I google hate

I don’t hate Google. In fact, not too long ago, I was a huge fan of Google. I remember the moment when I first discovered one amazing search engine back in the late 1990’s, when I was still in ... Technology. The man Google loves to hate. Mississippi’s former AG waged a nine-year battle with Google that prompted the company to take him to court — provoking states that are now pursuing a ... This combination of 2018-2020 photos shows, from left, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. They are expected to testify in an Oct. 28, 2020 Senate hearing on tech companies’ control over hate speech and misinformation on their platforms. 25 Things I Hate About Google, Revisited 5 Years Later Five years ago, I wrote a story called “25 Things I Hate About Google.” It went viral, to my surprise. Does Google Hate America? ... Google now accounts for more than 60 percent of all online searches conducted in the United States, and whenever any company grows this indispensable, it seems to ... Self-Defeating. Artificial intelligence algorithms meant to detect and moderate hate speech online, including the Perspective algorithm built by Google, have built-in biases against black people. ... A former Google engineer claimed the Silicon Valley tech giant has 'very biased people running every level of the company' who are going all-in to ensure President Donald Trump doesn't win reelection Google asking for CAPTCHA resolves whenever you’re online is actually pretty normal if you’re using a VPN – especially if it’s a VPN that uses shared IP addresses. Since you’re sharing the server IP address with multiple other VPN users, that means you won’t be the only one sending search queries to Google’s search engine. Chromecast with Google TV requires a TV with an HDMI port, a Wi-Fi network, a Google Account, a nearby electrical outlet, and a compatible mobile device. Minimum OS requirements are available at g.co/cast/req. To view content in 4K, a 4K-capable TV and reliable broadband internet connection are also required. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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2020.10.21 11:15 p5_vitalis Failed attempt

Well it happened. The pain was too much to bear. Double locked my apartment door, even with a key it was inaccessible, aside from fire fighters breaking it down. Grabbed a steak knife and went to town on the right side of my neck. The first cut wasn’t that bad, as the blood started to run down it stopped hurting. Cut after cut, and before I knew it my shirt was soaked in blood. Laid down and minutes later firefighters and emts banging at my door. Was taken away in an ambulance, and admitted to the hospital in which I was held for several days. Nothing to do but sit and think about a way that I can actually end it all, meanwhile feeding the doctors and psychiatrists bullshit so I could leave ASAP. I’m 23 and no health insurance, and the medical bill from the visit just makes it all worse. 30 stitches and I’m fucking good as new god damnit. Now I will be scarred for life but I’m not too concerned as I don’t plan on being here much longer. Hate feeling guilty by family members saying they need me when it’s all bullshit. I should have jumped off the 4th floor of my apartment after I shredded my neck open, I’m sure if I went headfirst my head would have smashed like a watermelon. Currently considering a few options. One is a car accident, going 100mph+ into a concrete divider with no seatbelt should do the trick. Also I could get really drunk, wander out into the snow and freeze by morning. The alcohol will trick my brain into thinking I’m warm so at least it won’t be miserable. Also I could drive off into a lake, and make it seem like the road was icy. Recently I have convinced myself I died that day and I’m in some sort of dream like state in which the only way to wake up is to actually die, seems crazy but I truly believe it but no on else does. I’m really upset that the steak knife didn’t do the job, the amount of blood I lost, I surely thought I cut enough, even tried to find diagrams on google to cut in the right spot. I suppose I could tie a garbage bag around my head with some duct tape. Sure people would be sad, but they would move on. Anyways, the doctors were easy to fool, it’s just a matter of time before I try again. I’m an adult, no one can force me to live a life I don’t want. There is some ponds nearby, they are frozen over and people fall in all the time, it will be easy to fall in and extremely difficult to try and get out, which is perfect. If somehow I would manage to get out, in the snow and cold temperatures I would likely freeze in a matter of minutes. It’s 1:15am and my house is asleep tonight is optimal.
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2020.10.21 10:58 ahmedibraghazal The new Gmail logo.

So today I received the updated logo of Gmail through an update and I really hate it, is there anyway I can mention that to google as a feedback or something?
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2020.10.21 10:56 autobuzzfeedbot 10 things in tech you need to know today

