Anyways, I hope this DD has been able to help you guys out in any way possible :) I really hope you guys enjoyed this DD, I will be posting more either tonight or tomorrow night. Hope you all have a great day today & I hope everyone here had a good weekend well spent with family, friend or even on your own if you prefer solidarity. Anyways, take care everyone. Hope you all have a good day! :)
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2020.07.05 16:11 homericseptiembredes Before I am gone, I wanna share a story

This piece was written for no purpose and I generally keep such things private. It is a moment I can articulate myself and I wanted to share my realisation. I am not sure if this could be triggering for some but this is mostly breakthrough and a little bit trauma story
Like in the Eminem' s song, let me share my story with you. Somehow this is a group therapy. I feel so sorry for my mom. I saw someone s post saying that people who were abused by narcissistic people, regardless of the relationship kind, cannot feel pity or sorry for them. But the root of the problem is not my romantic partners, I see them as my symptoms that resulted from upbringing. So, I feel sometimes sorry for them. I must admit that I am angry at them. The most important thing, which I did not deserve what they did, but Obviously I could not protect myself emotionally.
I realised that I repeated every pattern, always putting her feelings first, in my romantic relationships. Actually it affected every relationship I had, even with myself. There were times that I called her everyday, that I sensed even the smallest low mood she felt. Once that happened, I put emergency button and tried everthing to cheer her up. She is a rescuer and sacrifice herself in every situation then become victim of whatever happens. I see she has been struggling, even now tears coming, but I cannot prevent what her decisions brought to her. When I try to introspect, I see I became her from the day I sensed feelings around me. I feel inferior everytime, as if I am a lion but acting like a mouse. I have a career and am one of the most successful ones in the familiy. However I feel unconfident about everything, it results in having difficulty in making decisions. I became a person who has passed his potential because nobody was there for me. Imposter syndrome...There was no witness. So if there is no witness, not being acknowledged or I could not feel it, would I be considered survivor?
I see I am in need of external validation. But the inner and external critics, with the great contributions of my father, does prolonge my struggles. Recently I started to call my mom less and I recognise everytime she calls she kinda makes me feel guilty and ashamed of myself. There is no reason for those feelings around us. I really enjoy living alone but for the last 6 months I feel so tired that I need a nap during the day whenever I spoke with people. This is just getting more present. The number of people I contact made me tired is decreasing. I just do not want to speak. Unfortunately naps make me angry, kinda moddy when I wake up. Maybe it is related with being forced to sleep when I was little. There is no positive point of view in people around me.
I feel I am such a warrior of positivity and unfortunately everybody expects me to make them feel less unhappy. I feel guilty if I do not make them feel ok. There is some kind of unwritten rule I am binded, but nobody is responsible, only me. I always contribute to everything I do, relationships, my job... I feel so lonely and tired after reading pete walker s book. I have not lived but I am adult. I always chose people who are not emotionally available, then I repeat the patterns I have gone through. This is the only thing I succeded so far emotionally. The irony! I pick every vampire to rescue them. But I cannot. This feeling that I could be white knight fantasy is so pathetic.
This is a loaded topic however my point is on how my personality has been expressed.there is no need to be alpha male in this sad world. I think being alpha only teachs some strategies to be more assertive, this is my understanding from the pete s book. If I have fawn or flight strategies, coaching with anything forcing to create healthy boundaries is beneficial. But I was my family' s emotion dumpster. One made feel less of a child and rejected, and the other used me for emotion regulation. There is no point in this pathological system.
Even primates teach their offsprings life skills until they reach a certain age. I learnt everything on my own. I lived in a foreign country for a period. I was always alone and nobody asked how I did or how I was. I did not feel that they worry for me really.
I am in great denial of everyhing I missed because otherwise I have to grieve. Everytime I am about to travel I feel nostalgic. These are some symptoms I have experienced and I wanted to share with strangers, in my second language. This is the sole opportunity I have right now. I feel I am blind because The only aspect of people I see is positive ones. This is blindness , the fact that ignoring that people could be bad, abusive. I really need to ignore that, otherwise I feel unsafe. Never felt safe, never felt I do have somewhere my own. Like where is home? I look at the sea for a long time and just emptiness invading every part of me. Not being able to love is kinda blindness that I find similar to Saramgo' s definition in his novel. It is dangerously contagious.
I do have a huge heart but I was the one who made promises myself that I would not be somebody like my father. Unfortunately I am. I inherited his critic as my external voice that I break people' s heart in a second in an unrelated topic. I am my mother' s voice as my inner voice, religiously blaming or shaming myself. I am so sorry for everything. I do not blame anyone. But this is not life, which is full of misery.
