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Long Long Way To Go: Cover Albums & Reworkings - #2 Going Back - Phil Collins

2020.10.22 15:11 Patrick_Schlies Long Long Way To Go: Cover Albums & Reworkings - #2 Going Back - Phil Collins

Released in 2010
Full album here
Phil’s most recent album to date, and sadly, most likely his last, sees him return to the music of his childhood covering all of his favorite classic Motown hits. Now I must admit, I don’t listen to Motown that often, but there is no denying that these are some of the catchiest songs ever written, and having Phil sing them is the perfect match. And you can really tell Phil had fun making this album. Every track, especially songs like “Heatwave” , “Ain’t too Proud to Beg” and Stevie Wonder’s infectious “Uptight”, are filled with energy, and you may just find yourself singing along by the end of each of them.
The actual sound of the songs though remains almost completely unchanged. Phil has stated that “[He] want[ed] the songs to sound exactly like the originals,”1 and I’d say he definitely succeeded in that. Thankfully the album is not recorded in mono, or the god-awful stereo splitting of the 60s, but that authentic oldies sound is still there, most evident in the vocals, with just a tad of distortion added. There also aren’t any creative liberties taken with the songs, as Phil did indeed remain completely true to the originals.
As for stand out tracks, when every song is just as good as the last, it’s hard to pick out any in particular, but there are a few I just have to mention. Without a doubt, “Papa was a Rolling Stone” is my favorite on the whole album. It starts with an extensive intro filled with wah guitar, strings, and a killer horn section, followed by one of Phil’s best vocal performances on the album, adding more power with each chorus. On top of all that, we get an amazing delay heavy trumpet solo bridging the song to the final chorus.
Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer” and “Some of Your Lovin”, both ballads, are two more highlights. The former filled with remorseful lyrics accompanied by a dramatic arrangement of strings and piano, and the latter with some of Phil’s highest and smoothest falsetto.
There’s also a deluxe edition of the album that has seven bonus tracks, all on par with the standard edition cuts, including “Dancing in the Street” and “You Really Got a Hold on Me” (The Mechanics actually covered this one too).
Going back is a fun album that shows where some of Phil’s inspiration and songwriting influences come from, and I recommend it to any fan of Mr. Collins.

Click here for more entries
1 Undercover.com
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2020.10.21 22:16 tognabologna7 28 [M4R] ANYWHERE/US ‐ Escaping Quarantine Mentally

I need a break from quarantine. Im so sick of memes online forums and streaming. I need to unplug entirely but that is practically impossible due to working from home. I just want to lay in the grass somewhere and I have never wanted that EVER.
I just want to talk to somebody so I can feel like Im not trapped at home alone like I actually am. I would love to talk about books, drawing, cooking, musicianship, traveling or anything wholesome. I just need an escape! Please talk to me - I dont care!
Im not looking for a soulmate or a potential date. I just want human interaction on some level. I feel like Im growing more dead inside by the day and I need it to stop. Here are some things about me...
Single, black male in his late 20s. Is bisexual. Has a crass, dead pan sense of humor. Likes to fantasize about funny scenarios. Likes to play guitar and bass. Likes to listen to heavy metal, oldies and cheesy early 2000s pop. Likes to drink gin. Likes to play chess. Likes to write stories (currently working on a shitty fantasy novel). Likes to cook and talk about food. Likes to draw cartoons. Likes cold weather. Likes chocolate milk. Likes to freestyle hardcore, gay, gangsta rap. Likes to practice speaking in a posh, cockney british accent for fun. Likes scary movies. Dislikes water damaged buildings. Dislikes heartburn. Dislikes my job as an office manager. Dislikes the state of the video games industry. Dislikes spiders. Dislikes religion.
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2020.10.20 05:25 JudeOseiTutu Xbox Classic Mini (15 Games)

Alright so I know this probably won’t happen, but hopes are still up, if this were to be a thing, what games would you guys like to see on the console? Growing up I was never really big on Xbox exclusives apart from Halo... Halo is a reason to buy anything... anyway so, Exclusives Only. With a few exceptions like Doom 3 and other Bethesda oldie IP’s... in fact go crazy I just wanna see quality titles on it I would’ve never heard of or played :)
P.S. I know 15 games seem to be little but just homage to the release date an also better for nostalgia quality.
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2020.10.18 20:07 Ancientalienaardvark Here is the story of my Orchiectomy with Dr. Arnkoff