  1. Google faces the biggest antitrust lawsuit in two decades. The US Department of Justice accused the tech giant of using a network of illegal, exclusionary business deals that disadvantage smaller competitors, building an unfair advantage in search and online advertising.
  2. Google says its products dominate because they are better. The firm described the DOJ's lawsuit as 'deeply flawed' suit and said it would force Americans to use worse search features and pay more for their phones.
  3. TikTok explicitly called out white genocide theory and white nationalism as hate speech. The app's guidelines already ban hate speech and hateful ideology, but Wednesday's update sees the firm condemn certain beliefs more explicitly.
  4. We took a first look at the new iPhone 12 lineup. The updated design and refreshed screen sizes make the iPhone feel newer than it has in years, Business Insider's Lisa Eadicicco found.
  5. Netflix's massive 2020 growth is slowing. The streaming company said Tuesday that it added 2.2 million paid subscribers during the third quarter, compared with a Wall Street forecast of 3.3 million.
  6. Some Amazon employees can work from home till 2021. The retail giant has extended its return-to-work date multiple times as coronavirus outbreaks continue across the US.
  7. Silicon Valley is pouring billions into last-minute anti-Trump ads. The Democratic super PAC Future Forward has raised cash from Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskowitz and Twilio founder Jeff Lawson among others.
  8. Snap crushed expectations with its Q3 earnings. The firm generated $678.7 million in revenue in the third quarter, up by 52% year-on-year.
  9. Netflix defended its dual-CEO model. Co-CEO Reed Hastings told Business Insider: "Nearly every family has two CEOs," Hastings said. "If you've got two people that work really well together then it can be incredibly powerful."
  10. Google CEO Sundar Pichai told employees to focus amid the DOJ lawsuit. "The best way we can help the company in times like these is by staying deeply focused on our mission," he said.
Link to article
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2020.10.21 10:13 bubuplush Ren'Py vs. Visual Novel Maker

Hello! :)
I'm not the biggest expert when it comes to Visual Novels. I only read/played ~10 of them, including famous ones like DDLC, Steins;Gate, Clannad, Vallhalla and Utawarurmfmiogr1omno42ononno. I have a little bit experience when it comes to creating games in a program with a graphical interface (RPG Maker), but I have huge issues when it comes to programming, especially understanding code. We had to create a Visual Novel Demo/Mockup with Google Slides in a workshop and many people loved my test novel, I was also pretty happy with it and now I want to switch to a more professional program!
As I said, I'm not really into programming. I'm more into drawing / digital art and already created some assets. I would use Ren'Py, but I looked into some scripts and I was just too stupid to understand it, haha. Just thinking about creating a small game with all that coding scares me a lot. I know that people will probably tell me that I'm not smart enough and that Ren'Py is for babies, but I don't understand how people understand what specific words and commands do, to me it looks like they're getting them out of nowhere while I have to look every simple word up to understand how to let my character blink, for example.
That's why I prefer a graphical interface. I found Visual Novel Maker, but it's expensive and I also see a lot of people complaining really, really hard about it. It wouldn't be worth the money, you can't do anything with it and in general it's just the worst thing in existence. What makes VN Maker so bad or why do people hate it so much?
I can't find any informations about it besides it having some bugs and crashing sometimes, but I'm used to saving every minute. Is it really so limited that you can't create anything on your own? Features I would really like to have are:
- Implementing my own UI
- Customizing the Star Screen and the Menu
- Currency and / or Moral system
- Blinking and / or talking animation for characters
- Transitions and effects for characters, like letting them shake
I don't know if I can do all of that without problems in Visual Novel Maker and it would be really nice if anyone could help me out! Do you think it's "not that bad"? Or is it really as bad as people say so you think I should just learn Ren'Py? I created this new topic since someone told me in the question topic that I should do it, looks like it's only made for simple questions and questions about Visual Novels. I hope that was right! :( I asked on visualnovels before and someone told me that I should ask here! :)
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2020.10.21 09:56 klilshoe How can I hire a jewelry manufacturer in the US to bring my jewelry designs to life?

Hello, I want to start a jewelry line and I don’t know how to bring it to life.
I took jewelry making classes to attempt to make the pieces myself and I just hated it. I just want to design it and hire a manufacturer in the US to make it, and then I can sell it myself.
I am having the hardest time finding jewelry manufacturers that specialize in bringing other people designs to life. When I call businesses listed on google under “jewelry manufacturing” they typically only make custom engagement rings and don’t know who to refer me to.
Has anyone else here hired a jewelry manufacturer to create pieces to then resell them? If so, how did you find them? Can you share best practices and/or advice?
Fyi, I want the pieces to be made in gold/gold-filled and silver with engraved letters.
Thank you!
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2020.10.21 09:48 lanasanasa i hide my true self.

TW// homophobia & it’s impact on me
TLD/ explains how i’m still hiding my authentic self. i also shared a movie that changed my life and many others regarding a similar topic to those who relate.
i have hidden the fact that i am bisexual for my entire life. i’ve been secretive about my interests that are popular in queer culture. I’ve hidden who i admire as a person that have shaped me. i’ve hidden the fact that it’s so important to me. this is a major part of who i am today. yet no one knows it. they only know a piece of me. and that hurts me so much.
i’ve always knew i liked women. ever since i was 7 years old i knew. but my family is extremely homophobic and it lead me to googling conversion therapy places near me as a preteen. it lead me to contact anti gay churches and get recommendations to pray the gay away. it lead me to hate such an important part of myself and identity. it caused so many mental health problems that i can’t even go into detail about it all. if i ever came out, my family would disown me.
i would do anything to have my family and families around the world who do not accept gay people because of religion to please listen to us. or at the very least to watch a movie that changed my life. it is called “prayers for bobby”. it’s a true story about a mother who’s hatred of gays lead her son to kill himself. after he ended his life, his mother started to realize the harms of her actions. and she became an activist for the LGBTQ+ community.
there is not one day where i go without watching or thinking about the speech his mother did. it’s titled “a child is listening”.
i highly recommend that everyone at least once watches this short clip or googles the written version of the speech. it saved me and so many other people. it has changed so many peoples views on this topic.
you can find this speech / clip from the movie by just typing “a child is listening speech”.
if by the end of watching it you still do not accept us, i’m at peace with that. i do not expect everyone to agree with me. people are allowed to have their own opinions.
lastly, rest in paradise bobby griffith i deeply wish you were able to see how far we came.
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2020.10.21 09:20 Its_GameOver My Opinion