I betray myself everytime my critics take the wheel. But it is so hard to prevent it. As if this is the destiny I am obliged to conform. There are other people neglected my existance and I felt I was not there in that house near them. I am nobody until somebody needs someone. I betray myself everytime I am involved with people' s stupid views. I am more than enoug but I feel that nobody supports me. They just throw stones on my way. I feel lonely so much that I create my own reality in which I believe everybody without questioning their motivations. This is the first thing I do in every relationship. I believe people would love or validate me if I do not question them, mainly their motivations. I am just a person full of wishfull thinking. I am "the giving tree". Still do not blame anyone.
I am full of love and I want to keep it. I object living in your distorted world, which is full of labels, negative stereotypes and shame. I wanna be able to protect my love and do not want to feel lost, remorseful or angry. I do my best for everything regardless of situation. Yeah this is how much I lack boundaries. This is just so sad and I feel taken advantage of. Feeling unappreciated fills my days. But I "keep on keeping on". I started my writing with somebody else's feelings and their world. There is no me before anyone. This is so tiring but I still try to please people. This is how naive I am. Whenever I cook I told my family unconsciously to prove that Iam independent or I can cook, but then I realised that this is another way of getting validation. I stopped but there are so many things I cannot discriminate from seeking validation. It is not worth having external validation. It only makes your critics more powerfull and supports their unwarranted claims about how much usefullness is needed to be accepted as a human being. Never felt accepted unconditionally. People implement their agenda on me without hesitation as if they know at first sight how sucker I am. This is hell. Being a chimpanzee is much more different. Probably it is the best. When you are a chimpanzee, you either get nourished and nurtured or you get killed without experiencing human stupidity, abuse at least shorter than ours. Maybe they are living in the heaven. I appreciate everything I have, I feel and opportunities I have. But nobody should judge the other. There should not be any comparison. Everybody deserves a judgement on his own conditions. Edit: I needed to make some corrections and additions. But the moment I wrote this I could care following the grammer rules. There are still some ...
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2020.07.03 06:34 Cadledelhi Best Hair Loss Treatment in South Delhi

What is PRP
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is concentrated blood plasma which contains approximately three to five times the number of platelets found in normal circulating blood. In addition to the platelets, it contains growth factors and other bioactive proteins that aid in wound healing and hair growth.
If you are looking for the best hair loss treatment in Delhi or baldness treatment in Delhi then you are at the right place as we offer hair restoration services like hair transplant and PRP.
At Pulastya’s Cadle, we have been performing PRP therapy as a proactive therapeutic option for male and female patients experiencing hair loss. PRP is an exciting non-surgical therapeutic option for patients who require stimulation of hair growth for hair loss conditions.
Recent scientific research and technology provide the medical community with new understandings of wound and tissue healing. As a result of these scientific studies, we recognize PRP is an all-natural autologous medical procedure performed in physicians’ offices for scalp, skin, and hair stimulation.
Human blood contains mesenchymal stem cells and autologous blood products that contain essential and specific growth factors that assist in tissue regeneration and healing. Published medical literature from Europe and the United States confirms the safety and use of PRP therapy. It has been used a medial adjunct therapy for over two decades for skin and wound healing.
PRP therapy has established itself to be effective as a medical treatment modality in the specialty fields of oral surgery, neurosurgery, plastic and cosmetic surgery, sports medicine and orthopedics. It has been used extensively in these specialties for the last twenty years with generally positive outcomes and success. In the field of hair restoration, evidence supports PRP therapy as a promising treatment option to promote hair growth. While PRP is in the early stages of scientific research in hair restoration, PRP is not meant to replace current FDA approved therapies such as DHT blockers and Minoxidil. But it is a promising non-surgical therapeutic option for those patients with hair loss.
Blood is drawn in our office as though you are having routine blood testing at your primary care physician’s office. The blood is spun in a centrifuge and the PRP is separated and removed from the rest of the blood.
The PRP is taken from your body and is specially prepared by spinning down the blood cells to a high concentration. Platelets are concentrated on 3X normal blood values. The system eliminates granulocytes which hurt tissue regeneration and wound healing. An anesthesia block is given to nerves of the scalp so the patient does not feel any pain. The highly concentrated platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is then injected into the scalp. The patient’s hair is then washed and the patient may drive home without any assistance. No sedation or any medication is given during the procedure to inhibit the ability to drive or use machinery.
· A progressive non-surgical healing treatment in a variety of fields.
A fraction of autologous blood with a supraphysiological concentration of platelets and their associated growth factors.
· Upon activation, platelet-derived α granules release autologous growth factors involved in cell proliferation, angiogenesis, collagenases, and matrix remodeling (PDGF/ TGF/ VEGF/ EGF/ FGF/ IGF, etc.).