Background: I am MtF/NB and like to present as a girl. I don't see that changing any time soon so I wanted my testicles removed. I am about a year on estrogen and I took blockers for about 2 years before that. I am really squeamish about being cut. I tend to faint. I picked Dr. Arnkoff because he was within a days drive of where I live and he does not require any letters/psyc evaluation.
++++++ THE TRIP +++++++
I contacted Dr. Arnkoff on October 1st. We briefly discussed my history (age, hormone use) and he told me he would check his schedule and get back to me. The next day at 8am he called me back and discussed his schedule. We decided to schedule the surgery for October 11th which was only 10 days away! I had no idea it would be possible to get such a close date but evidently he has good availability. October 11th worked well for me because my wife was scheduled to be on vacation at that time so she could drive and help me recover. We booked a hotel room at "The Baronette Renaissance" in Novi. This hotel is about 15 minutes away from Arnkoff's office. It cost about $150 a night which I thought was worth it. The room was very nice and the hotel is in an affluent area. I have had my share of crappy hotel stays and I am completely over it at this point. I highly recommend paying for a nice hotel stay.
On the 6th we went to the bank and got a cashier’s check for $3600. We also got our car ready for the drive to Michigan which included me replacing some emissions control solenoid valve to fix an issue with hard starting.
We made the 8 hour drive to Michigan on Wednesday the 7th which would give us a few days to vacation before the surgery. The drive was uneventful and actually less boring than I thought it would be. I think I would like to do more road trips in the future. We arrived on the evening of the 7th and checked into our hotel. During our drive Dr. Arnkoff called me and informed me he had a cancelation for Saturday the 10th and that Sunday would not work well for him anymore. I agreed with this new schedule and the surgery was moved to Saturday October 10th. I was now 3 days out and starting to get anxious.
On the 8th we went to the Ford museum and saw a bunch of classic cars and old planes. We also visited Belle Island. On the 9th we drove to Toledo and went to the Zoo and botanical garden there. The botanical garden was nicer. I thought I was about to get covid at the Zoo due to the number of idiots not wearing masks. I can see why Ohio has so many covid cases now.
On the night of the 9th Arnkoff called me to confirm I still wanted surgery. I told him yes. He instructed me to meet him at his office at 6:15am the next day. The surgery was scheduled for 6:30am. I didn't sleep too well that night.
About Dr. Arnkoff: I found him to be nice but very direct. He will quickly communicate via call/text and is good about answering all your questions. The answers you receive from him are short and to the point. He is a nice guy – he just always seems like he is in a hurry. I did not get a paper with after care instructions (which would have been nice) but he did verbally give me instructions and he is available to answer all your questions via call/text. There is no gate keeping with him. I signed my balls away that that was all.
++++++ THE SURGERY +++++++
I woke up early at about 4:30am on the 10th and took a shower. We arrived at his office right on time at 6:15am. The office is a huge glass medical/office building. I was worried that the office might be a little sketchy but this was not the case. It is a nice newish urology office on the first floor. At about 6:25 we met with Dr. Arnkoff in the lobby of the office. He was nicer and more personable face to face than on the phone/text. He brought out an informed consent form which I read and signed. He discussed possible complications of the surgery with me as well and gave me some tips on how to prevent a blood clot from forming in my leg after surgery. I asked him some questions as well and he explained that he now makes two incisions rather than one in order to limit bleeding. I was unsure about having two incisions rather than one but I trusted his judgment and agreed. After signing the form he left us in the lobby and went back into the office to setup for surgery. We were also waiting on his assistant to show up which took a few minutes. I would guess that at around 6:45am I was called back to the operating room.
The OR was fairly simple I thought. It contained some equipment that we would not be using as well as what looked similar to a dental chair with a bright surgical light overhead. There was also a tray of surgical instruments off to the side. I did not look at the time at them but I did take a picture. The assistant (who I think is Arnkoff's daughter) asked me to undress and lay down in the surgical chair. She gave me a cloth cover to put over myself as well. She left the room and I took off my underwear and pants and laid down as she said. A few minutes later she returned and cleaned me with iodine (I guess) and then added some additional covers over me.
This was around the time I started to get very nervous. I had previously told Dr. Arnkoff that I am pretty squeamish especially about being cut and so I might faint. I told this to the assistant as well. She made some small talk with me and mentioned how she used to be squeamish when she first go into the medical field. She told a story about watching a C-section preformed for the first time which did not help me to feel any better (lol).
After I was prepped for surgery Dr. Arnkoff entered the room and started working on me. I told him I was feeling faint and he gave me some smelling salts to hold in my hand. I took a whiff and realized why they work. That smell is crazy strong! At some point the assistant stuck a pulse oximeter on my finger which she evidently checked throughout the procedure.
Dr. Arnkoff started by numbing the incision sites (one on each side). I closed my eyes at this point and did not open them much at all during the procedure. He played oldies music on his phone and I concentrated on that rather than what I was feeling. He explained that numbing was the worst part of he procedure and I think I agree. He also numbed the spermatic cords and possibly some other areas as well. I would describe the numbing process as uncomfortable but only slightly painful. It felt like he was squeezing my testicles and spermatic cords but not that hard. There was some stinging and burning depending on the injection site. I managed to get through the numbing without fainting. After he was done injecting me both Dr. Arnkoff and his assistant left the room for about 15 minutes. I laid there with my eyes closed and waited. I actually felt very relaxed during this time and nearly dozed off.
After the wait both returned to the room and started working on me. My right side was done first. Dr. Arnkoff stood on my right and his assistant was on my left. I imagined what was going on but I never looked. There was some tugging and discomfort but I would not say it was more than very mildly painful. After what I imagine was 15 minutes they announced that the right side was done. I opened my eyes for a minute and watched them switch sides. Arnkoff was now on my left and his assistant on the right. The left side took about 20 minutes I would guess and was slightly more uncomfortable than the right. Stubbing your toe is worse. There was a point where I felt a little poke sensation which I guess was from being stitched up in an area that was not totally numb. I told him and he immediately gave me more numbing in that area.
During the procedure I did have a sense of what was doing on. I could kind of feel what I guess was a testicle on my leg when each was out but maybe that was just Arnkoff's hand resting there? With the cloth coverings they put on you there is less sensation than I imagined there might me. I was also worried about hearing the snipping of scissors, etc. but this was largely drowned out by the oldies music. I did occasionally ask him questions about the procedure (like "are my testicles big or small?" They were small lol) which he quickly answered. I kept thinking I might soon faint during the procedure but I never did.
After what I would guess as 30-40 minutes of work I was told I had only a stitch of two left and then it was all over. I sat up to take a look and snapped a quick picture. I felt a huge sense of relief after they were done. I had made it and I was ok! I didn't even freak out and have a panic attack or faint. The assistant helped me put on a women's diaper catch any bleeding what would happen. They left the room and I put my clothes back on. A minute later I wondered out of the OR and found Arnkoff and the assistant talking in what I guess was his office. He politely walked me to the door. I left with a prescription for 5mg hydrocodone + 325 mg acetaminophen as well as a prescription for cephalexin.
++++++ THE RECOVERY +++++++
At around 8 am we left the office. We went straight a Rite-aid and tried to fill the prescription but they did not have the hydrocodone he prescribed me. We tried a CVS next and they said they could fill it but It would not be ready until 11am. We decided to wait. My wife drove and we got some breakfast at a BurgerKing nearby. After that we sat in the CVS parking lot for about two hours while they dicked around filling the script. At 11am I got the prescription and I immediately took a pain pill. We went back to the hotel and I was not in much pain during the short walk to the room. I laid down and my wife propped my legs up with pillows as the doctor recommended. The hydrocodone made me a little silly and loopy as expected but it was very manageable. I am not sure that the pain pills really do much for my pain. I think they just make your brain wonder more so you tend to care less about the pain and are better able to ignore it.
Day 0:
Pain level: Mild provided I kept up with the pain meds. My wife says I am wimpy lol. I Iced constantly and maybe even more than I should have. I did like 40 minutes on and maybe 15 minutes off. This helped with the pain and I think minimized the swelling.
Bleeding: About 30 drops would be my guess. I took off the diaper they provided me in the after noon and replaced it with a piece of gauze plus some tight fitting underwear. I did not have very much bleeding.
Appearance: A little swelling at the incisions. My scrotum looked empty which made me happy. No bruising yet.
Sleep: Not too good. Maybe 6 hours. I woke up every 2-3 hours to change the ice.
Mood: Bored and tired.
Day 1:
Pain level: Like day 0. Not too bad. Some pain while sitting/walking but very little while laying down. I iced all day as well.
Bleeding: About 20 drops. I changed the bandage a time or two and applied antibiotic ointment to the incisions as Arnkoff directed me to.
Appearance: Swelling starting at the incision sites. Some swelling of the scrotum due to the spermatic cords swelling (I guess).
Sleep: Not too good. Maybe 6 hours. I woke up a lot to change the ice as well.
Mood: Bored and tired.
Day 2:
We drove back on day 2. It was an 8 hour drive and it sucked. I was trying to wean off the pain meds and had not taken one for maybe 6 hours when we started to drive. I sat in the back seat of our SUV with my legs propped up to try to avoid a DVT. My crotch, back, and butt hurt bad. I took two hydrocodone over the course of the drive and it still sucked. If I had to do it again I would clean out the entire back of the SUV, put the seats down, stick a small bed in there and lay down the entire way home.
Pain level: I have had a kidney stone before. I would consider that a 10/10. The worst pain on the drive was a 7.5/10. With the pain meds kicked in to their maximum the pain was like a 4/10. If I had layed down the pain would have nearly gone away I believe. If you have a long drive do something other than sitting with your legs propped up for 8 hours. I got out and walked around a few times during the drive which helped some. Once I got home I laid down immediately which made the pain nearly go away.
Bleeding: A few drops at most.
Appearance: More swelling but still no bruising.
Sleep: Better than before. >7 hours.
Mood: This sucks. Also look what I see out the window! Can we stop soon for food? I'm bored! lol
Day 3:
Pain level: Sore when moving around. I stopped taking hydrocodone at the end of day 2. I started taking one extra strength Tylenol every 6 hours. The pain was mild.
Bleeding: None
Appearance: Getting more swollen each day now. The ends of the spermatic cords are about the size of small grapes.
Sleep: nearly normal
Mood: Less bored. I wish I could do more. I built a computer for a friend with the help of my wife to lift things.
Day 4 - 5:
Pain level: About the same as day 3. Sometimes I would forget to take Tylenol and I was still ok. Incisions are getting a little itchy.
Bleeding: None
Appearance: incisions swollen and ends of cords are grapes in size.
Sleep: nearly normal
Mood: Enjoying time with my wife. Less bored.
Day 6:
Pain level: I only needed a little Tylenol. Still sore and a bit achy but easy to ignore.
Appearance: Maximum swelling. Ends of cords are like large grapes. Probably a little bigger than my testicles where to begin with. Incision swelling is starting to go down. One of the incisions has some bruising above it. No other bruising.
Sleep: good normal sleep.
Mood: Normal/bored.
Day 7:
Pain level: I stopped taking Tylenol entirely. The incisions are itchy and my junk is generally sore.
Appearance: About like day 6.
Sleep: good normal sleep.
Mood: Normal. We watched a bunch of movies which was fun.
Day 8:
Pain level: Same as day 7. My back is more sore from sitting in a chair all day with my legs propped up than my junk is lol.
Appearance: The bruising is starting to reduce. The incision swelling is going down as well.
Sleep: good normal sleep.
Mood: Normal.
Update: Day 12: I feel almost completely normal. I am still not wearing tight fitting pants. There is some discomfort when I put pressure on the area. The incisions also itch a fair amount at times which is annoying. The stitches are still in place which is good because I was worried they could dissolve too early. I am sleeping normally including on my side. I am able to go up and down stairs with no issues either. The area is still quite swollen and is probably the same size as it was before surgery due to the swollen ends of the spermatic cords.
I usually forget I just had a surgery as I go about my day. I am pretty happy I did this! I can't wait until all the swelling goes down.