I've been using Google Play Music for years and I really enjoyed being able to buy the music I liked. It felt like I was able to support the artist by paying for the songs I enjoyed. For the record, I started paying for YouTube Red, when it was still called that, and Play Music came with. I enjoyed being able to listen to music when wanted to. I will really miss the platform, and hate the idea of buying music on Amazon now, but I guess it can't be helped. I did enjoy the idea of adding Youtube videos to the songs. Some songs make more since when you watch the video vs listening to the song alone. I also have been waiting for a long time for Google to finally add lyrics to music, something Amazon has done for a long, long, time now. To my knowledge, they used AZ Lyrics for their lyrics.
All in all, I will forever miss using Play Music. I enjoyed having everything where I wanted it. It also seems that the YTM platform is not a fully operational package yet. There are many issues that should be bug fixed before forcing everyone to move to another platform. I wish that they just "enhanced" the old app. There were many things that could have made it perfect rather than just changing EVERYTHING. I also hate that now I can no-longer keep all my music together. I have maybe 40~gbs of music that now has to sit on a hard drive until I find a replacement.
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2020.10.21 06:48 Most-Initiative-7787 My Catfish Is In Prison for 32 Years Part 3 (Final Part)

If you’re new to the story, here is PART 1 and PART 2
Let’s pick up where we left off in Part 2. I will still refer to the man as James so it doesn’t get too confusing.
-September 2012
“James Klein”.
Just pretend it says his real name there.
Wait, Ron’s last name was Klein.
Remember Ron? The kid from Facebook who had James’s face.
That kid, who James was using as his face and body double, was his NEPHEW.
After a quick google search of James’s real name, I learned that my cute 17 year old blonde haired, blue eyed boyfriend was a 46 year old man with a wife and 4 kids.
The many photos of his two sisters that he had shared with me were his oldest daughters.
I told Sarah right away what I had found. It’s been a while, but I believe her response was something like “Oh my God?!”.
I held back the tears and numbing anxiety and decided that I needed to confront him. Since I was in class, text was my only option.
“I know you’re not who you say you are. Just tell me the truth.”
He admitted that he wasn’t the 17 year old in the pictures and whatever information I had uncovered was probably true.
He told me he would explain everything to me later, which surprisingly he did.
The waiting was killing me, but the next day I sat down in a booth at a restaurant in town and talked with him on the phone for what felt like all day. I figured if I was in public I wouldn’t break down in tears.
I don’t remember everything from this conversation, I’ve repressed a lot of it, but I remember right after we hung up, I broke down in tears. My poor waitress who had to bring me my check.
He said that he was lonely, that he wasn’t looking for a relationship with anyone but that we got along so well that he went along with it.
I remember him saying I’m sorry, a lot.
After that phone call, we had no communication for a couple of weeks. But being the highly inquisitive person that I am, I wanted to know exactly who I was dealing with.
I texted James that I would like to meet him face to face, but only in public.
Trust me. I would like to tell my 19 year old to not be so damn stupid and just block his number and move on, but I was a naive person and thought I could handle it.
My dad was going back to the town James lives in and I asked to tag along so that I could do some shopping.
I chose the mall that was down the street from our hotel.
I told him I would be sitting near the cafe in the Barnes and Noble.
I must have been sitting there for a couple minutes but when I looked up -he was there- walking towards me dressed business casual in nice pants and a beige jacket. It really is the most normal looking people who who’d never suspect harbor so much evil.
He took a couple glances around, come to find out later from him that he was worried I set him up and called the cops.
I hadn’t, but now wish I had.
The conversation flowed easily, like everything was the same between us. He even showed me the burner phone he used to text and call me. He would later stop using that phone with me. I’m not sure if he still had it when he was arrested.
We started to walk around the mall while I asked him questions.
This part are his words and I cannot confirm if they are true. I know now that he is a pathological and compulsive liar.
He told me that he had been sexually abused by his brother and his marriage was awful. He wasn’t sexually attracted to his wife anymore and couldn’t stomach having sex with her so he looked elsewhere.
He told me that he was a sex addict but was going to the anonymous meetings.
He would take pictures of his nephew, Ron, so that he could send me new pictures to keep it looking real.
He was able to talk to me so often because he had gone back to school and would tell his wife that he was up late doing school work.
I asked him, “Have you stopped doing it?” “Are you still going on Stickam?”.
He said yes, he wasn’t doing that anymore since I had caught him.
He said all the right things and talked to me like he was genuinely sorry and to me was like a lost puppy just looking for company.
He left it up to me as to whether our communication would continue.
I fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.
I justified our friendship as he needed someone to keep him in check and I needed someone to tell my problems to.
I naively thought that as long as I was talking to him, he wasn’t going back to the sites or potentially hurting anyone else.
We would communicate on a semi regular basis. Always checking in on the other. He was my shoulder to cry on when my first real boyfriend dumped me, and would be there when the next boy would break my heart, again, and again.
He was there for my problems, and I would be there for his. When he needed to complain about his wife, kids, in-laws, work. He really did hate just about everything in his life, except for me.
He even gave me new running shoes for my birthday.
It was a very unhealthy friendship and I know that now.
Spring 2014