· Autologous (from the patient’s own blood).
· Easy to use, rapid and effective system.
· Requires a small sample of blood (10ml).
· Optimal Platelet Concentration for ALL specialties.
· Biocompatible, and xeno-free, minimizing safety concerns and rejection.
· Control of PRP volume by discarding PPP.
· Increases platelet concentration.
· Virtually eliminating granulocytes from the PRP, which are considered not beneficial in terms of the regeneration process and may contribute to a catabolic effect by secreting catabolic mediators, including metalloproteinases.
· Eliminating undesired erythrocytes, which have been shown to significantly decrease fibroblast proliferation and augment apoptosis in vitro.
· Remnant of mononuclear cells present in the PRP assists in fighting infection and is thought to enhance the anabolic effects of PRP.
· PRP contains many growth factors that stimulate the hair follicle’s growth. PRP can be used preoperatively, intraoperatively, or postoperatively. Some patients chose to have PRP performed every three (3) to four
· (4) Months as early data suggest regular or semiannual PRP treatments that may stimulate hair growth.
PRP contains special cells called Platelets, that can theoretically cause the growth of the hair follicles by stimulating the stem cells and other cells in the microenvironment of the hair follicle. These special Platelet cells promote healing, accelerates the rate and degree of tissue healing and regeneration, respond to injury, and formation of new cellular growth. The primary purpose of using PRP in hair restoration is to stimulate inactive or newly implanted hair follicles into an active growth phase.
Inside the Platelets are many intracellular structures such as glycogen, lysosomes, and alpha granules. These granules within the PRP contain clotting and growth factors that are eventually released during the healing and repair process.
· Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF)—promotes blood vessel growth, cell replication, skin formation;
· Transforming Growth-Factor-Beta (TGF-b)—promotes the growth of matrix between cells, bone metabolism;
· Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF)—promotes blood vessel formation;
· Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)—promotes cell growth and differentiation, blood vessel formation, collagen formation;
· Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 (FGF-2)—promotes the growth of specialized cells and blood vessel formation; and,
· Insulin-Like Growth Factor - (IGF)—a regulator of normal physiology in nearly every type of cell in the body
Individual results vary with each patient. No guarantees of success can be made but PRP preliminary studies indicate patients can respond to PRP therapy. Some hair restoration surgeons apply PRP to the scalp for those patients who are not surgical candidates every three (3) to four (4) months. Other protocols will use PRP before or during surgery to insure graft survivability.
PRP is a potential emerging non-surgical based therapy for natural hair follicle stimulation for thinning hair. Larger clinical studies are pending but the current medical literature contains numerous optimistic results. Although a few controlled studies exist, anecdotal and case reports are the primary sources reflecting success with PRP therapy.
Patients with a history of heavy smoking, drug, and alcohol use. Medical diagnoses such as platelet dysfunction syndromes, thrombocytopenia’s, hyperfibrinogenaemia, hemodynamic instability, sepsis, acute and chronic Infections, chronic liver disease, anti-coagulation therapy, chronic skin diseases or cancer, metabolic and systemic disorders.
PRP has been used successfully in other medical and surgical disciplines for many years. The decision to use PRP is a personal decision and should be made after careful research, consideration, and consultation with a physician. PRP is safe and natural because the procedure concentrates the good cells from your scalp and injects them directly back into the area where it is needed. There is absolutely no chance of getting a blood infection from another human being. PRP involves using your own cells that are not modified or changed, and it will not be rejected by your immune system.
Extensive clinical trials are not complete and medical data is not yet published to establish the absolute effectiveness of PRP therapy in hair restoration. PRP should not be considered a “cure” for hair loss and no guarantee can be made about its individual effectiveness. No claim of PRP efficacy in promoting hair growth can be made because there is no FDA approval that would allow such claims to be made.
Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it and prescribe PRP therapy as a complement to a nonsurgical approach for those patients who are not eligible for surgery or who want to delay hair restoration surgery. As a non-surgical treatment option, we recommend PRP therapy along with Minoxidil and DHT blockers or for those patients who can not tolerate or have side effects with these medications.
In summary, PRP therapy offers the opportunity for hair growth for those patients who are not candidates for surgery or those patients wanting a more aggressive nonsurgical approach to treatment. For our surgical patients, PRP therapy is performed on the same day as the hair restoration surgery.
Whether you are looking for additional hair stimulation, or are looking to have hair surgery with the addition of PRP, our Hair Restoration center is able to meet your needs. Results will vary from patient to patient, and PRP as a non-surgical option has not been offers patients with miniaturization and hair thinning improvement in hair caliber and thickness.
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