++++++ HORMONAL EFFECTS ++++++
I have no scientific reason to believe this but I think since my orchie my skin/hair is a little less oily and and my breasts are a little sorer. I never stopped taking estrogen before or after surgery but I did stop taking progesterone on the 7th due to concerns it might increase my clotting risk. I take 2.4mg of estradiol valerate every 3 days. My estrogen level stays around 400 pg/ml. My testosterone last tested at 19 ng/dl which means I was probably already at castrate T levels due to my aggressive estradiol monotherapy routine.
Mentally I have noticed no changes except that I am happy to not have testicles anymore.
++++++ OTHER ++++++
The pain killers made me constipated. I took two stool softener pills which helped. If I had to use the pain meds for more than 3 days it probably would have sucked. I am not looking forward to FFS for this reason among others. I was worried about side effects from the cephalexin but I never had any. I took it all as the doctor ordered.
The double incision method proved to work really well for me. I have had very minimal bleeding and swelling and I don’t think I developed a hemotoma either. I will end up with two scars rather than one however. I think my recovery was easy as far as they go.
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2020.10.16 19:21 theonecarguy I fell for a gal who didnt want me, now she likes me but I dont want to be around her

I fell for a gal I worked with. Pretty hard. I expressed interest to which she politely declined, and we agreed to be friends. Well no matter how hard I tried I couldnt drop those feelings. She then hooked up with a mutual friend but didnt want to officially date him she wanted something more casual which I get.
Fast forward and theyve been just friends for a while. Meanwhile I had some personal shit going on so I was just working and focusing on me. We had stayed friendly and tried making plans to hang out but they always seemed to fall through. I wrote it off as a failed pursuit that I was fortunate enough to get a good coworker and work friend out of. Dope. Although every time I asked her to keep something (like personal story or something) between us she invariably didnt.
Imagine my surprise when I start thinking we're maybe having a vibe. I spent two weeks telling myself I was looking to far into shit. She doesnt mean it that way. We're just friends. Every time wed work together Id go in telling myself that I would just be professional but by the end of every night I left having talked to her all shift wishing we had longer. I kept blasting that shit out my mind.
Then we worked together earlier this week. And it was a great fucking night. We talked about a lot of stuff, like two coworkers we have. See they had just hooked up. Thing is she was dating someone else. We both agreed that cheating is awful and knowingly helping someone do it is just as bad. She then pipes up about the guy she cheated with going "Yeah he's a piece of shit and probably has something". Little out of nowhere but whatever.
Her and I killed it, and spent the last hour of our shift singing oldies love songs with each other. Both of us making those "test the water" kind of comments. Then she asks me to come and hang with her and some friends after work. I'm like fuck yeah.
I show up before her and go inside to start bsing. Short while later she shows up, sells a friend some weed, then says her goodbyes and leaves. That kinda fucked with me a little but I chilled a while and left myself. Next day I found out that she went to the bar to get drunk and have a threesome with the two previously mentioned coworkers.
Now I want to make it clear that we are both single and I have no problems or judgement about her getting some. But she invited me over then blew off to do it. Not only that, but she had not a few hours before been talking mad shit about them. Then goes and hooks up with them? Whatever I guess. Just...confusing but okay shes a grown woman.
But then the cherry on top. We worked together last night and she told me shes really sorry for blowing me off and she really want to spend time together and get to know me because she thinks shes starting to like me.
I told her I was very flattered but felt it best we remain workplace friends. She got mad and acted shocked. She asked me if I was doing it to get back at her. I told her no, I just didnt really feel as though she was someone I could trust or rely on. Every plan we made either fell through or she backed out. Every thing Ive asked her not to tell others, she did. And I may not be a saint, but being unfaithful or helping someone else to be knowingly, thats just a huge fucking red flashing sign that says "you'll never trust them completely". I'm not mad. I'm not hurt or upset. I just feel that Id never trust her, and that's not fair to her either. I liked her as a coworker though and hoped we could stay professional.
She feels as though I'm being judgmental when I have no right. I feel judgment has nothing to do with it, its simply not a good situation for either of us.
TL;DR Asked girl out got shot down due to lack of interest. Later when said girls asks me out gets shot down due to lack of trust.
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2020.10.13 19:30 Chameleon777 Welcome to Touch of Class. Please come and introduce yourself. :)

I am Chameleon, your host. And this is my personal introduction for those who are interested in getting to know me. Please feel free to post your own introduction here.

I am from Calgary, Alberta and I come to Reddit primarily to offer advice to other Redditors in the AskReddit sub, and just to poke around and have fun. While I am an introvert by nature, this is overridden by my desire to be helpful to others. I am an egalitarian and lean in whatever political direction seems to best address a given issue. So I am for fiscal conservatism, victims before criminals, isolation AND rehabilitation of people dangerous to the public, a very diverse and much greener economy, and investment in dealing with problems in other parts of the world that make life there unbearable rather than bringing everyone from those places over here (But with that said, charity begins at home).

I have many interests, including the sciences (virtually all of them, including some of the "fringe" sciences), nature, movies (mostly sci-fi, horror, and action, but I love a good "tug at your heartstrings" movie now and then as well, and CG animated movies like Ice Age and Toy Story). I also enjoy music, and am an eighties guy, but love the golden oldies as well. Lately I've been dabbling with woodworking but haven't to date made anything yet. I also plan on doing casting of rubbers and plastics. I'm quite inventive, just not very ambitious most of the time, unfortunately. I enjoy getting out when it's nice and just enjoying the day.

Anyhow, two paragraphs of me talking about myself is already more than I am usually comfortable with, so I think I'll end it there. Please feel free to introduce yourself below. :)
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2020.10.11 20:14 Sima_Zhao Newest Driver, FPS Drop on Older Games? (Can't utilize 144hz?)

I apologize in advance for being pretty ignorant of a good bit of a lot of the technical stuff when it comes to graphics cards. I have a 3 year-old gaming computer I got from Amazon which came with an RX480, and a 144hz monitor, and updated to 20.9.2. I'm aware that that's not a particularly good card (and probably by now, dated), but it shouldn't affect the problem I'm having.
Recent(ish) FPS games like Overwatch have always gotten maximum fps, and I was able to play alot of older, especially 2d/retro games, at 120+ fps. Some of these default to 60, with no in-game mechanism to enable higher fps if the setup can handle it, so I relied on FRTC to hit max frames on said games. There is a clear difference between 60/120+ fps for them, and they aren't resource-intensive at all.
Sometime in the last few months, my older games apparently stopped being compatible with the 144hz capabilities of my setup - they're just stuck on the default ~60. I've experimented and fiddled with the new Radeon Overlay for hours, and....... nothing is working lol.
It's not that my pc isn't recognizing/using my monitor; new games still work fine and run at higher framerates, so I'm wondering if FRTC was the only thing enabling my older ones to run well above 60 - simply leaving FPS uncapped across the board never did anything for them, only FRTC did, with its minimum FPS setting.
Radeon Chill doesn't seem to be working at all for me. I understand it is supposed to perform a similar function to FRTC, but whether for global settings or individual games, its minimum setting doesn't, when enabled, actually hold anywhere near above the specified FPS, both for the games I'm able to hit my monitor's refresh rate and those that remain stubbornly capped at 60. In fact when its on, it seems to dramatically reduce my FPS for more resource-intensive games; running Overwatch without it activated is usually a consistent 144 FPS, but with Chill, it'll be a choppy ~100, regardless of what the max is set to. For the aforementioned older games, it has no effect whatsoever.
The odd thing is is that, despite the new Overlay (Adrenalin?) being out for most of the year, this was fine 2 months ago and I was getting my desired FPS on all games.
Some of the oldies I play really benefit from having 2x the FPS, I can't unsee it now and they very choppy atm, would appreciate any suggestions.
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2020.10.10 01:34 Obvious_Amount_8171 My (18F) best friend (18F) just confessed that she's in love with me