It was around 7 in the morning.
I was in my Junior year of college at this point.
My phone started going off like someone was calling.
-James Calling-
James and I had a system; you only call after you text the other and make sure it’s ok.
So I knew something was wrong. I let it go to voicemail.
-New voicemail-
“Hi (OP). This is (let’s call her) Lindsey, James’ wife.”
Oh shit.
She had found our text messages. Which to be honest were nothing shocking or scandalous.
She told me she was leaving James and taking their children and that I should not contact James anymore.
Long story short, she didn’t end up leaving him and she didn’t take away the kids. Much like what he did with me, he told her what she wanted to hear and they stayed together until he was arrested.
I’ve never reached out to her directly since all of this happened. From the beginning James told me she was basically a b*tch, so understandably I didn’t have a high opinion of her. I’m sure she’s actually a very lovely woman.
Although, who knows what she did or didn’t know what her husband was up to in their own home.
I’ll speed things up a bit to get us to 2018 because there wasn’t a lot that happened between 2014 and 2018.
I didn’t speak to Sarah again after maybe 2013. She disappeared. Unsurprisingly.
I graduated college and decided it was finally time to leave my hometown and start my career.
Naturally James was excited and was hoping I would choose his hometown or the next largest town about an hour away as the place to start my career.
I told him I was moving to the other side of the country.
In my gut I knew I didn’t want to be any closer to him. I started disliking having him in my life. He was a grown man complaining about his life to a young girl and who would compliment me on my looks far too much for anyone to be comfortable with.
My mom always says, trust your gut, and my gut was telling me to get the hell away from this man. Physically and mentally.
So I got a new job and moved 2,000 miles away to a city where I could have a fresh start.
I suppose you could say the move across country was my awakening. I realized how emotionally messed up and toxic our friendship was.
I stopped responding to his text messages in the new year of 2018. After a couple of months he got the hint and stopped texting.
And that brings us to the present. Glad you made it this far with my ramblings lol
February 2020
I was curious about his kids and where they ended up.
Before we stopped speaking, his two eldest had gone to college and one had gotten married. The other even had a kid. He wasn’t happy about the unplanned pregnancy.
I googled one of the girls names, the one with the baby, and found her wedding announcement.
Then I saw the headline.
“(Hometown Name) Man Arrested, 30+ Years for Kid P*rnography”.
I’ve altered the title just a teeny bit.
I swear my eyes had to climb back into my head.
Two years had gone by without a word because I thought he had actually moved on with his life.
He was arrested a few months after I stopped communication and has been in prison since last year.
Based on all of the articles and court documents I read, here’s what happened.
A female victim, who was a teenager at the time, had came forward to the state police a few years ago and they got the FBI involved.
After investigating for two years, the police and FBI discovered he had been coercing and blackmailing hundreds of teenagers (both boys and girls) to send him explicit photos of themselves. For 10 years! He hadn’t stopped until the day he was arrested.
He even created false identities as “friends” to help in the act and get kids to trust him and gain access to their socials. “Sarah” was one of them.
I’d like to add at this point, he was very involved in his kids lives. He volunteered at their schools and was always around young children.
He was the soccer dad type.
At no point did I suspect he was hurting or even speaking to minors online. I thought he had cleaned up his act and was living clean.
I thought about all of those children, only of which a handful have been identified. If I had been a year younger and given him explicit photos, I would have been with them in that courtroom.
Hundreds are still unaware that their photos are in police custody.
I wanted to scream. Tell him right to his face how much of a disgusting pervert I think he is and that he should die in prison alone and despite his best efforts, I am happy and living a healthy life not under his influence.
I thought I knew all of his dirty secrets, but he still pulled the wool over my eyes and fooled me until the very end.
I was never called by the police or FBI or notified of his arrest.
I don’t know if the police know about me or of James’ victims, as that name wasn’t mentioned in the court documents.
He might have been trying to protect me or just protect himself from further prosecution.
In January of this year, James’ sister texted me asking if I would receive a letter from James. At this point I didn’t know he had been arrested. I didn’t respond.
About a month after I found out about his arrest, I received a text message from someone I didn’t know.
“Hi (OP), I am a friend of James. He wants to make sure that you’re ok. Please respond.”
Again, I did not respond.
After this message, I got pissed. He had no right to give my phone number to anyone. Let alone a (likely) pedo friend of his.
Federal prisoners are only allowed to communicate with people on a pre-approved list that he has to submit and get approved by the person and the prison.
I am not on that list and never will be.
After this last contact attempt I reached out to my dad, who works for the corrections system, and asked him what I should do.
He said to contact the prison and let them know he was attempting unwanted contact through third parties and that it would likely stop.
Thankfully I haven’t had to do that. The contact attempts stopped and because I didn’t respond to the texts or notify the prison, he doesn’t know that that is still my telephone number.
He’ll likely die in prison. Good.
And that everyone, is the end.
If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments, message me directly, or if you feel like hearing another Catfish story, different person altogether and not quite as dramatic, let me know!
Thanks everyone!
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2020.10.21 06:29 eufouric Any app that'll read google play music purchases?