First time posting on Reddit so bear with me :/
My (18F) best friend (also 18F) just confessed that she's in love with me. This came as no surprise. We've known each other since we were little kids and lately, she's been dropping a lot of hints that she's interested in me romantically. This summer she broke up with her boyfriend (in name only, they never went on dates and only really called each other partners at school) and has been telling me that she's been in love with a girl. It's been heavily implied that this girl is me, but I defaulted to my usual practice of ignoring the situation, pretending to be oblivious, and letting the person with a crush on me make the first move.
Well, this week she made the first move. I live pretty far away from her because we go to different schools, but she sent me a really lovely letter confessing her love. In the letter were all sorts of cute momentos and pictures and even a song playlist of romantic oldies. She's a really sweet person, is kind to absolutely everyone, and I really like the idea of being in a relationship with her. The distance wouldn't be a problem because I'm planning on transferring to a school closer to home next semester. Her letter told me to take my time responding and that she'd continue to be my best friend no matter what my response was.
It all sounds like a dream come true... except for three big problems...
1) I've had very little experience when it comes to relationships and I'm really not sure what my sexuality is. All I know for relatively sure is that I'm not interested in boys and that I had a maybe crush on a heterosexual female friend of mine who I'm no longer in contact with. The girl who just confessed to me has been my best friend for more than a decade and I don't want to hurt her or think of her as an "experiment".
2) My mental health is trash. I've been in worse slumps, but I'm seriously struggling to function in my day to day life. This is the main reason why I'm moving back closer to home. I'm confused about my feelings for my best friend is because I haven't been feeling a lot of things in general lately. Everything has just been meh. She's amazingly supportive of this, but it's not something she should have to deal with in a relationship.
3) My family is homophobic. I love them so much, and they're one of the few things that still make me happy, but we live in a very conservative area and they would not be happy if I started dating a girl. I need to be on the best terms I can be with my family because I'm moving back. I don't know how long I could hide that I'm in a relationship with my friend and I don't think it's fair to her to have to hide it.
Should I try things out with her? Since she's so supportive we could probably test things out and if it causes problems we go back to being just friends. Or should I tell her to wait until my situation gets better?
Either way, how do I respond without hurting her?
TL;DR! My (18F) childhood best friend (18 F) just confessed her feelings to me and I'd love to try and be in a relationship with her but my mental health is a dumpster fire and my family is homophobic.
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2020.10.08 20:52 Camtessa oldies but goldies, a playlist to listen on a date while you two are on your old corvette leaning in for the first kiss

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2020.10.08 20:16 em2e 30 [M4F] NY (Hudson Valley) - Looking for someone... to wait out the slow-motion apocalypse that seems to be the world these days [WARNING: long post]

TL;DR: I have anxiety issues. I'm really nervous about this virus (and the way the world seems to be going in general.) I'm looking for someone who lives relatively nearby to me, but would also be OK with having just an online-only relationship at first, and then a real-life relationship with in-person dating once things hopefully get safer again.
As a guy who deals with anxiety issues, this virus stuff has made me basically hunker down over the past six months and try to avoid people as much as possible (and I tended to be nervous around people even before this). I've worked from home even before Covid in part because of my social anxiety, and since the virus hit I've been more 'indoorsy' than ever. (I know what I'm describing isn't what most people are looking for, but this is Reddit and I know there are a lot of different types of people out there. I'm trying to be hopeful!)
The upcoming election has skyrocketed my stress levels even more. I'm tired, scared, and often overwhelmed by the news these days.
I feel like I'm living in a slow-motion apocalypse.
So... anyone out there seeking some virtual cuddles? I know I am, lol
...maybe we can connect here online, and hopefully whenever this thing fully and truly ends, we could consider moving to something in real life?
(Maybe between now and the time when the virus ends we could try a masks-on, 6-feet-apart in-person date just to actually meet for real, haha! I know, so romantic, right? lol)
I realize all of this might sound a bit crazy. But, as someone with anxiety issues... it feels like the best way to 'put myself out there' in the dating world, while still feeling safe from Covid. Hoping that someone out there is understanding, or maybe even feels the same way.
Please keep reading if you're interested 🙂
I'm looking for...
  • someone who lives nearby (Hudson Valley of New York), or ideally not too far away... so we could eventually have regular in-person dating
  • someone who'd be ok with a guy who's a bit of a mess 🙃 (but is working on getting better!)
  • someone caring and patient
  • goofy sense of humor is a big plus
  • an age range of 24 to 36, I guess?
  • someone who is a non-smoker and drug-free (and ideally alcohol-free also)
  • a connection based on personality and shared interests
  • someone who finds emotional meaning in physical affection (cuddles, hugs, etc. ... Little things like that are important to me, and hopefully to you too. Even if they're only 'cyber-cuddles' at first, lol 🤗)
  • a relationship that could maybe(?) eventually become something long-term? Let's try and see what happens.
  • ...as you may have noticed, I tend to write a lot, haha! ...and actually, I often like reading other people's walls-of-text too, lol! So, if you are the 'writerly' type, I think thats a plus!
  • Me -- I am 5'8"; white; blue eyes; dark blonde hair; skinny but not athletic. Kinda boyish, I guess. Occasionally I grow out a bit of a beard. A girl in high school once said I looked a bit like Chris Martin from Coldplay. (...imagine a much dorkier version of that, though! haha. much dorkier...)
  • You -- we can trade pics; do face-to-face video chats; see if we find each other attractive... but anyway, personality usually means more than looks to me.
Positives of Dating Me
I can't be the only one here who struggles with their self-esteem. This place is called "Forever Alone Dating," right? So I really hope you'll understand... for years I felt like I had nothing to offer a potential romantic partner. I was really down on myself. But, I think I can feel confident in what I list here. I'd love to be able to share it with someone special 🙂
  • Kindness. I'm someone who knows what being nervous/overwhelmed/anxious/insecure can feel like sometimes. I will try my best to be there for you.
  • Companionship. I enjoy being a conversation partner! Let's have text chats, either here on Reddit, or on Discord or some other IMing-type service. Once we get to know each other, we can set up some video chat 'dates'... we can watch movies online together, or just hang out!
  • Once things fully reopen and start to feel safe again... The Hudson Valley has lots of art galleries, free classical concerts, and lovely parks! Wanna be my date?
  • Pre-Covid, I'd say that I was adventurous in my own nerdy way 🤓 ...I was not the kind of person who'd go skydiving, lol.... but I would go see a weird modern art gallery exhibit or a cheesy 1980s horror movie! Hopefully you could join me when the world re-opens.
  • (Virtual) cuddles available on demand! lol 💕
Negatives of Dating Me
  • It would be online-only for a while
  • I still live with my parents... and I'm super self-conscious and awkward about it. They also tend to be nosy, which has made dating very uncomfortable for me since it brings out a lot of my insecurities. 😑 I'm working and hoping to save up enough $ to get out on my own, but I'm not there yet... and with the virus, they're now home almost 24/7. So, between work and them, sometimes my free time is limited.
  • Pets are tough for me (combo of anxiety and allergies 🙁)
  • Don't have a lot of $
  • I'm pretty sure I don't want kids
  • and... just my issues with anxiety in general 😬
Anyone still reading at this point? lol 😅
My Interests/Hobbies
  • retro/pop culture history (the 1920s thru the 1980s)
  • reading (non-fiction)
  • listening to music (jazz, classical, instrumentals, retro/oldies)
  • movies (retro, sci-fi, monsters, horror)
  • tv (Bob's Burgers, American Dad, Adult Swim)
I guess it is a crazy long-shot that someone's out there nearby, but I'm not ready to quit hoping yet 🙂 Thanks for reading!
P.S.: As you can tell, I'm not good at keeping these posts short, lol ...If you wanna read even more about me, you can check out a huge rambling post I wrote a while ago, where I tell you everything, and in even more detail. It is like a longer version of this. It is insanely long, lol 📚 Also, it is pre-Covid, so some of the stuff doesn't apply at the moment. Here it is.
P.P.S. If you want to contact me, please leave a note with something like "From ForeverAloneDating" in the subject line, so I'll know to look at it right away. Thanks!
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2020.10.07 17:49 Aayush_0307 Now that the Tachanka rework release date announcement is a few hours away here's an oldie for our Lord (by Rogue9)

Now that the Tachanka rework release date announcement is a few hours away here's an oldie for our Lord (by Rogue9) submitted by Aayush_0307 to Rainbow6 [link] [comments]

2020.10.07 00:22 sohyesgf [Tumblr]The Iconic Tumblr That Never Existed (or did it?)

“Oppa Homeless Style”. If you have not read the screenshot of the post, you can read it here. By this point it’s made the rounds of almost every social media site, not for it’s “feel good story line!” but how obviously made up the story is, how it’s so clearly marking the early 2010’s on the internet with its references, and how it is representative of the flooding of fake stories that plagued Tumblr at the time.
However, in September 2020 the tumblr blog heritagepost brought forward a conspiracy theory - what if the post wasn’t real? Not that the story itself wasn’t real, but if the post wasn’t actually from tumblr. This started an investigation into one of the least important, yet so interesting topics in Tumblr Archeological history.
Some facts about the post: - A screenshot of the post was first posted on March 1st 2014 to thathappened. Whilst the name of the redditor is mentioned in the tumblr posts, the op does reappear later in the investigation (which I’ll get into later).
The investigation begins, and the thesis for the investigation changes as the investigation goes deeper: The ideas go back and forth, but I’ve split the investigation into three theories:
The post is completely made in photoshop, and never existed:
If you do not know what tumblr posts look like in detail, here’s an example. If you look down to the left corner, you’ll see that the OHS post lacks the little source thing. However, tumblr users have pointed out that an extension called Missing E could get rid of the source.
There’s a couple of tags on the post that are worth noting. One of them is the “TW” tag, which some users say points to the post being a satirical version of the fake stories on tumblr. Another one is “fedorable”, which isn’t a word that had longevity - heritageposts comments that the word hit a peak in 2012 in google trends. Finally, the word “shrieky”, which early in the investigation hit a dead end.
Another tumblr user looked at the EXIF data on the post and found out that the original screenshot was created in adobe PS, however many people use adobe to crop/edit screenshot, which doesn’t really prove that the post itself is fake.
A final thing to note is the number of tags on the post, whilst the post is reblogged (you can see this at the top of the screenshot, with both of the names being censored). Although this is only based on feeling, that number of tags is normally what you would use when the OP is posting the post, trying to reach as many communities and tags as possible. In summary, the tags appear more like the tags on an original post, despite there being a reblog where it would normally not be as many tags.
The post was real, everyone who interacted with it just deleted their blog or reblog/like of the post:
If you look at the tumblr post, you’ll see that the chat has a slight gray gradient between different speakers. Why would someone faking a post go through editing that minor detail into a tumblr post, yet forget to add a source:user?
The post has 150 notes, essentially 150 users either reblogged or liked the post. The chances that 150 tumblr blogs have deactivated or deleted their reblog of the post is very unlikely.
A lot of the people in the notes of heritageposts claim that they DEFINITELY have reblogged the original, they’re sure of it. To quote one of the people in the notes “As a tumblr oldie, I can guarantee that the post existed”. So, why doesn’t everyone just search through their post for the OHS post? The post has a bunch of unusual words, expressions and tags that one could just easily search for. Well, one of the things that Tumblr and reddit have in common is their awful search function. This meant that tumblr users had to use google, with specific instructions to try to find the post.
This is where it gets really interesting. Tumblr user garfimbo used google, added the specific instructions and found a post in the “shrieky” tag from 2013. And there it is. The tumblr post, with the entire text. However, when you press on the post it leads to a dead end. Another user reached out and pointed out how that you could go back all the way to 1997 and receive the same thd. garfimbo didn’t really find the original post. What they did find, however, was a tumblr user in 2017 that had responded to a question about what had inspired their username, where the tumblr user responded by reposting the copypasta. Another dead end.
Then one tumblr user asks themselves a question; hey, what about the thathappened op? Which has led the investigation to its current stage:
The OP of the reddit post faked the tumblr post and then lied about finding it on 4chan:
An anonymous user reached out to HP to share some very interesting findings.
As noted earlier, tumblr users had seen through XMP data (“(not all image file metadata is “EXIF data”)” that the post had been edited in photoshop, which probably meant that the OP had edited out the names in the tumblr post, according to thathappened guidelines.
However, the anon decided to look through the reddit OPs posthistory. Here one could see that the Op had been very active in subreddits similar to thathappened. Look at the posts here.
Notable things about each post:
Post nr 1: the post does not have a single note, but there’s also an x next to the reblog button, the x is most likely an old version of the delete button. This means that this most likely is the OP immediately taking a screenshot of their own post.
Post nr 2: has over 70,000 notes (compare to the first one with 0), however this is obviously add on to the original post (see the straight line with some text, then the other text slightly to the left under it). This also points to the op adding their own comment, since there is no username above the add on, nor is there a “notice” of a reblog next to the “friendzone-op”’s name, and then taking the screenshot.
Post nr 3 & 4: both have few notes, but look next to the usernames. There is a little plus sign, a follow button. However, there is also the delete button in the right corner. This means that the posts were most likely edited in photoshop.
Post nr 5 & 6: have nothing to note.
Post nr 7 & 10: A simple reblog? Among all of these weird, inconsistent post there’s this one. It looks like a normal reblog. All of the usernames are there (although censored), the source is there, the reblog tags are more like those on a normal reblog, along with a normal added text.
Nr 8 & 9: this time, no follow button between the username although the delete button is back. A noticeable thing however, on the ninth post is the lack of tags. In previous posts of a similar style you have tags that a lot of people would look through, (fatphobia, ableism and omg). Shitheads and scumbags aren’t really tags someone would regularly look through, yet this post has 30 reblogs. Unless the blogg was of a bigger size (which we can’t know because of the censored name) the number of reblogs doesn’t really make sense.
A final thing, you’ll notice that all of the usernames are of different lengths, even on the ones that have the delete button. Why? Did the reddit op take an already existing tumblr post, edit the post in photoshop and then post it? Why go through all of that effort simply for some reddit karma?
So, in summary
The most popular theory is that the post was faked by the reddit OP of the photo. This leaves us with a few questions: - Did they really post the posts on tumblr? The post does show up, through extremely complicated google search, in tumblr searches. - Did they post the posts, only to immediately delete the posts? - Did they take existing tumblr posts to edit them? - Why go through all of this effort for reddit karma? - Finally, why lie when asked about it? - Or, did they not fake it at all? Screenshots are after all, just screenshots. The op could’ve just downloaded the screenshot from another site and reposted it.
TLDR: tumblr user questions if an iconic tumblr post was actually a tumblr post or if it was a product of photoshop, leads down a deep hole of investigation by carbon dating tumblr posts and questioning the honesty of the OP reddit poster, along with some weird tumblr screenshot.
Edit: some minor details.
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2020.10.04 09:27 friendzonefluffy I want to become the coolest grandfather ever

I'm just 26 years old right now. But the thought of becoming a grumpy oldie gives me nightmares. I always envisioned myself becoming a grandfather who plays video games, who watches football, who travels a lot, who cooks!, who can comfort people with advice and icecream, who is so open to new ideas, whose laughter makes people laugh, who goes out on dates with his wife, dances with her, a guy who has so much motivation in life and so many cool stories from his days. Some said it isn't possible as old age does stuff to you. I ask, does old age make you bland? I am a drama queen now and I'd like to be a drama queen till I die. Somehow, I learned this lesson from my family. My grandfather had 3 brothers, all different entirely. All hardworking yes, but their emotions, vibes, personality, miles apart. My grandfather was a strong, brutish and old traditional sort of a guy. I'm trying to say orthodox but I don't want to insult him. My parents are like that too. Out of their own preference or circumstances, who knows. One of grandpa's brothers was my role model. He was so full of life till the day he died. He never let a visitor leave his house without a belly full of food, he used to dance, he was a self taught engineer who made his own windows and furnitures, who never let one puny mind stop his free thinking. I still remember correctly, once I visited him without any occasion. I planned to stay for 2 days but ended up staying for a month. He was so persuasive, he and I talked about ideas, he was into such crazy spicy food! Everyday, he used to come up with one or the other excuse to stop me from going back home. My hero. I saw people cry as if they lost a god the day he died. I'd like to be that person. He gave me motivation that not all people in their old age become soggy, dull and bland. He said me to once," Never succumb, or you'll succumb the rest of your life." I'll follow his philosophy but make my own path. Enjoy my life to the fullest and bear all responsibilities like a man as well.
Never succumb, live a little. Live a story worth telling. Tell dad jokes, dance like it's the end of the world. You were born free people, never let anybody tell you differently.
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2020.10.04 01:30 CriticalYogurt5 Managing relationships/dating