I already saved all my albums onto my pc and don't really want to use up my small phone space for them all. Youtube Music is the worst thing I have ever used. Just need something that won't force you to use autoplay. I hate google and the alphabet company so much.
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2020.10.21 06:12 kwailabear New to the club.. maybe?

Hi guys i want to share my story and get some advice. I'm an almost 22 year old female and I have been having symptoms since december 2019, more on these later. It started with a really bad UTI after a road trip. Naturally when it started hurting to pee and I had to literally sleep in my bathroom because going was so frequent i went into urgent care as soon as I possibly could. Got some antibiotics... and a week later I was back in the office again. Then a third time and a fourth. The third time only showed blood in my urine, no bacteria so officially no UTI but still an antibiotic. Fourth time everything was normal with my pee but I started having bad pains in what im sure was my kidney (disclaimer: I'm a recent clinical lab science graduate so I'd say I know anatomy, another medical stuff fairly well) I set up an appointment with my PCP. Before i could get in to see him I ended up in the ER because the kidney pain got so bad but that doc did a urine dipstick, a kidney CT, IV pain meds and sent me on my way with a diagnosis of back pain after that and between two visits i had blood work done, pregnancy and std screening, kidney/gallbladdebladder ulrasounds and the call for the test results was literally just "hey you're normal, drink more water" so needless to say i went to a different doctor. My OBGYN has so far been helpful but still hasn't solidified a diagnosis. Shes had me try vaginal moisturizer, an ultrasound of my vag, uterus and ovaries, antihistamines, bladder control medicine, done a cystoscopy (which was the worst pain I have ever experienced, i cried when I had to pee for 24 hrs and it still hurt for almost a week after. ) the cystoscopy came out to be normal and I just completed the most recent meds with no relief. She says that its likely endometriosis or interstitial cystitis but hasnt given me a solid diagnosis yet. I know obviously i need to have my diagnosis from a doctor, but I want to know if anyone has experienced things like this? I've done a lot of research and I think IC with vulvular vestibulitis syndrome sounds very like me. I just want to go into my next appointment with some solutions under my belt to discuss with my doctor. I feel helpless and I hate feeling that way.
Symptoms: urethral burning, bladder burning as it fills up, occassional stabbing sharp pain in usually my left kidney,
fatigue, inability to empty my bladder completely on the first try painful sexual intercourse (pain on insertion, burning during and after, semen makes it worse) Inserting tampons hurts so bad. While inserting and after. I've always had heavy painful periods but for a while birth control was helping. That's why my doctor said maybe endometriosis too. I looked into some of my family history and wonder if maybe IC or whatever this issue may be if its not IC stems from a thyroid deficiency. Again Im getting these ideas from former college kid research and my own medical knowledge. I'm not just crazy google lady. I just need some ideas of what may help me to get answers and while thatvprocess happens So i want to know how others were diagnosed and what has been a major help for you guys so I can try to get some normalness in my life. I've had such bad anxiety and depressive flare ups because of this. I feel like im going crazy and I don't want to ruin my life and relationship because of it
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2020.10.21 06:11 duoderf1 need a Tmobile phone that works with hearing aids

The big question: does the S20FE work with resound quattro bluetooth hearing aids?
As the title says. I'm looking for a phone that is Tmobile compatible and works with Resound Quattro hearing aids. I have been wearing them for a few weeks and so far I hate having to carry around the extra bluetooth phone adapter because my current LG G7 isnt compatible. I'm also looking for something that is at least minimally better than the G7 I have now, though I am fairly happy with its performance and photos.
In the past I have mainly stayed with Google or LG phones, a couple of Nexus phones and more recently my last 3 phones have all been LGs (G4, V10 and now G7).
Right now I am going back and forth between the Pixel 5 and the Samsung S20FE which seem like they are very competitive. The S20FE would cost me $200 after trade in of my G7, while the pixel isnt offering anything for the G7 so it would be full price (from google).
At the same time, my wife is looking for a phone to replce her S10e, which she is really dissapointed in. So if there is a 2 for one deal out there on a resound compatible phone, please let me know.
The list of resound compatible phones doesnt include either the pixel 5 or the S20FE, but it does include the pixel 4 and almost overy other samsung phone out there. Since the google website says the pixel 5 is compatible, I am assuming that both the S20FE and pixel 5 work, and the resound website just hasnt been updated.
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2020.10.21 06:09 duoderf1 need a Tmobile phone that works with hearing aids