TL:DR- I feel my adhd traits clash with the notion of having any sort of intimate relationship. Not sad about it but feel I should be more concerned about this.
Just need to anonymously vent- I couldn’t read a post this long so wouldn’t expect others to!
I have been told before I can be an enigma in that I’m very affectionate/kind/caring but then my need to have a lot of alone time contradicts it.
And I understand how that can be confusing. My issue is that I need mental space to think and regroup- and that’s what makes me the energetic affectionate character I am- emotional things burn me out extremely quick.
I enjoy being in a relationship with someone like most humans- I like the physical intimacy, inside jokes and just having that closer bond to someone. The problem is when ive has serious ones I can never live upto what they want which frustrates both sides
I don’t have family near me and haven’t since I was maybe 15 so when it comes to boyfriends wanting me to be at their families EVERY weekend or go to EVERY outing- I can’t, I find it overwhelming and not having time to regroup means I walk into them bamboozled and can’t keep up the energetic, managing to follow some conversations. I’ve explained this to partners and suggested I pop by every other weekend/event but it’s never enough.
I then get told off about it, I try explain then have been corrected with ‘this is what normal people do’
Then my need to chill alone- I try not to blatantly make it as if I’m taking joy in them going out soo have the place to myself- more so I’ll just ensure I have gym time or ‘work’ in a coffee shop- but again I’ve had partners who want to join in with EVERYTHING which psyches me out. Or it’ll be criticism for not being able to sit for long periods ‘it’s what normal people do’
Then there’s arguing. I don’t, its too much and overwhelming so I’ll try deflate a situation or be quite quiet or worse case get so overwhelmed I’ll be holding back tears. My last serious partner called me weird for not arguing.
Then the interests/always having projects, I need to ‘chill out’
Or being clumsy and being reminded how ‘hopeless’ or embarrassing I can be & that I need to ‘reel it in’- hello if i could reel in my lack of coordination god help me I’d have done it by now.
Needless to say I’ve ended up feeling deflated and miserable in more serious relationships because of not living upto their expectations.
Which led me to find a middle ground works- having someone I see every so often and not as full on. Which balance wise has worked as the expectations are different.
Problem there is most the time these aren’t guys who opt for this set up as they also then get their own space for their many projects- it’s guys who avoid relationships for other reasons- not being upfront, wanting to keep options open, or just because they’re a ‘player’. And as you can expect there’s hurt feelings every so often when I’ve stopped and looked at the situation and had to remind myself these aren’t reliable people so not to get too comfy. I have had two of these set ups which worked well...but then they wanted to talk serious and babies etc in which yep that’s not the right direction so rightfully We’ll end it.
I feel me and close intimate relationships are just one big clash. I have lots of friends and I don’t want a super serious relationship per say- I just am having a day of reflections and I genuinely don’t feel I’m compatible with any type of romantic set up. Unless someone is willing to endure the energetic affectionate bursts balanced with the hyper focus on projects without feeling confused/hacked off then I don’t ever see me having someone consistent about.
I’m just confused at how I can be a good friend to people but when it comes to any sort of dating/relationship I just seem to clash with the whole concept of it- almost like it’s too close to my personal bubble. I genuinely care for people which is what makes me feel rotten when I let them down.
The worst part is I don’t feel sad about it as most the time when it’s ended it’s been a sigh relief. I just feel I maybe should be more concerned that one day I’ll be an oldie on my own somewhere as friends settle down. I have people pity me or point out that I just let people use me as they don’t understand why I’m not pushing to find someone to get full on with.
Rambling rant as the brain is fully alert tonight. Sorry fellow adhdrs!
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2020.09.30 03:19 speshulsneauxphlayke 23[F] F4M Southern NJ/Philly east coast area pixie-haired dork who, despite being young is pretty solid on the not having kids thing. Looking for that special someone who feels the same way

Pictures of me! I swear! I’m real!
*Would also appreciate a way to see pictures of anyone who reaches out as to not waste anyone’s time.
Tinder, Bumble and the likes only gets you so far. Have done a bit of everything on there from spontaneous hookups to a couple brief, semi-serious relationships. It can be tough when most guys are pretty sure they wanna be dads one day. Even worse when they surprise you with their parent status or some other fundamental dealbreaker along the way when getting to know them.
I’m a shy, awkward, 5’4”, 110lb Aspie recent university grad pursuing clinical mental health counseling and working full time as a Direct Support Professional from the NJ/east coast area, specifically the southern NJ/Philly area.
You can usually find me wandering around aimlessly as I find new places to eat, shop and people watch, maybe watching some anime/documentaries/YouTube randomness and with my buddies ranting about the goings on around us. I’m a guitar-playing, songwriting music nerd with a love for the oldies (Carole King, Beatles, Olivia Newton-John, Bee Gees, Eagles, etc) along with a wide range of other artists, genres and eras. Straight edge 4 lyfe ;D I don’t drink or smoke. Not against anyone who does in moderation but in a perfect world it’d be cool to meet someone intimately I could commiserate with on that front. :)
I admittedly have a thing for guys with long hair (probably because I’m the one with mine short...). Interested in dating/long term relationships, so let’s chat and see if it transitions into a real meetup. C’est la vie! :3
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2020.09.25 00:48 goiked [WTS] EOTech 511.A65 (NH)

Got an oldie here. EOTech 511.A65. Takes N-Cell batteries. I bought it a few months ago in “New Old Stock” condition and I mounted it on my rifle once fresh out of the box . No dents or anything of that nature. Comes included with the original box with the inspection date, a new hood cover replacement for it, and I’ll throw the old one with “law enforcement/military use” markings in there as well. Looking for $375 shipped PayPal F&F or G&S (you cover the fee). Can provide more pictures.
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2020.09.21 15:18 GaboTaichou Suggestions on what to watch next

Hello everyone!
I just finished IBO (and I am terribly salty about the ending, I imagined both sides loosing people, not just one) and I am not sure what to see next. I know there is a spin off of IBO but in the form of an app? I am not sure how does that works or even if its a series in itself. Is it worth watchig? How can I do it?
Also, I am open to see a new entry in the series but I am not sure which one, I already saw wing, seed/destiny, 00, Age, build figthers, G, Z, ZZ and Turn A. I wish crossborne had an official series as it has been in my radar since the vs games came around but still not even a hint of that happening.
Hathaway's Flash was in my list but no release date yet so, any other series you suggest watching while we wait? I don't mind watching oldies as long as they are good plotwise.
P.D. I know unicorn is out there I just... can't stand Banagher.
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2020.09.21 07:30 noraddz 34[M4F] Still hoping you're out there...