As the title says. I'm looking for a phone that is Tmobile compatible and works with Resound Quattro hearing aids. I have been wearing them for a few weeks and so far I hate having to carry around the extra bluetooth phone adapter because my current LG G7 isnt compatible. I'm also looking for something that is at least minimally better than the G7 I have now, though I am fairly happy with its performance and photos.
In the past I have mainly stayed with Google or LG phones, a couple of Nexus phones and more recently my last 3 phones have all been LGs (G4, V10 and now G7).
Right now I am going back and forth between the Pixel 5 and the Samsung S20FE which seem like they are very competitive. The S20FE would cost me $200 after trade in of my G7, while the pixel isnt offering anything for the G7 so it would be full price (from google).
At the same time, my wife is looking for a phone to replce her S10e, which she is really dissapointed in. So if there is a 2 for one deal out there on a resound compatible phone, please let me know.
The list of resound compatible phones doesnt include either the pixel 5 or the S20FE, but it does include the pixel 4 and almost overy other samsung phone out there. Since the google website says the pixel 5 is compatible, I am assuming that both the S20FE and pixel 5 work, and the resound website just hasnt been updated.
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2020.10.21 05:31 Hellcat_Mary Any word in the winds about a newer SANTA SANGRE release?

I've been thinking about trading up my long-held region 2 - and possibly bootleg - DVD for the 2011 Severin blu ray, but since all the rage with the boutique labels is new 4K scans, was curious if anyone has heard stirrings of a re-release anytime in the near future? The blu ray isn't crazy expensive but I'd hate to spend like $30 now just for Severin or whoever has the license to come out with a beautiful 4K limited edition steelbook or something in, like, 6 months to a year. I've done a little googling to reasearch myself, but figured this forum would be in the know.
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2020.10.21 05:26 BiFiguggggh My Privacy kinda if you have any questions abt more stuff privacy wise that i did ask

I would like to Begin with i only started being better with privacy 2 months. I was on YT and found a video from The Hated one I think and That's when it started. After that i began binge-watching his videos and removed all of my PW from chrome and then I used auto cookie and tried to remove all the cookies from chrome which I know was prob pointless at that time. Then I did what the hated one said to do installed Ff then add-ons and made it hardened. So after that I removed Discord with bulk crap uninstaller .after that i used the shelter app for insta and discord on my phone because my friends and use the shelter app for school Google things. At this point i have two google accs but the 2nd one Is only for the work Shelter side because i have no google acc on the actually non work side of the phone but i did Use free tube which i still do but i moved all the subs to a RSS reader and Only use free tube to search for vids.
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2020.10.21 05:22 pleas3bekind2me Spoil me, explain it alllll to me, pls

Hi. I really, truly respect how passionate you all are about this show. I've been attracted to this show for a while, I watched a few episodes from the first season many years ago so I don't really remember anything. I really want to dive into this show again, but here's the thing - I'd love for someone to explain to me the overarching themes.
You know when you watch something for the first time and you're like "hm that was cool, but I think I'll ~get it better the second time"? And then you watch it for the second time and it's such a joy because your mind isn't focusing on the surface level plot as much, you're able to watch the bigger picture, able to try to understand why the writers did what they did. I want that kind thing now. I don't want to know the ins and outs of each storyline, but I really want to know the tone, the message, I want to be guided into watching it the 'right way' (I know there's no 'right' and 'wrong' way to enjoy television but you know what I mean?).
I know I'm about to be down voted into oblivion, I'm half worried about getting actually bullied for this lol. I'm not using a burner account, I'm usually just a lurker who never comments so I just made this for this purpose. But I genuinely just think this is the only way I'll be able to finally take this show off my watchlist and dive into loving it. I love to be spoiled, I'm sorry guys I just do! I read the wikipedia before watching certain things and I know you may think that I'm actually getting anything out of the experience by doing this, but it's my opinion that I do. I suffer from severe anxiety and this tends to be the only way I can dive into certain shows/movies.
Also another negative comment I know I will receive - why don't I just google the plot? I totally get that one. I've been doing some research because I hate when people ask googleable things on reddit. But I figured maybe there's a bored superfan who would be so kind to take the time to help me by explaining to me what they think I should know, the messages they think I should be looking out for. I figured, by actually asking this question, maybe someone could help me understand what to keep an eye out for without spoiling every single storyline. I know this is a lot to ask for and I'm prepared for no one to do this for me and that's completely ok.
Here's what I know from Reddit already lol:
-The tone is spoofing soaps like Dallas. Supposed to have over the top acting because of this.
-The dad murdered Laura because he was possessed and the black lodge is an underworld type place? I'm curious if there are signs of the supernatural turn the show will take because I don't remember that being a thing when I first watched. Are the supernatural elements taken seriously or are they tongue in cheek/spoofy as well?
Last thing, if someone is actually taking the time to not only read this all but help me, thank you!! It's up to you to spoil what you wish, but I'm thinking maybe only season 1 spoilers?
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2020.10.21 04:49 epicskip Convince me!

Hey! So, I am super into the idea of an app-less phone. I already limit my phone use and I don't have any social media except for Reddit, which I try to use sparingly. I love the idea of a superlight UI, just as I have loved stock Android for many years. I have just a couple hangups about the Light Phone though, change my mind about getting one!
I'm not trying to knock the phone; I want to like it, in fact. Just wondering if anyone who has similar perceived needs as me can chime in and sell me on it. Ultimately I hope we can all find something that works for us, you know?
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2020.10.21 04:47 NuMotiv Apple killing Stadium is great advertising.

I'm pure android/google and hate apple so I don't care but I've noticed a TON of news outlets reporting on ios killing the "popular" app that lets people play stadia. I've never seen so much stadia talk. It's great. Even if on the negative side.
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2020.10.21 04:40 Snoo_75289 i hate econ 1b03

i despise the course. I hate the content, i hate how its structured, i have 300000 more assignments and work to do and the shitty and boring content comes in the way of everything. I literally just had a math midterm for 2 hours and now I'm sitting here tryna figure out this dumb fukkin econ work that i have no passion for or interest in. and can someone tell me why tf a 20 question multiple choice test is only 30 minutes? and a 5 QUESTION QUIZ IS 5 MINUTES?? WTF like fam does she expect me to be a econ god? like im so swamped with everything i swear to god all of you said econ was a bird course why tf did i take it i regret it every single day i hate it so much i got a 50 on my first test its gonna tank my average too. Like fam i actually feel so stuck why did i take econ if ur reading this and if you took econ 2nd sem PLEASE DROP IT DROP ECON IT IS NOT A BIRD COURSE IT ACC REQUIRES SO MUCH WORK. its been half the semester and i have a 100 page google doc of notes already I HATE IT SM DONT TAKE ECON IT SUCKS
sorry for the rant but it sucks fuk that course i hate it fuck it
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2020.10.21 04:26 care_con_14 To those who watched as the episodes came out, kudos to you!

I just finished bingeing this incredible series in several weeks and I can't imagine having to wait months or days for one episode to come out. This is such a well-written captivating show and I wish I watched it earlier but also, I'm not sure I could have handled all the waiting! Confession: I hate spoilers but couldn't resist the temptation so I googled "who is sin rostro?" and "who does Jane end up with?" before finding out while watching. Still loved everything and still had an emotional ride even when I already knew how it was going to end.
Now that I've finished bingeing, any advice on how to deal with the sadness of it ending and the craving for more? I wanted to watch cast interviews on youtube but I can't find much. Most of them are from 5 years ago.
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2020.10.21 04:14 GettingThroughLife1 Sorry if this is a stupid question, but...what exactly IS an introvert?

TL;DR I used to think all it meant was needing time alone to recharge, but now I Googled it, and it says it's "a shy, reticent person." Like did the definition change over time, or did I learn wrong in school?
I made this post 2 days ago on this very sub, because I was tired of people using the word "introvert" interchangeably with qualities like being shy, quiet, anti-social, grumpy, reclusive, or just absolutely hating people and social interaction altogether...when according to what I learned in school, all it means is "you need alone time to recharge."
However, I made this post on NoStupidQuestions, asking about why being confuse introvert with all those qualities when all it means is needing alone time to recharge, and the most popular response was as follows: 'Google defines an introvert as a "shy, reticent person". Maybe it's your definition that is wrong.'
And I just felt kind of bad...because in case Google is right, I've basically been bashing REAL introverts, just because I was misinformed a long time ago at school about what an introvert ACTUALLY is.
Also...that would kind of explain the relatively negative reception my first post got. It wasn't awful, but 71% upvoted is relatively controversial, and the second most upvoted response is a "sick" burn, 'So are 50/50 ambiverts also incredibly annoying?' Because I said I was a 50/50 ambivert in the post. And most of the other ones weren't too positive either.
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Kick The Bucket has been eliminated!
This song is pretty average imo. I think it lasted as long as it should've, maybe it could've gone 1 or 2 more rounds. I really love the "IM SO DESPERATE" shit but other than that it's pretty meh.
I had no idea what to vote for last round so I sat it out, but I think I would've voted for this one.