I’m just going to be honest with you and with myself, if that’s okay? I haven’t posted much of anything in a while. I’ve been a bit withdrawn with everything that’s been happening. There’s so much fear in the air- so much chaos in so many places; it’s overwhelming. Sometimes I try to convince myself that if I don’t think about it or acknowledge that it’s happening, that it simply doesn’t exist, and that everything is fine, and that it’s all just a passing phase or chapter in human history. Sorry if this isn’t the cheeriest, slap-happy introduction, but I’ve been trying really hard to stay here- in reality. I’ve been trying to accept the fact that things are probably never going to be the same, that I perhaps missed my chance at doing or becoming something great before all this happened, that the opportunity at meeting that special someone I was always destined for has come and gone with the wind, and I was too busy striving for recognition in a future that no longer exists. I cried all day today thinking about it. It sucks, but I’m trying to find a bright side. I don’t want to resign myself to being miserable and letting all the what-ifs torment my bewildered mind as I toss and turn in bed, unable to find peace or sleep. I refuse. This post is testament to my will to continue on- to continue hoping and striving for the life I’ve always wanted, and the happiness that has seemingly exclusively eluded me up until this point.
If I haven’t lost you already, and you’re still willing to read on, I just want to tell you that I appreciate you. Yes, you. You’re a beautiful person with hopes, and dreams and desires, and I want this post, if nothing else to let you know that you aren’t alone. You’re not alone in this strange, desolate construct of a year. The more I think about it, the more I feel like it’s been a reckoning for a lot of people. 2020- the year everyone was forced to face themselves. In all probability, husbands and wives are probably talking more. Parents are obliged to be parents now, and actually interact with their children. Whomever was single before the pandemic, is probably feeling it that much more, like yours truly. I’ve actually been passing the time learning new skills. I work in IT, so life hasn’t changed much for me. I spend the same amount of time in front of my computer- maybe a bit more, since there isn’t really much to do outside of work nowadays. Though things have started reopening where I live, the paranoia of contracting that stupid virus looms in my consciousness, and every time I visit a supermarket, or any other public place for that matter, I do notice how standoff-ish everyone is with each other. It isn’t inviting, nor does it make me look forward to Friday nights anymore. It’s a shame, because I miss karaoke with every fiber of my being.
I suppose I should spew a bit about myself. I’m 34, but I feel like I’m 18 in my head. I still do a lot of things I did when I was in my late teens- play video-games, draw stuff, play guitar. My musical preferences have changed a lot, though. I started with an undying love for metal in all its flavors, as well as classic rock and 80’s pop tunes. I still dig all that, but my palate has shifted more in favor of instrumental things as of late. I very much enjoy prog rock/metal, as well as all these new electronica sub genres popping up like chill/synth wave and lo-fi. Instrumental things are great for coding and projects, which is when I’m most likely to be listening to tunes. I still dig the oldies, and do very much have an appreciation for jazz, blues and reggae, which were also phases in my musical evolution. Could talk about it for hours, and would very much enjoy doing so if you decide to reach out. As far as games go, I’ve been stuck on League of Legends for years, unfortunately, but do very much enjoy others. Was playing Halo MCC this weekend for a bit, and just recently got into Armored Warfare. Play WoW with my sister and her hubby sometimes, and am definitely open to recommendations. I find that my preferences always veer towards either RPG-type games, fantasy shooters or arcade-ish tributes that are heavily skill-based. I have to put it out there that games have and are more than likely always going to be a part of my life. Ideally, it would be nice to meet someone I could share that part of me with. Video games hold some of the fondest memories of my life, and I don’t see myself with someone that isn’t willing to be a part of the adventure. It’s entirely fine, mind you, if you don’t play the same games. Compromise is a certainty in that respect, as I’m willing to play your games, and perhaps even look for, and discover new games we both like. Movies and TV shows are also a plus- anime even. I love fantasy/sci-fi stuff, and it reflects quite a bit in my art, which is another passion that would be really great to share with someone.
Another important area for me is fitness- now I’m not a bodybuildeadonis in the least, but definitely pride myself in staying in shape. I run/work out four times a week at a minimum, and have an intense fear of letting myself go and falling victim to indulgence and gravity. You don’t have to be an instagram model, but please do take care of yourself. Eat well and exercise at least a couple of times a week. Again, you don’t have to be perfect, but at least CARE. I lead an active lifestyle, and very much enjoy riding my bikes and skateboarding, going on walks and adventures, and would love to share that with someone as well. The quarantine destroyed my gym attendance, and pissed me off a bit, because I was actually, FINALLY starting to make some progress. I ended up having to improvise thereafter, and started having to figure out how to tailor a routine that would more or less emulate the kind of intensity I was getting at the gym, but have to admit that it is nice to be outside more.
As far as relationships go, I’m entirely a hopeless romantic. Total sucker for leaving and receiving sticky notes with cheesy “I’m thinking of you.” messages. As a beneficiary, you can definitely look forward to flowers, dinnemovie dates, nature walks, beach excursions, aimless car rides just for the sake of being alone with one another, holding hands and listening to music. Honestly, just want a best friend, who also happens to be the recipient all my love, affection and intimate musings. I want to be able to tell you anything and everything, and I want you to feel like you can do the same. No subject is taboo when it comes to our conversation. You can tell me how your day went, or you can tell me how making out hanging upside down over a tub of pesto lasagna is your deepest, darkest fantasy. Don’t be afraid to be you, ever, for any reason. Honesty, transparency and trust that is built and fortified are the goals.
I can tell you with confidence, that if you do end up reaching out, that you most definitely won’t be disappointed. I make it a point to be attentive- to actually LISTEN, and to validate whomever I happen to stumble upon in this life. I think that’s all anyone really wants- to feel wanted and important to someone you care about, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here. You won’t be judged, labeled or ignored, so just be you. If we were destined to just be friends, that’s entirely cool too. I don’t think having more friends will ever be a bad thing.
I’m at the point where I want to conclude this, but feel that I really haven’t given you a remotely accurate depiction of who I am. There’s only so much you can communicate within a first-person monologue, and I feel like there’s a lot more I want to say, but for the sake of not dragging this out into a dime novel, I’d like to thank you for sticking with me and reading this whole aimless rant. I apologize for the depressive bit in the intro. It has actually been mildly therapeutic to write all this out, and hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. My mood has been considerably lifted just expressing myself, and hope that it’s helped you in some way, even if you don’t decide to shoot me aforementioned pm. I wish you and yours all the best, and hope to hear from you!
PS - Money, beauty and power do NOT impress me. Only kindness.
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2020.09.20 15:49 PorkSoda_0 any advice on constant drop outs with telstra? at my wits end

Hi, this is possibly my final port of call in trying to find out if even one other person in this country has experienced this issue.
We live in the Browns Plains area in QLD.
Were doing completely fine with our cable internet as a household of 2 oldies who enjoy their netflix and one online gamer, and then everything came crashing down around our heads during August of this year when we finally had to make the switch to NBN.
Timeline of events: Sorry it's a bit of a slog.
On August 7th an NBN tech comes to our house to install the new modems and switch us over, everything goes well and we have complete smooth sailing with no drop outs whatsoever for about a week. Download and upload speed, especially share play on a ps4 system, is markedly improved.
Then the drop outs start. I pull afternoon/night shift and begin to notice the broadband connection dropping at around 1pm daily. Things swiftly begin to get worse. I'm talking drop outs 5 minutes apart from 8am-8pm each day, occasionally it will work for a solid 30 minutes to an hour but soon enough they start again.
8pm onwards begins to become the only time we can use our internet, but then drop outs start happening then too. I'm talking all the way up to 4am in the morning, so it can't be an overload of too many people using it.
I take on the role of talking to telstra through their little mytelstra app chat box as theres no way in hell my 68 year old father has the patience to do it. Thus begins the month long journey of talking to 8 different telstra operators with upwards of 5 hour wait times between replies.
We go through the run around of disconnecting the modem, restarting the modem, removing all wires from the modem. None of the easy stuff works and no one I'm talking to seems to grasp the situation, I ask direct questions and am blatantly ignored. We ended up with 2 modems due to a mistake on telstras end, and I connect the spare to see if the issue was the modem itself, but drop outs happen on that as well.
We have 2 different NBN techs come physically to our house over the month of august/early september. One of them takes some readings, sends them god knows where and seems to disappear without a trace. The other guy comes in (after i pressure telstra yet again as theres been total silence on their end) and fixes the work of the orignal tech in our box outside, saying that he hadn't done it correctly. He replaces some wires. A brief ray of hope: maybe this problem is gone.
Drop outs continue to happen. Morning, middle of the day, Night, 4am. There's maybe the slightest bit of improvement but we still have days where it's basically unusable.
At this point its been about a month of me talking with telstra on every single day off i've had. I'm at the end of my rope. The last contact I had with them (until tonight) was me being dismissed by some d*ckhead who said he couldnt see any issues and that it would be fine. Lo and behold it drops out again 10 minutes later.
Another light at the end of the tunnel. Telstra sends a text message saying they've realised we're having internet troubles and that they'll be sending a team out and our service will be down from xAM to xPM on xdate. In the meantime they've switched us to their 4g network while they solve the issue.
The date comes and goes, nothing happens. Telstra sends a text saying they had to cancel, with no mention of rescheduling. I was hoping they were gonna do something to the wires in our street because at this point thats all I can think is causing this.
It's been about a week and a half since that text, daily we receive the automated text from telstra saying 'we've noticed you have issues with your internet service and have switched you to our 4g network'.
The 4g can be servicable some days, completelty unusable the next. We still experience the same drop outs.
Tonight I was given a link to a 7am-11pm text chat by my SO where I could supposedly raise our issue into a complaint. I talked to the operator and explained the entire issue. He said he would connect me to a specialist team who could help resolve our issue and that they would get in contact with me in the next 10 minutes.
That was at 7pm
It is now 11pm and no response. Messages I've sent asking whats happening have been unread.
I'm at my wits end, I'm in an ldr and we use ps4 party chat or fb call as our primary form of communication. It's becoming impossible to keep in contact with my SO as the wifi drop outs completely disconnect me from party chat or call and can happen within minutes from another, making something as simple as talking together frustrating and sometimes impossible. Not to mention my parents just want to be able to sit and binge their netflix and they cant even do that most nights.
If anyone has experienced this to ANY degree please is there any advice or solutions you can give? I'd mostly love to know if switching providers fixed your issue, every forum I look at where a person has had the same issue as us, they never come back and say what happened or what fixed the problem. (most of these posts are from 2018-2019)
Thank you for reading.
Other info: we have the telstra smart modem 2 or whatever its called and the black nbn connection box is plugged into a wall socket. I have no clue what FTTC or FTTN mean sorry for my lack of knowledge I'm a person who's technical experience caps out at turn it off and on again
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2020.09.16 10:14 Gwapollicious Are Skin Splash Art Updates discontinued?

First of all, a little bit of an info, Splash art updates are not the Champion team's duty anymore since they made a new team that does the splashes called the Splash Art Team.
So, I hope we could get a dev blog about the Splash Art Team's insights about old splashes in game and their plans to out due it. Splashes are so unique to league that its iconic, other moba's were inspired to do the same thing as league unlike making those 3D design model viewers, however, making both of them like in Wild Drift(Splash with a model viewer) is a much plus for me and for the consumers/community. Double the standards, double the fun! and it will make the consumers happy.
To start this off about which champ should receive an update, are there still plans to update old Classic/base splashes? Kass, Fizz, Heca, Leona, Lulu, etc. needs it, possibly alpha to 2013 base splashes that didn't get updated yet. The last batch that had a Base/Classic Splash Update was from 2016 (Rammus, Old Swain, Darius, etc). While the last SKIN Splash Update was for Miss Fortune's Skins in Early 2018. It got discontinued cause 2018 had many VGUs and many RIOT artists' were needed (probably the whole Art team that does splashes) to do splashes for upcoming VGUs/skins/new champ splashes. Note Splash team was in-par with Champ's team in the Past.
Next, Skin splashes are also a key goal in marketing and in selling skins. Most (not all) look for the Skin Splashes before buying a skin, the other side is the Model & VFX. And its a smart move to update an Old splash specially for the one's who got updated but didn't received a Skin Splash Update in their relaunch like Gangplank and Heimerdinger (worst offenders). Half baked VGUs like Fiora, MF and Twitch also received Splash updates so I will assume that updating Half baked VGUs will also help the game, but even if the model is bad giving them new splashes will boost their popularity like nidalee's skin splash art update but this is not my purpose because giving materials to those that needs it first is a top priority like GP and Heimer's splashes.
So they should update Old skin splashes for VGUd/Reworked champs first like GP and Heimer followed by updating classic/base SA of older champs pre-dating 2014. Then lastly, Half-baked VGUs. They can also exclude upcoming VGU champs(like shyvanna, udyr,etc) cause it will redundant. They can also use Wild Drift splashes like the Mafia Graves WD Splash but not all can be brought to the PC version because they altered some old skins like Sorceress Lux and Angler Jax unless they will update the oldies in the PC version which I doubt in today's time and if they will, they wouldn't have a new VFXs to stay inline with its prices.
Riot is not a small indie company anymore, they can partner, they can hire(but not into some degree) and they can request back up or partnership like what they need to 6morevodka in their Legends of Runeterra. I know they have priorities but It will be ashamed if they give less priority to their main game, their first game, their bread and butter. They should make it to today's standards like what they are doing to their Item Splash Arts and Itemization.
TL:DR: They should update Old skin splashes for VGUd/Reworked champs first like GP and Heimer followed by updating classic/base SA of older champs pre-dating 2014. Then lastly, Half-baked VGUs. They can also exclude upcoming VGU champs(like shyvanna, udyr,etc) cause it will redundant. They can also use Wild Drift splashes like the Mafia Graves WD Splash but not all can be brought to the PC version
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2020.09.09 08:11 JoltSw1tch A New Podcast Has Appeared!

[COMEDY] [POKÉMON] [POKÉMON GO] [VIDEO GAME] [PkmnMstrz: A Pokémon GO Podcast Episode 58 - News at a Magcargo's Pace]
NSFW - language SpotifyGoogle PodcastsApple Podcasts
We're here still. This week's an oldy, but a goody. Recorded after GO Fest, so the news is quite dated, but... is the news really what you're here for? Or is it the shenanigans?
Your critical hit of Pokémon GO and all it may entail; current news, and other tidbits from the Pokémon world around us. Speculation and what may come to the game, as well as insight into our "gameplay" that we hope you find super effective. (Logic and adultiness are not always present.) • Feel free to see more on Instagram and on Facebook! •
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2020.09.08 03:55 abstlynoideawhtimdg 33 [F4F] USA - Looking to be friends first, open to more down the road

I'm an introverted, laid back, easily entertained butch lesbian looking for other lesbian or bisexual women that are open to cultivating a robust friendship prior to pursuing a relationship. Huge plus if you enjoy nature walks, camping, stargazing, gardening, tarot, and are either pagan (any path) or accepting of it as a religion. I'm a kid at heart and it'd be great if you were, too. In my spare time at home, you'll find me entertaining myself with coloring, homemade crafts, latest science project discovery from Pinterest, baking (well, at least trying to), watching Disney + or adult cartoons (e.g., Family Guy, American Dad, South Park). I use YouTube a lot when I'm working out or lounging at home, and I'd say my playlist has a little bit of everything. If I had to quantify it, you'd probably see a lot of folk/americana, pop, rock, oldies, and 90's country - in that order.
I have two cats and a dog, so if you're not fond of or allergic to hairy four-legged friends, we're probably not going to vibe very well. I don't smoke, drink, or do recreational drugs. I don't mind if you do, but if those are conversational topics you're passionate about, I'm probably not going to have much to add. Lastly, I don't have any dating experience whatsoever due to living most of my life in areas with almost non-existent LGBT communities and being shy I take awhile to warm up and become comfortable with new people. So, if inexperience is a sticking point for you, I might not be the best candidate out there.
If anything I mentioned caught your interest, send me a regular message. No chat messages, please! I've found that Reddit chat messages and my computer don't mix well, so if you send me a chat, it'll sit there for eternity. Also, please, NO MEN. NO ONE UNDER 18. NO ACCOUNTS WITH NO KARMA OR POST HISTORY.
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'I'm Addicted To Dating Older Women... Much Older Women ... 'Extreme Cougar Wives': Older Women Dating Young Men This 18 Year Old Girl is Dating a 68 Year Old Man - YouTube Old Dating - Why Women look for Younger Men? - Dating tips ... Oldies Singles - YouTube Sexy old ladies - YouTube Sex With Old Ladies - YouTube Gay Older Men - YouTube

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For the benefit of my ego. I regale the audience with the sexual prowess with older women. From my first 'polished' act, from the first three months of my co... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Do you dare to wear like this during this age? We interview a couple for our new series 'Strange Relationships'. We talk to an 18-year-old girl named Stephanie, who is dating a 68-year-old man named Rick.... Dating advice from Old Dating, http://www.seniordating-uk.co.uk Why Senior Women looks for Younger Men? Older men like younger women because of their ability... Kyle, 31 is addicted to dating older women. He refuses to date any woman under the age of 60. Kyle has dated women as old as 91. Subscribe to TLC UK for more... Tips for Dating at 70, http://www.seniordating-uk.co.uk Modern day seniors A person is technically considered a senior citizen when they reach the age of 65.... Inside the dating world of women in the 60s and 70s looking for love from men in their 20s. Gay Older Men.......