---> Vote Here <---

Songs Still Standing:
Fallen Songs:
Kick The Bucket, 9 of 40 responses, 22.5%
Royally Fucked, 16 of 42 responses, 38.1%
London Bridge, 11 of 55 responses, 20%
Holy Shit, 9 of 62 responses, 14.5%
Boomin', 8 of 55 responses, 14.5%
Step Up, Ghettoblaster, 9 of 50 responses, 18%
Masturbates, 9 of 69 responses, 13%
I'm Your Problem Now, 7 of 45 responses, 15.5%
Whipstickagostop, 10 of 35 responses, 28.6%
Album Winners:
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2020.10.21 03:46 NervousChip1 Not sure if I ruined a friendship bc of my bpd or if this person just doesn’t want to be my friend

I had a really good friend at work (me:25F her:22F) and we got close after she broke up with her bf. We talked all the time at work and texted a lot. We’d hang out, too. We ended up hooking up a few times, but now she’s back with her boyfriend and ignores me.
I got upset one night after drinking and sent her messages about how I was upset we couldn’t be friends anymore. The messages I sent weren’t mean but there were too many and I definitely expressed my frustration. I feel ashamed that I’ve inserted myself like this and I wish I could take back expressing frustration. She says her bf is really jealous and she can’t really talk to anyone he suspects could be more than a friend. She says she doesn’t talk to some of her guy friends when she’s with him so he won’t get upset. She said she’s been ignoring me because of all that and she didn’t wanna drag me into it, but sometimes I go into a spiral and feel like she just doesn’t want to be my friend or doesn’t care about me.
We used to share poetry on a shared google document, and I was really upset one day so I deleted it. It was rash and pretty low of me since we had a lot of poetry posted there. I feel horrible about doing that. I really hate how cloudy my judgement can get when I’m frustrated. It was a really petty thing to do and I wish I could take it back.
I’ve since apologized to her for the texts. I’m really embarrassed. I think she became a “favorite person” and I feel like I’ve been too much and scared her away.
Has anyone else had experiences like this with friends/FPs? I’m pretty upset with myself about the whole thing and just wish we could be friends again. She tries to break up with her bf pretty often and always comes back when she does but leaves again the second they’re back together. I’m worried that she won’t come back this time bc I’ve been too involved and I feel like she doesn’t like me anymore. Just not sure what to do. It’s really hard to see her at work.
Edit: I hate feeling so depressed about everything in my life because she isn’t talking to me, she’s not responsible for my happiness. I know that if she texted me I’d come out of my depression and stop thinking that everything about life is horrible and pointless. I hate how one thing out of my control can make everything in my life seem awful. I know it’s black and white thinking, but it’s so hard to come out of and I hate it.
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Ellie Goulding & Juice WRLD - Hate Me (Lyrics) - YouTube HATE.COM (EXTREMISTS ON THE NET)-HBO - YouTube I Hate You.... - YouTube GOOGLE...I HATE YOU... - YouTube I FUCKING HATE GOOGLE! - RANT - YouTube Dylan Rants #4: I HATE Google+ gnash - i hate u, i love u (Lyrics) (ft. olivia o'brien ... Ellie Goulding & Juice WRLD - Hate Me (Lyrics) - YouTube I Hate You Google  Google Feud #1 'I Hate...' Google Autofill

How I Fully Quit Google (And You Can, Too) by Nithin ...

  1. Ellie Goulding & Juice WRLD - Hate Me (Lyrics) - YouTube
  3. I Hate You.... - YouTube
  4. GOOGLE...I HATE YOU... - YouTube
  6. Dylan Rants #4: I HATE Google+
  7. gnash - i hate u, i love u (Lyrics) (ft. olivia o'brien ...
  8. Ellie Goulding & Juice WRLD - Hate Me (Lyrics) - YouTube
  9. I Hate You Google Google Feud #1
  10. 'I Hate...' Google Autofill

I'm back and, I'm playing Google Feud. You can play it for yourself right here: https://www.googlefeud.com/ You can see my channel here: https://www.youtube.... A rant I was dying to do, although is a little late, I hope you enjoy it. These are my serious opininons. Also watch more of my rants and subscribe for more rants! Anyway, until then enjoy ... Discover Similar Songs on Spotify • https://auroravibes.ffm.to/spotify Stream 'i hate u, i love u' by gnash • https://gnash.lnk.to/ihateuiloveuID Support gna... FIRST TIME MEETING THE NEWBORN BABY OF THE FAMILY!!! (UNEXPECTED GIFT REVEAL) - Duration: 14:38. Through Our Eyes Recommended for you. New Leave a like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Look at the gameplay quality... XD ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Twitter - https://twitter.com/KrypticRaider Outro Song - Souls of Mischief - 93 ... 🎵 Ellie Goulding & Juice WRLD - Hate Me (Lyrics) ⏬ Download / Stream: https://ellie.lnk.to/HateMeID 🎧 Follow our Spotify playlists: http://bit.ly/7cloudsSpot... This documentary emphasizes the subculture of NeoNazis in America and their impact on the internet. Their fascist views intend to compel and brainwash the mi... Let me tell you why Google sucks dick! They disagree when I fill in the questions when I lost my old account. They don't answer assholes! FUCK GOOGLE AND ALS... Ellie Goulding & Juice WRLD - Hate Me (Lyrics) Ellie Goulding & Juice WRLD - Hate Me Listen: https://geo.music.apple.com/us/album/hate-me/1469521997?i=146952... Send this to the person you hate and say nothing.... SUBSCRIBE! -- http://youtube.com/daybydave Twitter -- https://twitter.com/DaveDelirious Instagram -- htt...